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Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Sun Feb 4 15:09:37 EST 2007

John, can you try the Object::Declare branch of Jifty::DBI? Clkao and audrey did a bunch of work that may get inheritance working much more as you'd expect.


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> John Peacock wrote:
> > Something in the deeply magical part of the Jifty code is messing up the
> > inheritance model and loading the first class ending in "User" instead of using
> > the correct class.
> Nope, I'm just an idiot.  I've rediscovered that J::P::L::A::Signup::arguments
> is simply not designed to work as an inherited method, since it immediately
> calls $self->SUPER::arguments.  However, I am a little confused how to fix this,
> since the arguments() method is being called (by Jifty::Action line 135) on
> behalf of each field in the User model, but which field is being checked isn't
> being passed.  How is Signin supposed to get to the database fields themselves,
> without them being hard-coded?
> John
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