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 tagged by  Thomas Sibley
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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Jifty release 0.90409
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Alex Vandiver (387):
      * Failing test for error pages
      * Fix error pages.  This is a perltidy; the only semantic change is
      * Fix for autogenerated modules.  Since sticking a method into them
      * Delay things which call Jifty::Util::require; Jifty::Util is often
      * Fix for autogenerated modules.  Since sticking a method into them
      * Delay things which call Jifty::Util::require; Jifty::Util is often
      * Code to actually fully remove a session
      * Monitoring plugin
      * Make POD coverage happy
      * Wrong column type.
      * Perltidy
      * Check and upgrade plugin versions
      * Lockfile support
      * Bump Scalar::Defer dependency, for great lack-of-memory-leak justice
      * Don't single-quote our JSON output, since JSON technically only has
      * Force time zone update on current_user change
      * Email::MIME and Email::Simple went through a period of not talking
      * Updated Module::Install
      * Output a plan before loading modules
      * Only clobber ::plan if we actually output a plan already
      * Jifty::Test::WWW::Declare doesn't call import_extra, so move
      * POD nit in Jifty::Web::Session (no whitespace on line before POD
      * Perltidy
      * Clean out un-necessary files from examples/
      * Whoops, stupid copy/paste error.
      * We should skip registering it on the button if it has made any appearance in the form
      * Don't explicitly register the delete action in CRUD
      * lockfile error-proofing
      * Lazy page regions (only work with JS)
      * Fix tests for new region styling
      * Now with more running under "use strict"
      * Protected and private columns and models
      * Protected and private columns and models
      * Bump JDBI dep
      * One-character fix to get lazy regions actually working
      * Too zealous on removing characters
      * Finish pulling out html comments, and the now-unnecessary newlines
      * onclick => { submit => { action => $a, arguments => { a => "b" }}}
      * Cache triggers for session and metadata
      * Template arguments override normal args, when talking to templates
      * Work around bug in Devel::InnerPackage
      * Add an ->enumerable method to record classes, so we don't try to
      * catpath wants a file, or File::Spec::Unix carps about undef values
      * Old requests from continuations may not have template_arguments set
      * Revert r5120 for now; it breaks on page region updates, when
      * Redirects during continuation return should catch dispatcher ABORTs
      * Run tests against an apache httpd
      * Don't pull in another dep for something trivial
      * Less spastic logging for the monitoring plugin
      * Regions need to know if they started with the form open
      * Test fixes for there being one more arg to JS Region.new
      * previous() method for doing diffs to the last value
      * Warn about template_argument change side-effects
      * _current_collection shouldn't ever be able to get an object passed
      * Static handler and CAS handler spit out same headers now
      * Check validity of PID in the lock file
      * 'mandatory' columns are not mandatory if they have a default and didn't appear in the form.
      * Fixes for region updates in the wake of r5216
      * Prune the test subdirectories
      * Lazy pageregions can't be done using behavior, as the JS which
      * When doing new region creation, make sure we get the new value of
      * Don't output an empty label element
      * Allow onclick, etc, handlers on arbitrary elements
      * Update test for the new world order where empty labels are not output
      * Skip ajax canonicalization on checkboxes
      * Give a way for scripts to not make var/mason/* dirs
      * Collection inherits a pager already
      * MANIFEST updates
      * bin/jifty still needs to add lib/ to the path
      (empty commit message)
      * Updates for having a stuff move out of core
      * We need to lexwrap, earlier, so Net::Server subclasses also get it
      * Updates to Ping to make it work with current code
      * Minor warning message fixup
      * Documentation niggle
      * Perltidy
      * Just a small indentation fixup
      * Typo fix
      * Split the _current_ continuation from the continuation we're
      * Basic support for multipage actions or "wizards"
      * Move t/lib/Jifty/SubTest.pm to lib/Jifty/Test/Dist.pm
      * Move Multipage into plugins, and Moose-ify it, so we can make it a role mixin
      * Fix a reference to Subtest
      * Multiple regions can be sub'd to the same channel
      * Tell Net::Server to not dup filehandles
      * Less with the LexWrap, more with the refactoring for headers
      * Storable isn't always consistent, based on if ints were used as
      * Removal effects
      * Don't forget to include the mode
      * Support for Jifty->subs->update_on( class => 'SomeEvent' ) as a shortcut
      * It turns out you need to explicitly dequeue yourself from the jQuery event queue, or you block it forever.  Buh?
      * Support for "loading" fragments for lazy regions
      * PATH_INFO is already unescaped one level -- use REQUEST_URI
      * When we set up database connections, first purge the memcache
      * Don't hang if pubsub is off, just finish
      * Subrequests should never need to run actions; this should speed up regions
      * Don't use $_ as a loop var
      * Quiet warnings -- columns _can_ lack a 'type' if they're virtual
      * Depend on the $$, not on random numbers
      * Anything which declares itself to be a label is good enough, not just <label>s
      * Add control of running user, group, and host
      * For user, group, and host control, we need HTTP::Server::Simple 0.35 or higher
      * Make Net::Server subclasses use Log4perl infrastructure
      * Adjust caller depth so messages appear to come from the right place
      * Use Behavior to change full-page action messages into sticky jGrowl messages
      * Fix test -- we set ids, not classes
      * Fix buttons with arguments for multipage actions
      * Add a previous page button
      * In void context, render the link or button automatically.
      * Turn off values_from_request for current request, so back button doesn't lose state
      * Add default CSS classes for buttons
      * Error-proofing for this-page arguments
      * Include current continuation in validation requests, so that
      * The "after"/CLEANUP stage should run after the client has been told to go away
      * Closing STDOUT causes Pg to hate us? (!)
      * Actually, euh, follow the instructions pasted in...
      * Adjust svn:ignore
      * Don't connect to Pubsub during cleanup
      * Bump Log::Log4perl dep for "syswrite" flag for shared append between processes
      * Disconnect Pubsub after init
      * Adjust caller level of warning to where it is actually useful
      Remove a couple references to btdt
      * Move log messages, whenever possible, to $self->log rather than Jifty->log
      * Adjust level for warnings
      * "ajax validates" on a column should actually activate it, with an action validator
      * perltidy
      (empty commit message)
      * Add an option for force ajax vaidation failures on empty form fields
      (empty commit message)
      * Make the default "Loading..." suck less
      * Bump version number.  Note that apps designed using Jifty < 0.81208
      * Bump to jgrowl 1.1.2
      * Small doc fixups
      * LWP::UserAgent explodes unless http_proxy looks like a URI, and '' doesn't cut it
      * Fixes for updated LWP, WWW::Mechanize; ->get and ->post are not ->get_ok and ->post_ok
      * Logic fix -- $1 will never be defined, as the top of the block is a !~ check
      * "page" can be called inside a custom sub, which should DTRT
      * Add support for "after app" instead of just "After plugin"
      * Minor indentation nit
      * Fix dereferencing error in tests
      * Deny and hide autogenerated app action abstract base classes
      * Update tests for last commit
      * ..aaand update the test count.  *sigh*
      * Record request method on the request object.  This is so a POST
      * Plugin actions are automatically mirrored into the application's
      * Be a bit more concise in our limits
      * LML is not smart about seeing the same path more than once.  This
      * Don't call ->plugins _twice_, since Module::Pluggable doesn't cache at all, and stat is expensive
      * Reduce dups and unnecessary views
      * Perltidy, small additional POD
      Better integration between views, using a common String::BufferStack
      * Glue Mason's output more directly onto S::BS; fixes more intercall issues
      * Fix lazy regions
      Overload stringify on ClassLoader, so warning messages with @INC are a bit more educational
      * POD for ClassLoader stringify
      * Only warn if out_method got non-empty args
      TODO the failing test
      as_string shouldn't call ->enter or ->exit
      as_string shouldn't call ->enter or ->exit
      (empty commit message)
      * Add ->warnings_like, and supporting code; also reduces warning spat out during prove
      * Remove a bunch of duplicated code
      * Bump String::BufferStack dep
      * Split out Jifty::View::Mason::Request (renamed from HTML::Mason::Request::Jifty)
      * Fix ->content
      * Don't error if the 'Screen' appender doesn't exist
      * Rework error handling.  Mason's dhandler is no longer in charge of
      * Update MANIFEST
      Force the loglevel to WARN on the default appender on the server
      Warnings avoidance in tests
      * Bail early with exit value, if database drop or create fails
      * Don't try to drop the DB if we know it doesn't exist
      * Tests try a drop and recreate, so dropping a non-existent DB can't be an error
      * Update for changed regex
      * Concat each message value, not one-per-argument
      * Catch the case when $args is undef
      * Move /index.html handling down into the template handler, so
      * Un-TODO now-working tests
      * Update static handler to work in new world order
      * Make sure we only try to load .pm files; otherwise Module::Pluggable finds the .svn subdir (!?)
      * Move handler caching into render_template, thus removing code
