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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Jifty release 0.61123_01
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Alex Vandiver (5):
      * Remove empty directory
      * Fix for when Jifty->web->url is called with query parameters
      * Don't explode if the plugin doesn't have a module_dir
      * Update MANIFEST and META.yml
      * Use Jifty->app_class whenever possible

Audrey Tang (33):
      * For some reason, loc('') started spewing out PO metadata.
      * The ubiquitous "There was an error completing the request.  Please try again later.")
      * Fix the bin/jifty detection logick:
      * Jifty::YAML: YAML::Syck can handle recursive dumps just fine...
      * Change Jifty::Util's probe of bin/jifty from -x to -r for poor
      * Two simple POD typos, one spotted by Gaal Yahas.
      * Remove PerlIO::gzip as a Jifty dependency.
      * Jifty::Action POD: Copy-n-paste the synopsis from Jifty::Param::Schema
      * Jifty::Action: Generate stable auto-monikers for actions
      * Jifty::Action - Autoincrement the per-request stash counter for
      * "You need to fill in this field" needs to be localized.
      * Jifty::Param::Schema - Trivial doc fix to s/Wifty/MyApp/.
      * Even more l10n on Jifty::Action::Record.
      * Jifty::Param::Schema: Allow partial override of superclass's PARAMS
      * "DWIM" Hash::Merge algorithm for params:
      * Jifty::Web / Jifty::Action: Stickiness now works on autogenerated monikers.
      * Jifty::Action - add documentation for generate_auto_moniker's algorithm.
      * Rename generate_auto_moniker into _generate_moniker.
      * Jifty::Response: Ensure consistent ordering from monikers.
      * Make render_messages sort on result moniker as well.
      * Chat: Style cleanup; use UserAgent as username to make things spicier.
      * My Amazon Talk, ported from Jesse's Euro OSCON one..
      * Chat::Action::Send: Reformat.
      * rm .key.tar.bz2 as it's too large.
      * Jifty::I18N: New ->refresh method so .po files are reloaded
      * Ping: Turn PubSub on in config.yml
      * Jifty::Script::FastCGI doc - it's share/web/ not web/ nowadays.
      * Jifty::Param - It's no longer a Jifty::Web::Form::Field subclass.
      * Jifty::Manual::AccessControl, Jifty::Manual::RequestHandling - Change
      * Jifty::Manual::Cookbook - Trivial typo.
      * Jifty::Manual::Models - It mentions <> as the SQL inequality
      * Jifty::Manual::UsingCSSandJS - Fix the misspelled "app.css" to the correct
      * Jifty.pm: Load I18N after plugins, but before the main

Bart Bunting (1):
      add dependency on libextutils-command-perl to debian control file

Chia-liang Kao (11):
      Encode the body for notification.
      quiet debug.
      MIME-encode the notification subject.
      use ApplicationClass, not Application Name
      Content-transfer-encoding needs to be 8bit.
      Don't set transfer_encoding to 8bit if it's actually multipart.
      'jifty fascgi' now supporst --maxrequests and --gladiator.  It also
      doc about maxrequests and gladiator in fastcgi .
      * Add _is_readable in Jifty::Record, which means the record should
      Use Jifty->app_class to construct app-space class names.
      Extract messages from TemplateRoot, not share.

Dobrica Pavlinusic (1):
      fix typo for Module::CoreList

Edmund von der Burg (1):
      Minor fixes to pod

Gaal Yahas (6):
      * Classify databases failing an SQL::ReservedWords check for nicer output
      improve an error message
      minor English tweak
      when inferring a scheme for the application, look at REQUEST_URI
      Guessing request schemes from the environment is fragile, so
      Yet another fix to the URI-from-env feature, fixes a failing

