[jifty-devel] How to upgrade Jifty on Win32.

Ishigaki Kenichi ishigaki at tcool.org
Mon Dec 4 11:33:13 EST 2006


On Sat, Dec 02, 2006 at 06:59:14PM -0500, C.G. LEE wrote:
>I installed Jifty 0.60912 on my desktop PC(Windows XP) using the TCOOL. A
>few days ago, on Thanksgiving, Jesse uploaded the latest dev release Jifty
>0.61123_01. but the TCOOL seems not to provide the latest and Jifty Plugins.

I've just updated my repository to provide the latest dev release
and the plugins, though I'm not sure I should do this (makefiles
for the plugins are not so complete and you know 'cpan Jifty' doesn't
install the dev release).

>3. Switch the PPM's repository from the TCOOL's to the Activestate's.(The
>TCOOL doesn't have the modules what I needed)

If you stick to ppm, I'd rather recommend R Kobes' theoryx5 repos.
Modules in the AS's tend to be older or without XS version.

# Or, poke me (charsbar) at #jifty ;)


Kenichi aka charsbar/tcool, the repos maintainer

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