      * Remove FallbackViewHandler, as it is no different from the last
      * Dependency bump for non-broken Test::HTTP::Server::Simple
      * Lazy regions slipped past the r6270 fix of ->enter and ->exit
      * diag on email match fails, to make them easier to debug
      * Fully qualify request->
      * No longer need this check, as we require > 0.28 always
      * Typo fix
      * Update to a modern (and slightly patched, see rt.cpan #35561) Module::Install
      (empty commit message)
      * Warnings avoidance for tests which don't set up the mailbox or an app
      Clean up edge cases with request_method
      * Add access log handler
      * Remove bit-rotted and never-completed `jifty deps` command; use shipwright instead
      Remove deprecated Login plugin (use User and Authentication::Password plugins instead)
      Remove deprecated CAS plugins (use Authentication::CAS instead)
      Remove deprecated CAS plugins (use Authentication::LDAP instead)
      Remove blank "Nothing" pugin
      Remove empty directories and document ProfileBehavior.  It may even work with current Jifty now.
      Cleanup and dispatcher-ize OnlineDocs
      Include a summary
      Add POD for EmailErrors
      Remove old, unworking with TD EditInPlace plugin
      POD cleanup for ActorMetadata
      POD cleanup for AdminUI
      Add Attributes POD
      Move Attributes to being a not-core plugin
      Move AccessLog to being a not-core plugin
      Slight POD cleanup
      Move Authentication-Facebook into non-core plugin
      POD nitpicks for AutoReference
      Move AutoReference into non-core plugins
      Move Chart plugin to not-core
      Attributes is non-core now (this got missed earlier)
      Remove Debug plugin (deprecated in favor of AccessLog)
      POD nits for Feedback plugin
      Move Feedback plugin to not-core
      POD nits for Gladiator plugin
      Move the Gladiator plugin to not-core
      POD nits for GoogleMap plugin
      Move GoogleMap plugin to not-core
      POD nits for Halos
      POD nits for LeakTracker
      Move LeakTracker to not-core
      POD nits for LetMe
      Note Prototypism plugin is deprecated
      POD nits for Recorder plugin
      POD nits for SQLQueries plugin
      POD nits for SinglePage plugin
      Remove empty Dispatcher for SiteNews plugin
      Remove boilerplate from SkeletonApp plugin
      POD nits for TestServerWarnings plugin
      Documentation and slight code cleanups
      Slight POD nitpicks
      POD fixes
      Moved Monitoring plugin to not-core
      Actually remove Monitoring plugin
      Moved OpenID plugin to not-core
      Moved Quota plugin to not-core
      Moved Recorder plugin to not-core
      Moved SiteNews plugin to not-core
      Moved Userpic plugin to not-core
      Moved UUID plugin to not-core
      Moved Yullio plugin to not-core
      Move remaining plugins in plugins.old to plugins
      The Jifty/Plugin/Letme in plugins.old looks to be left over from the code split at r2952 and r2954; hence, removing it
      Move appropriate tests into the right dists, and split out Makefile.PL's
      Move repl command into plugin
      Add REPL plugin placeholder
      `jifty console` is deprecated in favor of REPL
      Sort and clean up plugin deps in tests, examples
      Move AccessLog plugin out of core dist
      Move Attributes plugin out of core
      Move Authentication-CAS plugin out of core
      Move Authentication-Facebook plugin out of core
      Move Authentication-Ldap plugin out of core
      Move AuthzLDAP plugin out of core
      Move AutoReference plugin out of core
      Move Chart plugin out of core
      Move CodePress plugin out of core
      Move Comment plugin out of core
      Move DumpDispatcher plugin out of core
      Move EmailErrors plugin out of core
      Move ExtJS plugin out of core
      Move Feedback plugin out of core
      Move Gladiator plugin out of core
      Move GoogleMap plugin out of core
      Move JSPageRegion plugin out of core
      Move LeakTracker plugin out of core
      Move Monitoring plugin out of core
      Move Multipage plugin out of core
      Move NewsFeed plugin out of core
      Move OpenID plugin out of core
      Move ProfileBehaviour plugin out of core
      Move Quota plugin out of core
      Move REPL plugin out of core
      Move Recorder plugin out of core
      Move SiteNews plugin out of core
      Move TabView plugin out of core
      Move Tag plugin out of core
      Move UUID plugin out of core
      Move Userpic plugin out of core
      Move Yullio plugin out of core
      Revert svk mismerge
      Move ViewDeclarePage into core
      Remove plugins dir
      plugins/ has been excised
      Remove tests which refer to UUID coolumns (which are no longer in core)
      File::ShareDir fixups; explode if jifty share can't be found
      Don't false-positive on 'use 5.008'
      Remove unneeded 'use 5.008' and 'use utf8'
      5.10 gets picky about lc called with undef, like render_as sometimes is.  Better warning-proofing
      * POST'ing to a model with a denied CreateModel should 403
      * Bump File::ShareDir dep; 0.05 isn't new enough
      * Warnings avoidance for 5.11, which carps about lc(undef)
      * Fix test count
      * Fix up the comment to be more instructive
      Include all css_files when not using compressed css
      * Add some missing semicolons -- not necessary, but cleaner
      Reorder plugin share search so that plugin dists hand-included in @INC
      Small warnings cleanups for undef template_root and static_roots
      ->app_class with no args is slower than fetching the config var
      Record classes are all loaded at startup; no need to require them later
      File::ShareDir is a dep of Jifty::Util, no need to runtime require it
      We always end up needing File::ShareDir, move it it compile time rather than runtime more than once
      Regex is faster than split and join
      Allow us to skip the try_to_require in ->app_class, saving two method calls and some overhead
      Cleanup "action denied" warnings a bit
      Canonicalize request method to be upper-case
      Mark a couple more places as not needing the require at runtime
      Fixes for mason abort not spewing warnings everywhere
      Having a local $Request saves thousands of method calls to Class::Accessor per request
      Ensure that jifty's core actions are loaded at compile-time
      Store a common superuser object for sessions, and short-circuit current_user_can
      Jifty::Date no longer exists; also, use the return value from ->can
      Don't use Class::Accessors with underscores, as they buy us nothing in terms of abstraction, and add slow method calls
      Cache ordering of children, and url value, more aggressively; also remove unnecessary _parent accessor
      Avoid lots of calls to Jifty->web by caching Jifty::Web object
      Cheat, in Jifty::CurrentUser, and walk around Class::Accessor methods in a hotspot
      Install a faster Jifty::Web->out in the handler
      Remove use of a Class::Accessor where we don't need one
      Never loop over _all handlers, only the ones we installed things into; also, remove two-hashref calling convention from Elements->new
      Save some method calls by caching Jifty->web
      Skip a Class::Accessor call
      Save some Jifty->web calls in tight loops
      Walk around Class::Accessor
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      Better error-proofing for storable serialization
      Default request method for requests stored in continuations
      Default sort order for warnings avoidance
      Store non-underscore'd versions in handlers_used
      Slight refactor for cleanliness
      Work around a bug in 5.10 where nested loops trigger "Attempt to free unreferenced scalar"
      ->onclick actually is stored in {_onclick}
      Fix for URLS relative to their parents in menus
      Fix up tests
      Bump Jifty::DBI dep for datetime fixes
      AppClass::Action is now a mixin, and does not inherit from Jifty::Action
      Obviate the need for the really short sub record_class {...} in most cases
      Only hand back a template stack if we've gotten that far in setting up
      Move more mason-specific aspects out of Jifty::Handler
      Fix a bug introduced in r6713; 'return' means we never cached record_class
      This codepath is not an elsif, and we only care if there is no $model
      Only clean out mason cache if we have a mason view handler
      Abort can also be in the form of `die "ABORT"`, for redirects and the like
      Add an "explain" method to Jifty::API, to trace action deny/allow
      Instead of a useless Carp trace, show the deny/allow trace when we hit a denied action
      Typo fix in Jifty::API->explain (sigh)
      Don't reset keybindings when we display its id, or we never have any to display. :/
      Remove no_views argument to Jifty->new, always delay View creation
      Remove a couple comment lies from Bulk
      Remove leftover config.js
      Move memory_log analyzer for Recorder plugin into said plugin's dist
      Update copyright
      Remove vestigal part of Debug plugin
      Instantiate view handlers as they are needed
      Updated changelog
      Updated MANIFEST
      Bump version of Jifty
      Updated Module::Install
      Updated META.yml
      Updated SIGNATURE
      No longer need Email::Send::Jifty::Test hack in modern Email::Send
      Document Jifty::API->all_actions
      Document Jifty::Action::Record::Bulk
      Make POD coverage happy with the stub "app" function in Jifty::Dispatcher
      Make POD coverage happy with the stub "current_user_can" function in Jifty::Model::Session
      Document maybe_page in Jifty::Plugin::ErrorTemplates::View
      Document is_proscribed in Jifty::Plugin::Halo
      Document Jifty::Plugin::I18N::Action::SetLang
      Document Jifty::Plugin::IEFixes
      Document init in Jifty::Plugin::Prototypism
      Add POD for short TestServerWarnings classes
      Document helpers in Jifty::Test::Email
      Document new warnings checking methods
      Document stub ->pids method in Apache test server
      Make page_class an internal method for now
      Document Jifty::View::Mason::Request
      Document send_http_header in static handler
      Make mk_normalising_accessor an internal method
      Add docs for, and clean up, remove_all
      Make POD coverage happy with Jifty::YAML
      Final releng for Jifty 0.90409
      Call to _page_class needs parens to not get parsed as a package
      Take two on Jifty 0.90409 releng

