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 tagged by  Thomas Sibley
        on  Wed Jul 1 19:07:17 2009 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Jifty release 0.90701
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Alex Vandiver (35):
      Split Jifty::CAS::Blob out, and document
      Avoid use of "packge HTML::Mason::Exception", which cause PAUSE to hate us
      Demote Jifty::Mason::Halo into Jifty::View::Mason::Halo
      Fixes for plugin share paths when running Jifty out of @INC
      Update MANIFEST for deleted files
      Basic background process support
      Close Net::Server client sockets on background
      Remove bogus line; this never did anything
      Move pubsub activation to being on document ready, just in case
      Fix a documentation lie
      Fix a function call name
      Set the InactiveDestroy on the dbh when backgrounding
      In forking servers, disconnect the database before stalling on accept
      Fix another shared database handle between tests and test servers
      Flush and close the client connection before running after{} blocks
      Better POD coverage
      There is no utf8 in this file, thus no need for "use utf8"
      Remove custom page {} sub from Password's View class
      Fix =head1 and =head2 swap
      Change all calls from Template::Declare->(new|end)_buffer_frame to new API
      Always specify _which_ file had errors opening when you die
      Fix a non-deterministic test which failed when load was too high
      Bump WWW::Mechanize dep for working ->back method
      Every 10 seconds, have PubSub send a whitespace character as a keep-alive
      Clean up Changelog
      Instead of ignoring the test detritus, clean it up
      Updated SIGNATURE
      Don't show new item widget unless current user can create
      Don't rely on cwd for creating and reading PID files
      r7108 assuemd thgat CreateGroup wasn't used elsewhere; shift the hide to DeleteGroup
      Make TestApp::Dispatcher pass newly-added strict-ness criteria
      Extract ordering information for actions submitted in AJAX
      Per-test Test::Builder object, for compat with new nested TAP support
      Version bump, changelog updates, and dist prep
      Version bump to 0.90701

Chia-liang Kao (1):
      allow plugins to return more than one static_root.

Cornelius Lin (36):
      - update the untranslated part of zhtw tutorial from tutorial.pod
      more translation for zhtw tutorial
      translation for share/web/static part of zhtw tutorial.
      translate for lib/MyWeblog/Model part of zhtw tutorial.
      translation for lib/MyWeblog/Action part. (zhtw tutorial)
      translation for test directory , model. (zhtw tutorial)
      pod encoding utf8 (tutorial_zhtw)
      fix pod name (tutorial_zhtw)
      zhtw tutorial: translate jifty server section
      Tutorial_zhtw: translate user interface section
      Tutorial_zhtw: translate viewing section
      Tutorial_zhtw: translate the complex way section
      tutorial_zhtw: fix translation. thanks to gugod++
      more translation on Tutorial_zhtw.pod
      new entry in Manual::Cookbook:  Render model refers_to field as a select widget with meaningful display name
      update tutorial_zhtw
      fix cookbook "brief_description" section
      update Manual index
      apply maketext perl plugin to pl,pm files. to grep more kinds of i18n string formats.
      fix localization js typo
      add Deploying_zhtw
      AccessControl zhtw
      - complete jifty tutorial translation
      fix tutorial typo
      manual encoding for zhtw
      update po/zh_TW.po
      fix tutorial pod: head1 NAME
      fix Manual/JavaScript.pod reference section pod
      (empty commit message)
      translate a part of AccessControl_zhtw description section
      translate more AccessControl_zhtw
      complete AccessControl_zhtw pod translation
      provide page region example in template-declare.
      provide Jifty.update javascript example in page region manual.
      add comment for response xml format.
      fix spa history event on page load and page reload.

Jesse Vincent (8):
      make a comment like less
      * actually run all the REST dispatcher tests
      Fix test support code to be able to run tests
      Make the jifty REST dispatcher able to show nested objects
      The .html suffix should work. It does not, yet.
      Support .html to mean "yes, I want HTML, damnit"
      Catch "die in DESTROY block" errors
      Add a warning and an admonishment

Kenichi Ishigaki (5):
      updated japanese tutorial
      even admin users couldn't access to the online docs
      jifty_root returned a wrong path (actually a wrong volume) if we're not in the same volume as we installed Jifty
      the param to be rendered should be "username" (not "email") if you set "login_by" to "username" in the config
      restart test doesn't work on Win32 as always

Ruslan Zakirov (5):
      * migrate to rename_table/rename_column in the JDBI
      * bump dependency on JDBI
      * depend on JDBI 0.56 because of display_length
      * doc typo
      * minor pod markup change

