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The annotated tag, jifty-0.70116 has been created
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   tagging  639b6ce7fb7d9ec52266261ed3f25f5a309fdcae (commit)
  replaces  jifty-0.61123_01
 tagged by  Thomas Sibley
        on  Wed Jan 17 04:54:03 2007 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Jifty release 0.70116
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Agent Zhang (32):
      added myself to AUTHORS (per obra).
      - made Test::MockModule and Test::MockObject optional by
      - fixed mason_internal_error which had syntax errors due
      - added t/12-param-schema.t to test Jifty::Param::Schema.
      - added one failing test to t/12-param-schema.t, which
      added t/12-param-schema.t to MANIFEST.
      reverted an incorrect typo fix.
      Cookbook, minor adjustments.

Alex Vandiver (8):
      * Clean up MANIFEST (mostly sqlite files)
      * Need to be able to set an empty hint (which is false!)
      * Typo fix
      * Line wrapping POD
      * Close <li>s we open
      * Be explicit about the paths we're creating
      * 'length is 42' does not work with Object::Declare, due to how it
      * Module::Pluggable does't include empty intermediate classes now

Audrey Tang (35):
      * Makefile.PL - Add dependency on Test::Base and Module::Refresh.
      * Jifty::JSON - Turn on $ImplicitUnicode so unicode strings
      * Jifty::Action::Record::Search - Consider "float" and "double" fields
      * Jifty: zh_tw and zh_cn translations.
      * L10N for Action::Record::Search.
      * "jifty po": Ignore _svn/ directories (Win32), as well as foo~ files.
      * Jifty::Dispatcher - NUMBER SIGN (#) now captures one or more digit
      * oops, warning left in.
      * Even more I18N+L10N, this time for admin crud pages and calendar.html
      * json web services
      * Even more default UI I18N+L10N.
      * Add an "(any)" label to Action::Record::Search when render as radio.
      * L10N for '(any)'.
      * The "length" attribute Web::Form::Field now also means HTML "maxlength"
      * Jifty::Manual::Upgrading - Remove the now-obsoleted claim that one has
      * Jifty::Upgrade - rename() now works with SQLite too, woot!
      * Jifty::Upgrade - Purely cosmetic tidy-up recommenting change
      * Jifty::Action::Record - Support for "is autocompleted" annotation.
      * Jifty::Action::Record::Search - "numeric" and "decimal" fields are also numeric.
      * Jifty::Action::Record - "is autocompleted" choices should not consider null/empty fields.
      * Action::Record::Search - When there is just one choice, don't bother
      * Jifty::Action::Record::Search - First cut at a _dwim field for numeric
      * Jifty::ClassLoader - Defining MyApp::Action::Record::* now works.
      * Jifty::Action::Record - Autocompletion now lists only the parts
      * Jifty::Action::Record::Search - Add _before/_since for dates, as well as
      * L10N for the new Search action fields.
      * Jifty::Action::Record::Search - Add hints to _dwim.
      * calendar.js - Fire off canonicalization/validation methods upon clicking a date.
      * L10N as usual.
      * Rename Jifty::Manual::PageRegions from .pm to .pod.
      * Jifty::Script::Server - Remedy for the edge error case where var/
      * Jifty::Dispatcher - Alternation in extended shell globbing syntax
      * Jifty::Web::Form::Field and ::Select - Label display was rendered using
      * Jifty.pm: Before we call Data::UUID->new, be sure to load it.
      * hlb++ reported that we really want HTTP::Server::Simple 0.26+,

Bart Bunting (1):
      cleaned up debian readme

Chia-liang Kao (1):
      Actually implement if-modified-since for static view handler.

Dobrica Pavlinusic (2):
      Jifty::Manual::Actions include example with available are defer { ... } syntax which
      cleaner way of handling defered values as suggested by Audrey++