Alexander Klink (1):
      Make account confirmation error message translatable

Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp (36):
      Add support for application overridden models which gives us:
      Fixing HTML dumping so that the HTML is more correct and easier to read when debugging.
      The jQuery plugin is now obsolete since jQuery is no included in Jifty's core JavaScript files.
      Adding a CLI thingy to generate stubs for command-line scripts.
      Updating so that simple bars work again (broke with Prototype 1.6) and also ported to use jQuery.
      Updated the chart image behaviour JavaScript since it broke with the Prototype 1.6 update.
      Add a class to read mode spans to allow them to be selected separately.
      Check the database connection before handling requests.
      Backing out the previous commit as this has been moved up into Jifty::DBI.
      Fixed missing HTML escaping on option value attributes in select form fields.
      Inserted the missing jifty-result-popup DIV on the Mason page wrapper.
      Removing <!-- and --> from scripts because when evalScript() is called during Ajax loads, IE7 complains about syntax errors.
      (empty commit message)
      Convert clickable tooltip to button title and make sure buttonToLink() passes on the title attribute.
      (empty commit message)
      * Jifty::Util->_require can muck up $1, $2 so save those before using it.
      Add blog-style comments to just about any model.
      Fix dependency test failures from the comment plugin.
      Don't run Comment plugin test if a prerequisite is missing.
      Fix POD coverage failures for the Comment plugin.
      Fix the comment view test page.
      Updating the REST plugin to use PUTDATA added in CGI.pm 3.30.
      Fixing the extra border that shows up under autocompleters.
      Fixing some eeny-weeny grammar issues.
      Added a synospsis to Jifty::Upgrade.
      Minor fix to the previously committed synopsis.
      Added a Do action for help building general "do something to a record" actions.
      Updated the update action to make it easier to extend via Jifty::Param::Schema
      Renaming Do -> Execute, because Do is just too short for this and Execute reads better.
      Finished renaming Do to Execute and added ClassLoader helps.
      Fixing the REST test that breaks with the new Execute action.
      Changing the way merges are calculated to work (and prevent test failures).
      Making it so that Create record actions are more easily extended.
      Added/updated documentation for Jifty.update().
      Added an adiitional note about mapped values to the JavaScript documentation.
      Tidied Jifty.update() and improved some of the inline documentation.

Audrey Tang (17):
      * Jifty::Dispatcher: Trivial minimal POD fix for correct vim highlighting
      * Jifty::Dispatcher: Extremely trivial POD typo cleanup
      * Jifty::Web::Session::ClientSide - Unbreak this module by conforming
      * Jifty::Web::Session::ApacheSession, a session backend that bridges to Apache::Session.
      * J::Web::Session::ClientSide - Switch to Storable because we really want to
      * Add ApacheSession to MANIFEST.
      * Jifty::Util::app_root - File::Spec::Win32's catdir() just got
      * Upgrade Class::Inspector dependency so Win32 won't break
      * Regen MANIFEST since it's been a while...
      * 01-version_checks.t: Avoid warnings.
      * Update JSON::Syck dependency to 0.29 because previous
      * Purely pedantic/cosmetics fix to all Makefile.PL under t/TestApp-*/
      * Autocompleter: Allow keyboard navigation in IE7 by hooking keyDown
      * It turns out that the keyDown navigation fix in Autocompleter
      * jQueryMigrationGuide: Minor editing
      * Jifty::Dispatcher: The "get" function contains a bug that makes it
      * Jifty::Dispatcher - Two more 0-related bugs:

Chia-liang Kao (71):
      refactor handlers Jifty::Web::Form::Element to use our
      Don't call _handler_setup unless the normalising accessor is
      In deferred sub called from arguments, we need to use weakself.
      oops, revert accidental changes in the deferred sub.
      - Merge /bps/jifty/jifty/branches/cssquery-refactor to /bps/jifty/jifty/trunk
      merge down for jquery branch.
      merge down for jquery branch.
      - Merge /bps/jifty/jifty/trunk to /bps/jifty/jifty/branches/jquery
      SPA is not compatible with letme's across clicks/submit
      random l10n.
      r4925 removed loc.js from jifty::web, which should have been
      * In authenticate::password plugin, do the password check on
      * don't prepend http:// on https:// openid urls.
      Fix a bug that if you use
      Content-addressable storage (in memory) facility for jifty.
      first cut of the iefixes plugin. no css yet.
      r4991 broke SPA redirect, since webservice_redirect is supposed
      Don't auto register field's action unless we are in
      force TestApp-JiftyJS to use en on server side, otherwise
      add an utility summarizing js file sizes and minified sizes.
      - When form_field() are called with render_as in cached mode,
      re-merge r5120 given now regions know if they are in a opened form.
      Move our own Form.Element.* methods to Jifty.Form.Element.* and
      Fix a typo in r5217.
      typo in zh_tw.po.
      remove newly merged prototypism.
      move fakeapache lexwrap into after_listener_setup so other
      bandaid for autocompleter to deal with spans in li.
      attach the autocompleteHelper to the autocomplete div we have,
      defer autocompleter initialization till the dom is loaded.
      Refactor get_csr.
      Make the openid plugin accept our local openid server (as whitelist)
      spa - a temporary variable for disabling spa in runtime.
      upgrade jquery to 1.2.6.  This removes the patch we had for
      upgrade prototypism's prototype to and scriptaculous to 1.8.1,
      fix missing win32 condition from r5511.
      remove prototypism that uses .map.
      hlb said spa needs to give complete url for SPA.historyChange.
      trailing '?' in spa history is bad.
      (empty commit message)
      allow plugin list to be passed in for Makefile.PL.
      no share dir for TabView plugin.
      Fix Jifty::Script::Help.
      revert r5817
      Fix Jifty::Script::Help.
      - Create branch bulk-action
      Add report_detailed_messages option in record actions.
      actually use individual action to perform bulk action.
      - Create branch js-pageregion
      * Make jifty po generate pot file.
      helper script for updating jifty distribution po, including plugins.
      when generating non-core po, remove the entries already
      update po.
      zh_cn -> zh_CN
      zh_tw -> zh_TW
      Fix a typo in SPA._sp_submit_form
      Merge PARAMS correctly so actions with schema {} declared arguments can
      Fix the kludgy merge_param to rebless back the merged hash as well
      Do not check through default validators if we fail the valid_values check.
      Make r5936 actually in effect.
      Skip merging super class action PARAMS if it's empty.
      Do not clone during hash::merge for action params, otherwise it breaks
      test helper module for matching notification email sent during test.
      support predefined searches in CRUD.
      option for auth::password plugin not to append login/signup into navmenu.
      support legends for gd::graph::lines charts.
      Plugin import must not call ->columns which causes incorrect caching.
      * do not load po files by default.
      hacky maketext translation from gettext po when skipping po load.
      Don't reload the default maketext handler.
      - Make action::record::search skip container columns.

