[jifty-devel] How to upgrade Jifty on Win32.

C.G. LEE yuand2 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 13:59:59 EST 2006

> I've just updated my repository to provide the latest dev release
> and the plugins, though I'm not sure I should do this (makefiles
> for the plugins are not so complete and you know 'cpan Jifty' doesn't
> install the dev release).

Absolutely you are right. I just guessed you are thinking so.(now I can be
sure of that :) BUT, for the Windowers who want to follow(or just peer) the
Jifty dev, the TCOOL has to provide some way IMHO because the TCOOL is the
only explicit site in the Jifty homepage for Windows platform. I can't push
you to do something though...

And for the not-so-complete plugins, do you mean the problem of
Module::Install::Share in a few plugins? is it a problem of the
Module::Install:Share or just Makefie.PL? I think it is just a kind of dummy
at least until now. Do you have any others?

Yes, I know 'cpan Jifty' doesn't install the dev release. I'm sorry about
that.(I'd better be more serious on the vocabularies to clarify something)

If you stick to ppm, I'd rather recommend R Kobes' theoryx5 repos.
> Modules in the AS's tend to be older or without XS version.

What I actually wanted to hear from you and intended for was the former. You
gave me a bonus ^^

thank you.
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