Jesse Vincent (28):
      * Undef warnings avoidance
      * A bit more defensive warning avoidance
      Modified Jifty::Action::Record::Update so that empty strings for integer and
      * Some small warning avoidances
      * A pointer to where documetation for Jifty::Action::button really lives
      * We need SQLite to test properly
      * Hacked the yui calendar component to allow selection of out-of-month dates
      * Skip html files when looking for dependencies. This may cause us to miss some modules used only from within mason, but it will stop falsely detecting lines that start with the word "use" in docs.
      * Better tell Date::Manip what the timezone. The previous way did not actually work
      * Audrey got the }s slightly wrong when I18Ning the error template
      * The new maxlenght support had unbalanced quotes causing generated html to not validate
      * My fix of the internal error template was...incorrect. Fixed now
      Added the scary jifty talk
      *lpw intro slides
      *updates to advanced
      * final talk versions
      * Added a note about the fact that mason needs to be flush left to the tutorial
      * a full copy of the sample weblog app from the tutorial
      * typo
      * Support for the new IPC::PubSub, which should work properly on mysql
      * Duplicate code removed from the plugin classloader
      * Allow lowercased versions of loglevel
      * Cookbook typo fixed. thanks to tokuhirom
      * Typo fix in the tutorial from Tokuhiro Matsuno tokuhirom at mobilefactory.jp  (prev commit)
      * bin/jifty covered sigterm in a way that could cause zombie processes uner fastcgi
      * a syntax idea for declarative test design
      * Tutorial_de retitled to not conflict with the english one.
      0.70116 release

John Peacock (5):
      Don't delete arguments that you don't know about /a priori/.  Don't display
      Better handling of autocreated modules from plugins.
      Almost complete reworking of the Login plugin.
      Forgot this piece
      It's funny how it is always the little things.

Kang-min Liu (4):
      This helps passing xhtml validation.
      hide it to prevent changing look, as in the similar case at the end
      Use Traditional Chinese characters in zh_tw
      Remove an invalid extra </div>.

Kenichi Ishigaki (4):
      Jifty::Script::Po: shouldn't check/update files under .svn directories
      Makefile.PL: remove Test::HTTP::Server::Simple dependency when $^O eq 'MSWin32'
      Jifty::Script::Po: shouldn't update other catalogs if we specify target language with -l
      updated share/po/ja.po (seemingly I committed not-yet-saved po file before...sorry)

Kevin Falcone (8):
      * DateManip can get confused if someone else calls Date_Init earlier in the process
      * Allow a canonicalization note to be set, even if you don't change the
      * we're always setting the timezone to the user's timezone, even if
      * we're always setting the timezone to the user's timezone, even if
      * now that ClassLoader creates $app::Action::Record::* this test was
      * we're always setting the timezone to the user's timezone, even if
      * Jifty::Param::Schema allows "hints are 'type stuff'" but our Model syntax
      * changelog updated

Kevin Riggle (1):
      * Added Data::UUID to the Makefile.PL and made sure we use'd it in Jifty.pm

Liang-Bin Hsueh (2):
      * add yui/tabview and its assets
      * upgrade yui library & add yui/container.js

Nelson Elhage (4):
      Added notes from plugins design session
      Playing with syntax for a declarative test scheme
      Sketching what an identity plugin looks like
      Adding a note about canonicalizers being idempotent

Pawel Murias (1):
      my first commit:

Sean E Millichamp (1):
      * Minor POD typo fix

Thomas Sibley (18):
      Update YUI to 0.12 -- local changes have NOT been ported back yet
      Checkpoint -- existing functionality (minus selecting OOM dates) is now back with 0.12
      Update YUI calendar CSS to 0.12 as well
      * Proper OOM selection support in YUI calendar
      (empty commit message)
      Fix the bloody merge bug
      Fix a missing closing brace
      Only emit mandatory field warnings with Ajax when the field starts with data.
      Indicate mandatory fields visually
      TODO tests attempting to test if we get ajax validation errors for mandatory values after the sticky_value has been deleted
      Less obstrusive mandatory visual indicator.  This will likely almost always want app-specific styling.
      Missing template and action for r2463
      Fix broken Jifty.Utils.isMSIE
      Fix buttonToLink to deal with normal, non-ajaxy buttons that we want to turn into links
      Fix If-Modified-Since handling when dealing with IE
      Use Jifty::JSON::objToJson to properly escape JS values (in particular single quotes in button labels were causing problems)
      Add a key_binding_label attribute so that key binding labels can be set independently of the normal label
      Add browser detection from BTDT to Jifty (where it should have been)

Wolfgang Kinkeldei (2):
      limit handling corrected in Jifty::Manual::Models
      update german J::Manual::Tutorial_de to match english version's changes

Yves Agostini (13):
      * add basic test for ldap plugins
      debian packaging update
      * Usable AuthzLDAP Plugin, see man Jifty::Plugin::AuthzLDAP
      Administration manage model :
      fix typo
      update fr.po
      admin interface: cosmetics change
      Admin interface: silk icons, wai tags thanks to Jamalle
      debian packages : add libtest-mockobject-perl libtest-mockmodule-perl in recommands packages
      Admin interface: cosmetic changes
      debian packaging
      ldap autocomplete example
      Some CAS authentification plugins


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