Cornelius Lin (21):
      - load chart renderer plugin pre-require plugins for chart plugin
      - fixed date of googleviz, month start from zero.
      - fix jifty::test::mail doc
      - fix mail test doc. add comma between the hashrefs for mail_ok
      - remove debug statment
      - Newsfeed plugin
      - fix newsfeed pod
      - move NewsFeed plugin to /plugins
      - old newsfeed
      - pod update , synopsis for newsfeed plugin
      - failing test for jifty-view-declare-page with template declare 0.35
      - fix po parsing
      - update Locale::Maketext::Extract require version
      - fix newsfeed App::Cache permission problem: provide option to set cacheroot for Cache::File
      - div wrapper for feed ( newsfeed plugin )
      - avert changing the value of $_ of jifty->plugins in compile-time.
      - new tutorial in zhtw (繁體中文)
      - more translation for zhtw tutorial
      - trigger 'fragment_updates' event after region updated.
      - add comments to Jifty.Update.response_hooks
      fix webservice/xml header

Dobrica Pavlinusic (11):
      run canonicalization before load in load_or_create
      revert load_or_create canonicalization and move discussion on jifty-devel
      Fix part about re-use of actions outside Jifty app by creating request and
      fix pod
      change Form.Element to Jifty.Form.Element to avoid alerts
      fix pod parser error
      better logging and errors
      link to local application pod directly
      link to specific page within documentation using something like
      fix focus
      show all visible actions in AdminUI

Jason May (1):
      Minor typo fix

Jesse Vincent (34):
      Jifty::YAML, not YAML;
      * Don't load up the column object on create widgets unless we need it.
      * defer default value until we really care about it
      * Refactoring around the fact that Scalar::Defer::defer'd variables will never return undef until they're forced.
      * minor cleanup and refactoring
      * Refacotring/cleanup
      * minor refactoring
      * Make view handler classes configurable.
      * Terrifyingly, the added /s causes escape_html (2% of hiveminder's runtime) to benchmark 200% faster.
      * nope - I'm wrong. bad benchmarking made me believe that the thing I am reverting was faster
      * If we have a user object already, use it to fetch the email address when generating a LetMe
      * There's no need to compile Dispatcher rules to regexes every time they're evaluated. Cache them.
      * A first pass attempt at a Devel::Gladiator plugin for Jifty. Doesn't seem to work very well
      * Revert mistaken commit.
      * small fixes to make the tests run from the main harness
      * Attempt to weaken another reference to the current action that may be leaking
      * Made Password Auth plugin able to work with attributes other than 'email address' for autoloading
      * Misc current_user cleanups to deal with issues unmasked by RT on Jifty
      * You no longer have to manually register an action if the only place it's used in a form is in a submit.
      * Port the chat demo to Template::Declare
      * cleaning up some old templates
      * small bugfixes
      * Deployment manual updates from Stanislav Sinyagin <ssinyagin at yahoo.com>
      * Compressed CSS and JS caching backout
      (empty commit message)
      * 'unexpected dispatch on REST' fixed -  Patch from bokutin
      Small cleanups to CRUD views to help make RT work
      * Added a JIFTY_APP_ROOT environment variable for forcing an app root even if we're in another directory
      * if someone creates an app with a Foo::Bar name, make it Foo-Name for them
      * make the sitenews plugin work
      * Stop Jifty Actions from loading by primary key if you pass in blank primary keys.
      Quiet down a test fatal log message if we don't have a logger
      try module_dir to deal with broken module::install
      Sometimes we're generating paths with a trailing slash. that sucks. this is a bandaid

Kang-min Liu (126):
      Prepare a TestApp just for testing jifty.js javascript functions.
      Import a Test.More (the jsan module) -based js test to test behavour.js.
      Create the branch for cssQuery refactoring, it'll be re-written with jQuery.
      Add jquery-1.2.1 and noconflict into the core.
      Rewrite the cssQuery() function with jQuery(), and remove whole
      Bulk merge from trunk. Mainly for test files udner t/.
      This is a mistake to put t/ here.
      Update this test to use cssquery-jquery.js
      Should really say "return" there.
      Replace "is $html, ..." with $self->wait_for_text_present_ok
      For testing continuation, add a "AddTwoNumber" wizard like the one in
      Adda another URL that shows the same form as /c/page1/ to test if the
      Finish two sets of selenium tests for testing continuation.
      Add a simple tangent/return test file, this is to protect the
      Add a test to test the link that updates multiple regions at once,
      Add a "Play" action with various argument schema, and a test to test
      Add canonicalization tests.
      prototype.js can be removed from that  test.
      The whole cssquery/ will become a plugin. I rearrange the location of
      Make cssQuery a core plugin.
      update the path of cssquery-jquery.js.
      Add this cssquery test page, modified from Dean Edwards' cssQuery
      Merge from trunk.
      Manually merge cssquery-refactor to here, since that's the base of
      Add proper lib.
      Removing prototype-ism.
      Prototype-ism removal. $H() are gone except for the one in _action_spec function.
      Although I have no proof, this is a nice replacement to replace $H()
      This replace Event.observe with jQuery's bind() method.
      This replaces Insertion.* with jQuery way.
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:4705
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:4708
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:4709
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:4711
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:4712
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:4713
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:4714
      Bump ConfigFileVersion to 3 for CSSQuery plugin, and only disable
      Update that comment. Explicitly list the proper values for 'mode'
      Fix that big syntax error checked in by mistake.
      Better not to alert() in toString() for selenium tests.
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:4748
      Add more tests.
      Remove cssQuery-jquery.js entirely, say good-bye to cssQuery().
      remove cssQuery-jquery.js from this test.
      Add a simple test to test Action object initialization.
      - Merge /prj/mirror/jifty/trunk to /prj/mirror/jifty/branches/jquery
      Add a Jifty.$ function that does something very similar to $() in
      jQuery in, cssQuery out.
      Add a field with (jifty) autocompletion.
      * Replace $F() with jQuery(..).val()
      Replace another trivial Ajax.Request with jQuery.ajax
      Replace the last Ajax.Request with jQuery.ajax.
      Provide an alternative function to Ajax.getTransport() that tests if
      Add more flavor options in the autocompleter for testing.
      Pull in "Interace Element for jQuery" ( http://interface.eyecon.ro/ )
      Refine this autocompleter for testing. Such taht ti returns
      First attempt to completly remove prototyp-ism in all files.
      Add some delay there to make the last two tests pass.
      bump configfileversion for this test app to phase out cssquery.
      Add more Jifty.update() tests.
      Add tests for effects.
      write Jifty.Effect as a wrapper to others js effect implementation.
      re-implement the Jifty.Effect funciton to provide a better way when
      Add a with_time arg to "hello_world" template. If true, output current
      - Merge /prj/mirror/jifty/trunk to /prj/mirror/jifty/branches/jquery
      re-define Form.getElements in jQuery way.
      Unbreak the (X) button in message. Fix one runtime error in
      Fix one more runtime error.
      Fix  a bug where it alwasy getting the "checked" values of
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:4952
      Replace the use to Ajax.PeriodicalUpdator with a simple implementation
      Add a "Jifty.fragments" variable for external access, "fragments"
      Add a test to ensure when a Checkbox is unchecked, after
      ADd another set of test to ensure a checked checkbox param
      Replace prototype-dependent statements with jQuery ones.
      remove that console.log invocation.
      Add a test to test redirect action.
      Fix a case where redirection might not work, if current form contains
      - Merge /prj/mirror/jifty/trunk to /prj/mirror/jifty/branches/jquery
      Prototypeism removal in loc.js and the updated halo.js Add I18N
      Replace Ajax.Request with jQuery.ajax in loc.js
      Add the json l10n dict for this test app.
      Relax the tested html pattern a little bit so it passes
      Refine those xpath selectors to make them work on both IE and
      Add some pause to make it run on IE.
      Add an default dispatcher rule to allow AddTwoNumber action for testing.
      Turns out IE does not like a self-closing <span> tag.
      Somehow IE can't load the Test Harness page properly.  So I use
      Rename the "Form" object as "Jifty.Form", but yet make it an alias
      - Merge /prj/mirror/jifty/trunk to /prj/mirror/jifty/branches/jquery
      Allow all the action for testing purpose.
      Add a Prototypism plugin. That include prototype.js and scriptaculous.js.
      Move over the prototype.js and scriptaculous javascriptfiles to
      Re-arrange all <script> tags to the end of textContent.  This
      Check if Prototypism is auto-included, if so, make the old Form.*
      A document about JavaScript programming in Jifty.
      Test the property that, for a region update with Jifty.update(),
      Add a test to test browser's back button.
      More document on Jifty.Form.* methods.
      More jquery migration guide document.
      - Merge /prj/mirror/jifty/trunk to /prj/mirror/jifty/branches/jquery
      Add a failure test for placeholder js bug.
      use css=input[name="J:A:F-text-play2"] as the element locator in
      This fixes 8-placeholder.t test. Was broken because the event handlers
      de-prototypism in these halo plugin files.
      Typo. s/my/var/;
      pod syntax fix and minor rephrase.
      Fix a typo where Jifty.$() is used an qq string and $( is really a
      Relax the xpath locator a little bit due to the element name change.
      - Merge /prj/mirror/jifty/trunk to /prj/mirror/jifty/branches/jquery
      - Merge /prj/mirror/jifty/branches/jquery to /prj/mirror/jifty/trunk
      This fixes an "Invalid Argument" exception on IE6/7. It appears that
      Add a js test to test buttonToLink() function defined in bps_util.js
      use "contenType" property instead of beforeSend callback. This fixes
      On MSIE, an IFRAME is to put shim, but it comes with
      Fixes the issue that clicking on the items in autocompleteHelper does
      Need to "use Jifty::Notification" first. Without this it alwasy shows
      When OpenID plugin needs to create a new user, instead of assuming
      Since it is interanlly used as a flag to store if one has valid email
      Properly describe Userpic::Widget in NAME. Obviously that was copied from geolocation.
      Write a Jifty.stopEvent to do what Event.stop (from prototype) was
      Add several zh_tw translation strings.
      jQuery.fn.hide failed to hide an element if any parents of that
      Update the js tests to use latest jquery