Shawn Moore (222):
      Factor out the actual record creation in JARC into a create_record method
      Update to Module::Install 0.84
      Update MANIFEST
      When we delete an item in CRUD, don't refresh the parent, because that
      Make no_items_found a region
      Add a Jifty->web->qualified_parent_region for munging your sibling
      When you use CRUD to create a new element, clear any existing "No items
      Hooks for overriding the display of a particular form field
      Refactor away duplication in Jifty->web->link
      Factor out page_title for CRUD
      Pass $self to page's meta so method dispatch still works
      Begin adding a RequestInspector plugin
      memoize inspector_plugins
      Syntax error fix
      We need to explicitly pass $self
      Begin working on the RI view
      Need to pass $cgi to new_request_inspection
      requests method to get all of the requests so far
      start and end timestamps for each request
      url not uri
      Add only complete requests to @requests
      Use Time::HiRes instead of DateTime, give time taken in the table
      inspect_after_request returns the new plugin_data, cleanup
      Render plugin data
      Reimplement SQLQueries as a RequestInspector consumer
      Include sum of query time in the SQLQueries summary
      Add a more detailed analysis for RI plugins
      Cleanup, use an ol instead of a table for requests
      When clicking on a request, add a table for plugin data
      Plugin table cleanups
      Limit the scope of short plugin name
      Use a dl/dd/dt instead of a table for plugins
      Analysis region
      Don't toggle just yet
      url_filter option for the plugin
      Make toggling actually work
      Use get_plugin_data
      prereq_plugins=RequestInspector for SQLQueries
      Ignore .swp files
      Bump version, for dependencies
      Add a way to clear requests
      Factor out rendering a particular request
      Rename #request-inspector div to #request_inspector
      Add a "more" link to load up more requests
      Only display/link data when a plugin provides it
      Better prose for SQLQueries summary
      Better label on the load more button
      Try harder to avoid loading a prereq_plugin multiple times
      Try even harder to avoid loading a prereq plugin twice!
      Begrudgingly give RI plugins their request ID
      Refactor SQLQueries to use a real view
      SQLQueries further display: bind parameters and stack traces
      Marginally better stack trace
      Fix toggling of request inspector regions
      Don't display bind parameters if there are none
      Run plugins in reverse order on the way out
      Preserve plugin order
      Apps can now include app-late.css for restyling YUI and jQuery and
      Be more explicit about where this new template goes
      Begin making POD coverage a little happier with TD templates
      RequestInspector API doc
      Pod coverage for script classes
      Jifty::Server::restart POD
      POD coverage for SQLQueries
      Bump Module::Install 0.84 to 0.85
      Give timepickr buttons a label of "Pick time"
      Add and use the display_length attribute on columns
      Improve clarity and correctness of moniker_for
      Make Jifty::DateTime->from_epoch(100) dwim
      Some doc typo fixes
      Give an actual error message when there's no current user
      Update META.yml
      JDBI dep bump
      Add .git to MANIFEST.SKIP
      Update MANIFEST and META.yml
      Silence TODO warnings
      Avoid undef warning
      Make sure we keep this var directory around :/
      Ignore testapp_mason
      Squelch debug message unless running verbosely
      Bump version
      Version bump in META.yml
      Factor out field args into a hash for inspection :)
      Don't pull the rendered widget out of the cache if arguments were specified
      Use all args for creating the widget cache key
      First pass at the changelog
      Display query time in each query's summary
      Tell the user (in this case, the developer!) which field they need to
      Remove stray a
      The missing value validation failure message changed
      Improve localizability
      Login plugin validation message consistency
      Update MI from 0.85 to 0.89
      Automatically create the pid dir if it's not existent
      absolute_path strips trailing slashes
      Improve the "we're restarting the server, please wait" page
      Use TD, since we have it
      Turn on strict and warnings for users of Jifty::Dispatcher
      Turn on strict and warnings for users of "use Jifty::View::Declare -base" too
      Most of an AddConfig action
      target_file parameter and types
      Allow AddConfig
      Hint for what context actually is
      $Dispatcher is in the Jifty::Dispatcher namespace, yeugh
      Only use the existing config if it actually exists
      Need to import merge
      Begin adding a SetupWizard plugin
      First stab at an extensible setup wizard
      Expect that each step renders its own header
      Add some divs for styling hooks
      Permit and use more metadata for steps
      Factor out step_link
      Allow overriding of steps in the config
      add_step method for less crude addition of config steps
      Add "web server settings"
      Add finalize template which always comes at the end
      Separate the two links :/
      Don't expose the language config
      Display the setupwizard step in a form
      First stab at abstracting away rendering an action to update a config field
      Need to explicitly render each form field
      Support arbitrary arguments for the value field
      Grab the config's current value for a default value
      Display database driver as a textbox (for now)
      Add POD for SetupWizard
      POD for AddConfig
      Ignore mailbox test files
      Doc for SetupWizard::View's functions
      When the user clicks save, send them to the next step
      Log when we update config
      Basic web config
      Form submit should be powered by a button not a link
      Submit all actions on the form when we click the submit button
      Include database name config
      Factor out available_values into a method
      Eliminate some hilarious almost-duplication
      Add available_values management for fields
      available_values returns a ref not a list
      Make Database Engine an actual dropdown
      Per-driver specific config
      Default the value's label to the field name
      Basic connectivity config for MySQL and Pg
      Due to region switching, hardcoding the accepted actions fails
      value of AddConfig is not mandatory
      Submit all actions *and* advance to the next step
      Doc submit => undef
      Only show available drivers
      No real need for the long CSRF action denial message
      Reorganization so all the setup comes first
      i18n fixes
      Lift some database prose from RT's installer
      Some basic database details sugar
      Ask for database port too
      Postgres RequireSSL checkbox
      "Use SSL?" label instead of RequireSSL
      More i18n
      Hint for BaseURL
      Support plain strings in available_values
      Elaborate a little on what BaseURL is
      Bump Module::Install
      Put the app name in REST HTML titles
      403 if the record is unreadable
      Bump REST version for functionality change
      First take of a TestDatabaseConnection action
      Rename TestDatabaseConnection to TestDatabaseConnectivity
      Pull in action default values instead of assuming they'll be set in a form
      Need to instantiate the handle before connecting..
      Connecting may die with invalid credentials
      Improve robustness
      Display a "test connectivity" button
      Report errors properly
      Add extra css selectors, allowing arbitrary growl updates
      Report connectivity results using jGrowl
      Make the jGrowl popups sticky only if the popup_sticky class is present
      No need for _reset_connectivity, since results are reported with growl
      Slightly more mirthful response
      The error already reports Connect failed
      empty_is_undef option for AddConfig
      Set empty_is_undef for optional database fields
      connect returning undef is an error condition we need to report
      Remove empty hash args for connect
      Handle dies on ->connect error, false is an acceptable return value
      Remove file:line info from the action result message
      Don't complain about nonexistent database
      Better default of "postgres" for Pg User than "root"
      Add a welcome step
      Only notify you about installing the drivers you're missing
      We don't support Oracle yet
      Include step number in the header
      Revert pulling in default value, it causes app regressions
      Need to explicitly pass the arguments to TestDatabaseConnectivity
      Force values from action fields like we do for model columns
      Display action valid_values
      Bump REST dispatcher version
      Make display_columns fall back to the record's readable columns
      Use the record's columns instead of create action for sort_header
      FinalizeSetup action
      View has no "abort", die instead
      Forgot the "for" statement
      Hide the "save" button on the finalize step
      Warn if deactivation doesn't occur
      "Done" button for finalize step
      Use a SetupMode config variable instead
      Need to reload config after we update it
      Welcome message for when setup is done
      Add a Jifty->admin_mode method
      Use Jifty->admin_mode instead of asking whether config has AdminMode
      Return the new action from config_field
      Use a simple config action instead of FinalizeSetup
      Allow AddConfig instances to set the message as a regular param
      Set message of finalize wizard action
      Prose for welcome
      Use "begin" for welcome button
      Instead of providing next/back links, link to every step
      Add an "add_steps" option to config for the common case
      Linkify the steps in the welcome page