Kazuhiro Osawa (1):
      Add myself to AUTHORS

Kenichi Ishigaki (10):
      Jifty::Web: removed long-gone loc.js (deleted at #4324) from javascript_libs
      Jifty::TestServer: explicitly ignore ClassLoader objects in @INC while stringifying
      Manual::Cookbook: fixed a typo
      Jifty::Handle: colon is not allowed in a win32 path
      Jifty::Test::WWW::Selenium: let selenium tests skip on Win32; and setsid is not implemented there
      Jifty::I18N: as Plugin::PasswordAuth's test was broken for me due to the I18N, extended get_language_handle to accept a lang name explicitly, and let the test use English handle without loading session
      Jifty::Handle: not to break someone's existing setup (Shawn's advice)
      Jifty::ClassLoader: fixed an issue on windows while comparing an overloaded package with a not-overloaded string (thanks, chmrr)
      Jifty::ClassLoader: reverted the previous commit and added ", fallback => 1" to the overload (thanks, Sartak)
      updated ja.po

Kevin Falcone (6):
      * add a check for the op to the dispatcher condition cache
      * t/TestApp/t/06-validator.t fails with an older HTTP::Server::Simple
      * give a more accurate reason for killing plan
      * if create from new_item_controls fails, we're called
      * t/TestApp/t/20-error-pages.t fails without TD 0.36
      * fiddle MANIFEST to match up with all the moving around of plugins and quite Makefile.PL down

Liang-Bin Hsueh (17):
      branch for jquery
      rewrite behaviour.js with jQuery
      Fix a special case when element does not exist in Jifty.Form.getForm.
      SinglePage plugin: added history support for links.
      move _sp_submit_form into SinglePage plugin
      add REFERENCE section
      add official document link into REFERENCE section
      merge from trunk to jQuery branch
      merge jQuery branch into trunk
      upgrade to jQuery 1.2.3
      fixed jQuery path in js-test
      add setTimout to globalEval in jQuery, so the SPA should work in IE now. IE sucks.
      remove TestApp-JiftyJS2 because it is not really used.
      pass the right arguments into autocompleter
      fixed autocompleter div when it has offset parent
      SPA should take care of parameter(location.search) when reload
      rewrite SinglePage plugin:

Max Baker (3):
      * Added links to Authentication::Ldap and Authentication::CAS
      Plugin::Authentication::Ldap.pm - fix small typo in POD

Nelson Elhage (2):
      Add the continuation debugging tool from hiveminder
      Better error reporting if `jifty app` can't create directories (due to

Ruslan Zakirov (40):
      * typo
      * add is_proscribed method into Halo plugin
      * maintain Jifty->handler->stash->{'in_body'} in declarative templates
      * move adding AdminUI menu item from SkeletonApp to AdminUI's plugin dispatcher
      * add help to `jifty po` command based on help implementation in `jifty schema`
      * suggest to use `jifty po --language xxx` and point to help
      * typo
      * local copy
      * lower indent level of the code by earlier return
      * add possible_columns method to Jifty/Action/Record*
      * simplify some code by using possible_columns instead of possible_fields
      * 3 calls to Jifty->web->current_user in 5 lines don't add readability
      * minor
      * doc updates
      * update docs
      * shuffle functions around, group them, update docs
      * retab
      * simple functions shuffling may break code, fix by decalring a function earlier
      * merge duplicated docs, clkao still owes more :)
      * commit alpha version of Tag plugin
      * factor out page_class out of wrapper
      * oops, gorgot to actually use page_class function that's added in prev commit
      * add render method in the TD's Page class - main page rendering driver
      * add docs
      * add new ViewDeclarePage plugin, you'll love it
      * add TestApp-Dispatcher, app that tests different syntax
      * update upgrading manual
      * actually add ViewDeclarePage plugin that you gonna love :) that was some svk misuse
      * replace 'title is' with 'page_title is'
      * don't escape title before head
      * update tutorial with links to more reading
      * a comment
      * minor
      * we have Jifty->handler->apache around
      * minor
      * refactor code that finds current_user in stack
      * uninit warning
      * allow devs to sub-class Config in apps
      * doc deleted dhandler

Shawn Moore (379):
      Recorder plugin: record and playback accurate HTTP requests. So far the record part is done.
      Add Jifty::Plugin::Recorder::Command::Playback with some serious caveats
      Add pid to request log name so having multiple fcgi procs won't have a cow
      Cache the log handle so the file isn't opened every hit
      Make the default log path log/requests, and make the path if needed
      Recorder: Rename handle attribute to loghandle due to a possible conflict
      Rename $pkg to $file in Jifty::Util->_require, and don't append .pm if it's already there
      Allow plugins to add new jifty commands. This requires an unreleased version of App::CLI, but otherwise works. Features usually come with a cost, and this one's cost is .02s on app startup. Worth it, IMO :)
      Bulletproof Jifty::Util->make_path
      Recorder: Don't install the trigger if creating the loghandle failed
      Allow playback of multiple files in one command, get rid of -f switch
      Recorder: Update Playback doc
      Recorder: Log all HTTP output from playback. This required a small API change to get unique filenames
      More Recorder doc
      Fix title handling in Web::Form::Field::Select
      Add a canonicalize_value to Jifty::Web::Form::Field. Override it in Date to output just the YMD part.
      Use Jifty::Util->absolute_path on the recorder log path
      Freeze and thaw the CGI object, because it can be a glob that upsets YAML
      Make sure actions still fail when you set columns you can't update (or read) to undef
      Fix the current_user_can call
      Recorder: Defer loghandle creation until first hit, so not all commands are creating request logs
      Add a Queries plugin for examining the db queries made by your app
      Move the query reports into /__jifty/admin/
      Move LeakTracker's reports into /__jifty/admin/ as well
      Queries: begin renaming to SQLQueries because Queries is vague
      SQLQueries: Finish renaming from Queries
      jifty.js: Work around placeholders not being properly cleared and causing (small) data loss
      cssquery.js: thisElement is being called 11000 times for hiveminder's /todo. It includes an IE workaround. Use the workaround only if we're actually using IE. This cuts its runtime on /todo from ~220ms to ~100ms
      Shave off another 100ms by special casing the beastly 40% function
      Another JS speedup: cache the results of selectAll. it's called only 8 times for /todo, but caching saves ~80ms.
      Speed up selection by class by using indexOf with space padding instead of regex
      SQLQueries: keep track of the ten slowest queries and display them. The query page could use a bit of visual design. :)
      Punt the design issue by making SQLQueries and LeakTracker use your app's layout :)
      ID is sometimes passed into Jifty::Action::Record::Update, we want to ignore it if it doesn't change, to avoid spurious permission errors. This codepath could use some more thought
      Fix a validation bug where we'd get a lot of
      Jifty::DateTime::is_date method, which tells whether the given J:DT is only a date
      Syntax error :|
      Normalize placeholder text because sometimes one has \r\n and the other has \n. Ugh.
      Recorder: record the current user ID so we can still playback (to some degree) without the sessions table
      Recorder: autoflush logfile just in case the server goes splat
      LeakTracker: log how much memory we're using at each request if Proc::ProcessTable is installed
      Recorder: log how much memory we're using at each request if memory_usage is set.
      Rewrite the Gladiator plugin so that it now works, and do the log/view thing (which really wants to be generalized.. later)
      LeakTracker: complain if Devel::Events::Generator::ObjectTracker isn't loaded in time (nothingmuch++)
      Copying a reference unweakens it, so a small fix for that in JWFF->_action. But that isn't our leak, I think
      Fix a real memory leak in Jifty::Web::Menu due to copying a weak reference. Woo!
      Another copied weakref in Jifty::Web::Form::Field, though this code was just changed so I don't think it explains our white whale
      Add Devel::Gladiator to Makefile.PL, other little fixes in here
      Revert 4650 (cssquery change) because ".error is no longer hidden for the region being replaced with ajax" in some browsers
      (empty commit message)
      More Makefile.PL tweaks
      Typo fix in Makefile.PL
      Revert 4649 js memoization which caused .error div problems
      Move the REST object walking into Jifty::Result so that it may be reused
      Make the json and yaml webservices use Result->from_hash
      Missing $server in a test? I doubt this is intentional, so fixing
      Give the interesting classes jifty_serialize_format instead of hardcoding in recurse_object_to_data (obra++)
      Two small fixes for Jifty::Result changes: missed two fields and for backcompat we need to bless the resulting hash into Jifty::Result
      Actually, no, don't bless the result of Jifty::Result->as_hash
      Eugh, don't eval send_action results in mech
      Revert 4746 because it's actually not evil at all
      Use record->jifty_serialize_format instead of the old result->_record_to_data
      Add /=/search/ModelName/c1/v1/c2/v2/c3/v3/... for REST
      SQLQueries: Hide the stack trace behind a more/less JS thinger
      A prototype.js fix for IE6 throwing object errors on Hiveminder task creation
      Add __limit/N to /=/search/ for when you really only want N results -- such as when displaying them in a dashboard widget O:)
      Never send a cookie with cached content. Misbehaving proxies cause terrific problems.
      Make Jifty::DateTime dates Jifty::Util->stringify to just yyyy-mm-dd, no 00:00:00
      REST: We don't need the temporary hack any more for .js, since jifty_serialize_format already explicitly stringifies things
      jQuery: Fix our one test failure (caused by a broken test)
      (empty commit message)
      Tiny fixes in the new Jifty::Script::Script (hanenkamp++)
      Munging @INC isn't necessary in new scripts, Jifty does that for you now
      REST: Add __order_by, __order_by_asc, and __order_by_desc to /=/search
      Use add_order_by for REST's __order_by, except the first time when we do want
      Generalize __limit to __per_page and __page
      REST: Add /=/version, which only includes Jifty and REST versions. Bump REST to 1.00.
      REST: Canonicalize search arguments
      REST: More documentation for /=/search
      Make Jifty::DateTime->current_user_has_timezone work (ie without requiring a blessed reference)
      DateTime->new is pretty strict, so use DateTime->now
      Wow, I really botched that line of code :)
      AJAX canonicalization tests submitted by Peter Mottram
      (empty commit message)
      Improve Jifty::DateTime->new_from_string so that it can handle time zones properly, and add Jifty::DateTime->get_tz_offset.
      (empty commit message)
      Small fixes for newer OAuth spec
      Test corrections, and depend on Net::OAuth 0.05
      Improve tests, the basic protected resource request works, yay. PLAINTEXT fixes.
      OAuth should set temporary_current_user, not current_user
      More tests. Looking good!
      Old REST code was creating screwy hashes, use the new jifty_serialize_format instead
      (empty commit message)
      Don't 404 on a search with no results
      (empty commit message)
      Fix test that was requiring search to return 404 for no matches
      A few more OAuth tests I had left uncommitted, tired of 's'ing them :)
      A fix for a time zone bug exposed by Doxory: copy the time_zone from JDBI::Filter, but allow for overriding it
      Force result->success to be 0 or 1, for the benefit of REST users
      Template::Declare halos! (you'll need a bleeding edge TD though)
      (empty commit message)
      REST's _resolve needs to take into account that we use :: as a seperator, but we give . as the separator
      REST: Qualifying the entire model/action name will fail because it will have no leading ::
      Awright! Plugins can now fiddle with (TD) halos as they wish.
      Some refactoring of Jifty::Mason::Halo. Now it too can support plugins munging the halo data. And its query logging is now off unless the SQLQueries plugin is used
      Now each halo has a proper header. You can now toggle between rendered output and HTML source. It's ugly as sin, but it works.
      Split between "Draw halos" and "Page info". Make halos look less offensive as well.
      Add some support for dumping the Perl code of templates. For now, only for TD. And DDS is currently giving us a lot of extraneous bits (oh well)
      Distinguish between *runnable* actions and *visible* actions in Jifty::API.
      BEHAVIOR CHANGE: REST will now list visible actions, not just runnable actions.
      Allowing actions also shows them. Fix the defaults so that "weird" actions
      Make TD halos show up only if DevelMode is on, consistent with Mason halos
      Fix some test failures caused by halo output in TD generated images. Anyone have any better ideas?
      Security fix: Deny all actions (except Autocomplete and Redirect) on GET. You must whitelist actions known to be safe, such as with:
      Add t/Mapper/lib/Mapper/Dispatcher.pm which whitelists the GetGrail and CrossBridge actions
      Complain loudly about back-compat when an action is denied.
      Complain loudly about back-compat when an action is denied.
      (empty commit message)
      Let Jifty::Param::Schema actions define documentation for paramters.
      Steal documentation from the model class in Jifty::Action::Record
      REST: bug in some old code: if (ref $x eq 'ARRAY') { %$x }
      Revert a mismerge
      Allow AuthenticateOpenID and VerifyOpenID for some pages
      (empty commit message)
      OAuth: Support for Authorization header
      Halo refactor to allow arbitrary plugins to add their data to be displayed
      Remove a bunch of code duplication between Jifty::{Mason,Plugin}::Halo
      Some style changes and minor fixes (that damn quote in onclick.. !)
      Add query logging to halos
      (empty commit message)
      Halos now display arguments
      Style changes, flip between "draw halos" and "hide halos"
      Dependency on URI::Escape (which we're already using, probably pulled in by Mason)
      Have t/01-dependencies.t report the entire dir+filename, not just the filename
      Checkpoint in the new Attributes plugin, a port of RT::Attribute
      Forgot to commit TestApp::Plugin::Attributes::Model::Song
      Some SQLQueries fixes
      SQLQueries: Log queries as soon as they're made, instead of after the request
      Halo pod coverage
      Better diagnostics from OAuth - notify user when we have Net-OAuth < 0.05
      Fix the isa check in REST's _resolve.  We instead want to fail if the class we check isn't a $base.
      (empty commit message)
      OAuth: Better debugging output, small fixes
      Keep track of whether we are OAuthed in the stash (this may move in the future, since current_user_can will probably want it)
      (empty commit message)
      Small OAuth doc improvements
      (empty commit message)
      Give response code 405 (invalid method) on GET /oauth/{request,access}_token
      Make the OAuth models root-only
      OAuth: use 0 and 1 for booleans instead of '' and 't' to satisfy all(sqlite, postgres, perl). argh.
      Give each OAuth page an OAuth title and subtitle
      OAuth: hyperlink fixes, make deny come before allow so it's the default (when the user mashes enter)
      User-specific documentation at /oauth
      * More documentation
      Instead of sticking 1 into is_oauthed, stick in the access token
      Log successful OAuths
      OAuth Checkpoint:
      OAuth: Better allow/deny notifications
      ignore TestApp-Plugin-Attributes' var and log
      REST: Include a REST URL in Jifty::Record links. The HTTP_ACCEPT logic should be made smarter
      unfubarring the admin CRUD step 1: give each item a form, instead of one form containing everything (which saddened Firefox)
      Use the cssQuery-jquery back-compat script, and have the CSSQuery plugin remove it