Yves Agostini (8):
      Fix POD warnings find by lintian tool from debian packaging
      failing test for hidden param in form
      right syntaxe to hiddden field in form
      some pod fix to make debian packaging happy
      match "Call stack" instead of "something went awry" which appears in some sample code in halo
      update fr po file
      make debian lintian happy
      broken uodates: some update fields don't match J:A

sunnavy (22):
      comment the warning when ApplicationClass::Config is not a sub-class of Jifty::Config
      keep the old Plugins stuff in site_config instead of dumping all into it, because of the array merge problem(duplicate occurs)
      rescue the previous commit: set Plugins to empty array if site_config does not have any Plugins
      add after_restart_url class data for Config plugin
      add restart method for server
      add restart functionality for Config plugin
      add wait_seconds class attribute for config plugin
      make the whole content of config.yml as atextarea so we can config everything
      fix Config plugin: seems arguments do *not* like \W chars
      remain config.yml unix format
      let restart.html accepts seconds and url arguments
      replace mason pages with View.pm: so we can make config_url more flexible
      add restart_url config item so we can cusomize more flexible
      tweak config plugin: add Restart action; now we have "save" and "save&restart" buttons
      update pod a bit
      add url argument to restart action so we can specify the url it tangents
      do not show label for config
      forked server script so we can have real restart from now on
      add restart server test
      set only if defined
      outs Jifty-> will mislead perl, use parens for outs
      make the seconds auto-reduced in restart page


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