      Get rid of the warn select_query on adminui search
      If the user runs "jifty server" before the first "jifty schema --setup", create the database for them
      Add 'jifty repl' which uses the awesome Devel::REPL
      In Action::Record::Delete and ::Update, don't require that error messages be returned from set_field and delete. This is to facilitate before_$crud JDBI::Record triggers
      OAuth: test that delete fails when the access token forbids write access
      More tests for, and cleanups of, OAuth
      Ensure that giving OAuth consumers write access works
      Make Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA optional for OAuth, and fix the tests to not require it
      (empty commit message)
      Have OAuth use our shiny new boolean type so that it works on multiple databases
      Turns out turning off ajax canonicalization for a single form field was just ignored. We need more JS tests. :(
      (empty commit message)
      Recorder: log when we started and ended each request in absolute time
      Attributes: When we delete a record, delete any attributes it may have
      Run delete_all_attributes _after_ deleting the original record, in case that fails
      We haven't needed File::Basename in bin/jifty for a long time
      Bump Jifty's version so factored out plugins can depend on recent changes that the (sadly, months-old) Jifty on CPAN doesn't have
      Replace $(...) in calendar.js with document.getElementById
      element.is(...) needs to be jQuery(element).is(...)
      Bring jquery branch up to trunk
      fragments.get(parent) is now spelled fragments[parent]
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:5252
      jquery and trunk solved a problem (running JS loaded on-the-fly from the server) in different ways, going with jquery for now, though the method used by trunk looks cleaner
      Missed a line from the merge
      Use "recommends" instead of "requires" for optional dependencies.
      Depend on Regexp::Common itself
      When we fail to connect to the selenium rc, skip the rest of the tests
      Bump Jifty version to 0.80408
      Update MANIFEST and META.yml
      >5 months of changelog :)
      Reword Chart anti-caveat in Makefile.PL
      Changelog fixes
      Update SIGNATURE. Release 0.80408
      Regenerate signature, debian/{control,changelog} changed
      Move server initialization from BEGIN time to runtime. I'm hoping this fixes some really bizarre Module::Pluggable issues
      Short sleep in the onclick test to make sure the page is loaded before continuing
      Remove OAuth plugin, it's now its own dist
      Check for the more specific module (Regexp::Common::Email::Address) in the Comments plugin test
      Update manifest, meta.yml, signature, changelog (if all goes well, this is the revision going onto CPAN)
      Move the dependency check for the Comments plugin to before we load any of Jifty
      Update SIGNATURE. Uploading to CPAN. Forever hold your peace indeed
      Have context menus use jQuery
      Use Jifty.$ instead of $ in jifty_utils
      Add a shake effect: jQuery(e).shake()
      Move a skip_all from compile time to runtime. some cpantesters failed a test file with no actual tests :(
      Fix a text's using the wrong moniker
      Default page to 1 in View::Declare::CRUD
      Have js_size include total numbers
      Remove some prototypisms from jifty_utils
      Remove DOM.Events-isms from calendar.js - not 100% done though
      Fix for removing calendars (why do you suddenly hate us, jQuery)
      Check that we actually have a placeholder before we fiddle with placeholderText (which can cause a warning on submitting a form with a placeholder field)
      In Jifty.update, restore window.event.returnValue if we break out because a form field is a file upload. This fixes upload fields on at least safari and opera
      Opera and Safari share some of the blame here
      SQLQueries: Also clear slow/halo queries on "clear queries"
      SQLQueries: Avoid undef warnings from undef bindings
      Update copyright year to 2008
      Log an error on invalid display_from or value_from
      Check that the collection has a count before using ->first
      Include the "by" column attribute in the REST interface for Net::Jifty
      Some doc for extending your REST interface's object dump
      (empty commit message)
      Extract the validation of valid_values into a method which is overridable
      (empty commit message)
      Add test app from Peter Mottram to uncover this valid_values bug
      (empty commit message)
      Support for allowing different min/max for each dataset in the Google renderer
      We do need to duplicate the min/max values for the rest of the datasets
      Allow area graphs in XML/SWF
      Support for composite graphs in XML/SWF
      (empty commit message)
      Add test app from Peter Mottram to uncover this valid_values bug
      (empty commit message)
      Support for allowing different min/max for each dataset in the Google renderer
      We do need to duplicate the min/max values for the rest of the datasets
      Allow area graphs in XML/SWF
      Support for composite graphs in XML/SWF
      Try to support legendless graphs
      (empty commit message)
      Update SQLQueries' one line of JS to be jQuery not Prototype
      (empty commit message)
      todoify some tests that need some virtual-column discussion
      Revert mismerge
      We don't need to explicitly finalize_triggers in Class::Trigger 0.13
      Typo in the field name caused lots of hiveminder sadness
      Allow literal region names in qualified_region
      Allow moniker_for to be more useful by limiting on possibly more values
      (empty commit message)
      Add a reasonable default for bar width based on number of bars and chart width
      Account for undef bar_width
      zero_line for bar charts (for moving the bars further up or down the graph)
      label positions (chxp)
      Fixes for label position
      Add a want_url argument to the Google renderer for just getting the resulting URL instead of the img tag
      Add a redirect option to Google charts
      Failing tests for TD->mason->mason region output
      Test fixes
      Remove the javascript wrappers for the test regions, they're just noise
      Include a test for how many emails were sent in mail_ok
      If we have only one max, duplicate it before encoding
      (empty commit message)
      Begin working on Google Vizualization "charts", specifically the annotated timeline
      Superclass init and render
      Don't require that there be a special class for renderers to load
      skeleton of GoogleViz->render
      Factor out load_params
      Remove TestApp-Region's var
      Allow renderers with :: in their name
      Let Jifty::JSON export objToJson and jsonToObj if the user requests it
      Minor fixes
      Need to set the height and width of the viz div
      Render the columns and data of a google viz
      AnnotatedTimeline parameters
      Better column data structure
      Encode values with the context of a column; DateTime encoding
      Avoid doubly encoding values
      Columns must be ordered, but we don't need to care about that for render_data
      If the column isn't known, throw an error
      Intuit https better in Jifty->web->path
      Simplify the load_by_kv codepath
      id is not editable (though if you really demand it you can have it)
      (empty commit message)
      New helper function "render_mason"
      Don't canonicalize update-nonexistent-record to create-new-record
      Small script to slice and dice log/requests/*.log
      YAML::Syck seems to be the only one of (YAML, YAML::XS, and YAML::Syck) that processes my log/requests without throwing a fit
      More readable memory delta
      Prettify negative numbers too
      Do deaths separately, instead of minus hundreds of megs
      We always depend on a newer TD nowadays
      (empty commit message)
      We directly depend on about a hundred modules nowadays (sadface)
      Update explanation of the directories "jifty app --name MyWeblog" creates
      Add what po actually means
      Small reword
      render as works too nowadays
      Doc: Need to assign new_action to $action
      "jifty server" now creates a database if you lack one
      Replace the "new post" mason template with TD
      TD for the blog index
      Misc cleanup
      TDify more templates. Clean up more prose.
      mason menu -> dispatcher menu
      Minor cleanup for the rest of it
      Remove some eol whitespace >:)
      Add a quiet flag to app_root for when we're creating a new application (jifty app)
      "Jifty is intentionally a bit minimalist" hahahaha
      More cleanup
      Dispatcher description, comments for the huge page_of_posts template, etc
      In the DateTime filter, use the app's DateTime class if they have one
      (empty commit message)
      Handle new_action('CreateFoo', moniker => 'create_foo') (makes "class" optional)
      (empty commit message)
      Handle current_user in Jifty::DateTime->new
      Some cleanups and better comments
      Better current_user/time_zone handling
      Regenerate MANIFEST
      Always set the current user's time zone
      Compare time zone names rather than their class names
      Simplify the logic of date handling a bunch
      Another test fix
      Default to UTC so DateTime doesn't have to do as many pointless conversions
      time_zone is only a reader!
      Use the setter not the getter for hour, minute, and second
      We need to explicitly grab the current user
      Lingering time_zone($new_tz)
      If the user passed in a time zone, actually use it instead of converting to Floating for dates
      Don't take the time_zone from the previous filter, since we have our own tz management
      Some cleanup and more fixes
      DateTime doesn't like time_zone => undef
      Enhance the API of get_tz_offset to allow an optional time zone
      Allow setting the input time zone in new_from_string
      DateTime's own code assumes input time zone == output time zone, so if the user passes in time_zone we need to set the output time zone
      Same typo fix from Hiveminder. we need to make this into a module
      Differentiate between input and output time zone
      Set input_time_zone instead of time_zone from the DateTime filter
      Begin writing tests for REST formats
      Generalize the "test the results of some REST method" so we can add formats with DRY
      (empty commit message)
      Update README
      Revert mismerge
      Correct a test name lie :)
      Factor out the different formats in the REST API
      Propagate output format across REST redirection
      Keep a $FORMAT_NUMBER so we can still use is_deeply for record creation (which will have different ids)
      Handle redirection and thawing errors in result_of
      Tests for record creation in REST
      Run all these tests for javascript as well :)
      Give help under /= as well
      No need to load the action class; if action returned it, it's loaded
      _actions -> all_actions
      Flip examples around, as little kids know about voting :)
      Better errors from the REST API for hidden/denied actions
      More consistent hash key: _actions -> all_actions
      Filter out ::SUPER pseudoclasses only once, and for all
      Module::Pluggable 3.7 fixes the ::SUPER issue
      Include javascript_config on each page
      Respect Jifty.Config.start_weekday
      Move js config into a template
      We don't need to escape things, json does
      (empty commit message)
      Remove javascript_config and friends
      (empty commit message)
      Puppies. Puppies for all..
      Checking if the action is_allowed breaks some applications right now
      Marginally better title for each page
      Bump REST's version number since some changes were made
      Better explanation for why we don't check is_allowed
      Add an respect the calendar-starts-monday element class
      Be less demanding of the error response code, just make sure the POST failed
      POD fixes
      Add a render_hidden to Jifty::View::Declare::Helpers
      Don't push Jifty::Action onto @ISA if the class is already a

Stanislav Sinyagin (5):
      added mod_perl and file permissions info
      appended myself
      syntax typo
      schema upgrade error when creating new tables

Thomas Sibley (50):
      * Fix setting of class attribute for calendars (className is only for element.className)
      Add a Quota plugin which provides a framework for managing quotas in Jifty
      Upgrade plugins before application so that application upgrades can depend on plugin upgrades
      Enforce uniqueness on (object_id, object_class, type)
      Bypass ACLs to check
      Compare old/new values for updating _before_ checking if we can update it (no point in saying permission denied for a column we don't want to actually change).  However, only do the comparison if we can read the field so that we don't get bogus undefs.  Everybody's happy now.
      Get rid of the JQuery plugin tests hanging around from a now gone JQuery plugin
      Make dropdown/context menus a reasonable fixed width
      Make the YUI menu.css usable
      Support menu grouping for YUI
      Cleaning up hard tabs
      Fix menu activation for menu items which are defined with link instead of url/label
      Only call ->url on link if it supports it
      Support group headings for YUI menubar rendering
      Don't try to make undef urls absolute
      Totally redo menu grouping.  The way it works now is you build up menus and submenus as normal and then for submenus that you want inline, you set render_children_inline => 1 for the parent.
      Update YUI from 2.2.1 to 2.4.1
      (empty commit message)
      * YUI classes weren't getting properly attached because $class changed to $args{class} (why didn't strict/warnings catch this?)
      (empty commit message)
      Check html_body for defined-ness, not truth
      When setting the continuation request's path in a redirect, we need to unescape it to be consistent with Apache, lighttpd, and HTTP::Server::Simple
      Wait to lazy load the region until the DOM is ready
      (empty commit message)
      Fix a security hole which lets you call any method on the model.  We were checking the load by column with valid_column instead of the display field.
      Kill our custom popup notifications in favor of jGrowl.
      Minor fix to synopsis
      We do a lot of work in Jifty::Param::Schema::merge_params() to make sure merging action arguments DTRT, so we really need to use it in Jifty::Action::Record::{Update,Create}.
      (empty commit message)
      A merge bug caused this piece not to go through
      Set a default color for the SimpleBars chart renderer
      A few fixes for map charts
      Pie charts require a different parameter for labels/legends
      * We need to calculate the max/min for stacked bar charts differently (they were broken before this)
      * Format data values to not waste URL and domain/range space
      Don't floor the percentage to add to max/min
      Support Google chart titles and support XML/SWF stacked horizontal bar charts
      Apply the same parameter merging fix to Execute actions that Create and Update got the other week
      Let developers disable our default enter handling in case they want to do their own handling
      (empty commit message)
      Whenever we can (on any action and on record ->creates), pass in the other field values so a validator can base it's validation on those
      Let the Google Chart's renderer set axis styles
      * The default allowed handlers for form elements are sane for Date elements
      Remove pesky debugging statement
      Revert cleanups that seem to be broken.  (Not bothering to figure out why now.)
      Fix the autocompleter so that when we specify -1 minchars it actual does what we want (which is not require any characters at all to suggest autocomplete).
      Add support for shape markers
      Support range markers and actually calculate the position with the chart range correctly for all markers
      We need some error handling here so we don't try to divide by zero and (somehow) get hilarious errors like:

Tomohiro Hosaka (9):
      Add myself to AUTHORS
      fix Jifty->web->session->continuations.
      fix pods.
      utf8 on $path cause garbage characters in Mason.
      fix pod.
      I am Jifty::Plugin::GoogleMap::Widget user.
      change only for readability.
      * app_behaviour.js was not enable in IE6. jQuery less than 1.2.2 has problem in .ready() (We have 1.2.1).
      revert. sorry for miss committed.

Yves Agostini (42):
      debian packages
      allow authentication by mail or cas login and domain
      for mysql varchar must be explicit (255 should be enough)
      mixin ldap authentication by email
      add missing continuation in CAS login plugin
      debian packaging
      * bugfix for 'new' classloader
      debian packaging
      forget dep http-server-simple 0.28 in debian packaging
      Fix NAME pods in plugins, backport from debian packaging
      Fix NAME pods in authentication plugins, backport from debian packaging
      Fix NAME pods in main, backport from debian packaging
      * remove WikiToolbar, WyzzEditor, AuthzLDAP plugins from trunk
      one more patch from debian packaging about lintian complains on pods
      Update synopsys on plugin::comment,
      debian files for documentation
      display comments with registred created_on time and not DateTime->now
      * fix i18n mistake on publish/unpublish text
      don't show title and body if comment is marked as spam or unpublished
      first tests to move Authentication::CAS to /plugins
      next ;) remove old location for Authentication::CAS
      * update po files
      INSTALLDIRS is neede to install plugins in same dir than jifty
      * INSTALLDIRS need to be set in ENV, default to site
      plugins install :
      contrib from doru, a new team workers :)
      * move Authentication::Ldap to plugins/
      * only clean files path in po files
      * move AuthzLDAP in truc (always some test to find the best way to move plugins)
      some cleanup : version now come from main jifty release
      po files are no more needed in share plugin, translations come in trunk po
      add dirs to move plugin Comment
      * move Comment lib
      * move TestApp-Plugin-Comments
      * add a minimal Makefile.PL fo plugin Comment
      * update po
      fix wrong package names in Makefile.PL
      Take care, I'm not very happy of this change in Makefile.PL
      more happy with this, now all tests plugins are make
      small Plugin::Authentication::Ldap improvements
      * add a sort by field toolbar as in admin view

sunnavy (64):
      seems varchar(255) won't work, have to set max_length
      fixed a wrong regex
      updated zh_cn po
      tiny fix, sometimes options are undef
      removed an extra ) in js in Halo.pm
      require Module::Refresh unless it is necessary
      updated manual a bit
      updated manual
      extend Jifty/Plugin/Authentication/Password/Action/Login.pm so people can use username to login. email takes precedence of username
      refactor a bit, limit only one login way, either by email or by username
      add SYNOPSIS for Jifty::Plugin::Authentication::Password
      tiny doc
      updated version to 0.80913
      revert a bit, leave INST_LIB alone, or only plugins will be installed, without Jifty itself
      tiny dox fix
      tiny refactor
      add datetime form field
      show null string if its epoch is 0
      filter ids arg to get rid of 0
      added multiple flag for select form field
      remove debug msg
      use __value to get password
      comment the limit: only creator can update or delete record
      update updated_on when record is updated
      add updated_by column for ActorMetadata
      added TestApp-Plugin-ActorMetadata
      use Jifty::Test::Dist for TestApp
      fix stupid parens
      Jifty::Plugin::ActorMetadata::Mixin::Model::ActorMetadata can have configurations when use it
      we need to save every class's column name info
      need to import subs like schema, column in import
      $caller->COLUMNS does not contain virtual columns
      now references works
      only set actormetadata columns if they are not set before
      update actormetadata.t since references works
      use Test::MockTime if that package is available
      refactor actormetadata bit, with bug fix
      we now allow bootstrap_user to create in actormetadata
      add --no-bootstrap option for jifty schema cmd
      reset columns for ActorMetadata.pm when each time we run import
      more tests for actormeta
      added t/TestApp-Plugin-ActorMetadata/lib/TestApp/Plugin/ActorMetadata/Model/Comment.pm
      added test app for mason
      added version cmd for cli
      added no_warnings_ok method
      add clear_screen opt so we control if clear screen appender or not in config.yml
      tiny improve
      add Exception::Class dep
      regex improvement for the database does not exist error
      add dhandler vs index.html test
      todo the index_vs_dhandler tests
      update the way of finding share_dir: File::ShareDir does not play well with recent Module::Install
      updated manifest
      seems Jifty::I18N does not use File::ShareDir at all
      comment File::ShareDir part in _calculate_share in lib/Jifty/Plugin.pm
      replace dist_dir with module_dir, then File::ShareDir will work
      replaced module_dir to dist_dir in Plugin.pm too, though not 100% sure if this is right
      add time picker to jifty
      added config plugin to help beginners configure their apps, currently only database related stuff is in
      string clean
      datetime widget support, a mix of current date and time picker
      tweak css for datetime a bit
      time.css => datetime.css
      test before treate self->_view_handlers as hashref


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