Jesse Vincent (64):
      * last minute dist fixes
      * [docs] Corrected Jifty::Record::current_user_can: The right is 'update', not 'edit'
      * [docs] Jifty::Record::current_user_can: "admin" should have been "delete"
      * A test app for configuration file issues.
      * We don't need a whole testapp to test config file interaction
      * We should default the location of the jifty siteconfig file
      * Do a slightly more generic dereferencing on  the user object's friendly name
      * Better debugging message
      [docs] * Improved docs for Jifty::RightsFrom
      [docs] * Improved docs for Jifty::Record (Access control related functionality)
      * notes about future functionality changes
      * Better debugging information when running actions lib/Jifty/Action.pm
      * The site_config file we need to test our config loading code was accidentally left not checked in
      * Added support for SQL::ReservedWords to the schema tool, to stop me from building applications for Postgres on SQLite and hurting myself later
      * Ongoing work to pass through Class::ReturnValue errors all the way from Jifty::DBI to the view layer
      * Ongoing work to pass through Class::ReturnValue errors all the way from Jifty::DBI to the view layer
      * That last change broke the test suite. Grr.
      * Add a CheckSchema option to the config file to govern the SQL Schema keyword checking
      * make the sidebar's better "hiya. _name_" work right
      * Euro OSCON Talk basically set
      Typo fixes from kevin
      * Tweaks for 800x600 & a final walkthrough
      * Better handling of current_user when used as a class method
      * We were not properly removing blank values on create
      * Tightening up a warning
      * we loves our ACLs, we do. REST plugin was violating too much encapsuplation
      * The first bit of major refactoring of the REST plugin.
      * Older XML::Writer versions failed tests - Thanks to Jonathan Stowe
      * Makefile.PL typo. Spotted by David Adler
      * Fixed missing dependency on Module::CoreList
      * first cut at xml ws
      more haxxoring
      * more REST plugin hackery
      negative searchng for Search actions
      * Added an as_hash method to jifty records to aid in serialization for external consumers
      * Added a Module::Pluggable subclass to get our own (somewhat improved) require behaviour
      * removed ad_hash from Record.pm, as it's now in Jifty::DBI
      Merge of the Jifty pubsub hackathon branch.
      * oops. missed a file
      * Added sample apps and design docs from the PubSub/Comet hackathon
      * update Ping to have proper deps
      * Added the hostname to username for chatting.
      * Removed duplicate code
      * Gotta turn on pubsub to get the pubsub behaviour for now
      * added no-cache headers to subs
      * Doc for how subscription stuff works. a bit of refactoring toward a second transport
      * focus the sender box by default
      * Switch our implementation of autofocus to use behavior, rather than a custom onload event
      * Added support for "long poll" to our Comet transport
      * minor refactoring to enable non-cookie based session sorage
      * Switched jifty_subs to a "longpoll" based transport.
      * Added support to Subs::Render for reporting how many messages we've sent to the client
      * Moved the PubSub transport endpoint back to /subs, since we ended up supporting iframe and longpoll from the same transport
      * Removed support for Devel::Gladiator. It was very, very beta and caused server processes to end up as zombies
      * Removed support for Devel::Gladiator. It was very, very beta and caused server processes to end up as zombies
      r2123 broke live applications. (it somehow broke certain classes of webservice actions submitted by the client)
      * Finished backing out the "constant"ization of Jifty::Web::Form::*, which broke Hiveminder.
      * Links and Form titles needed to be better escaped
      * Supply documentation for all tof the methods which had been missing it
      * Bumped the Jifty::DBI version dependency to 0.26
      * Jifty::Param::Schema merge algorithm rescued from the obscurity of commit logs.
      * Support for prefetched collections. Requires latest JDBI from svn again
      * Removed forced stringification of parameters passed to Jifty::DateTime->new_from_string. (use clone instead to get the results the author wanted)
      * 0.61123_01 developer release

John Peacock (2):
      Update MANIFEST.SKIP and run 'make manifest' to ensure that new files get
      Minor spelling corrections.

Kang-min Liu (3):
      DOM/Event.js got indexed by CPAN.
      A recipie to do ajax canonicalization.
      Fix typo, and add some sentences descriping an issue

Kenichi Ishigaki (5):
      oops. Win32 -> MSWin32
      skip all the live tests (that call 'start_ok') on Win32
      shut up warnings when tests  have no plan (t/Continuations/03-gc.t)
      Jifty::Test: canonpath-ed for Win32
      removed t/TestApp-Plugin-REST/var; svn up often complains (to do cleanup) after make test

Kevin Falcone (3):
      validator.xml - allow us to update action data just by changing it.
      * create actions with the new Jifty::Param::Schema syntax
      * Add the ability to send "notes" to users from your canonicalizer

Liang-Bin Hsueh (3):
      * fix calendar div & IE select box problem
      * prevent default behavior in IE
      * remove useless check in buttonToLink to get performance boost.

Michael Schwern (11):
      Basic compile and startup tests.
      Typo in POD link.
      Add Jifty::Test->web to allow using Jifty->web in tests without a bunch of scaffolding.
      Convert to using Jifty::Test->web
      Change the accessor generation for overriden accessors to use _foo_accessor()
      Revert merging the properties list in the Jifty::Web::Form::Field POD into
      Eliminate duplication in accessor declaration.
      Minor POD nit.
      Jifty::Action::Record uses DateTime but never uses it.
      qw'' is just weird.  Change all instances to qw().
      Jifty::DateTime->new_from_string did not accept a Jifty::DateTime object (which

Nelson Elhage (9):
      Adding the time and date filters to the cookbook.
      Some refactoring of form field rendering, and adding a focus =>
      Reverting to dumping using YAML until we figure out why YAML::Syck's
      Fixing autocomplete so we render the autocomplete div *before* the
      Upping YAML::Syck dependency to 0.71 and always using it for dumping
      Reverting to dumping using YAML.pm *again* :/
      Adding an option to search the contents of any text field
      You can now run actions and get back arbitrary data formats
      POD fix

Paul Fenwick (1):
      Updated tutorial to remove mention of the deprecated download area.

Wolfgang Kinkeldei (9):
      examples for PageRegions usage
      added a pod describing Jifty's request handling process
      added a pod on CSS and JS
      added a german translation for Tutorial.pod
      Fixed 'mandatory' misbehavior -- 'mandatory' now handled correctly
      added a section on 'limit' to 'Models.pod'
      updated Models.pod to reflect recent changes
      added explanations about Login Plugin to AccessControl.pod
      expanded AccessControl.pod to reflect changes in Login plugin

Yves Agostini (13):
      Add yves in authors, for localisation, debian packaging
      plugins localization and french po files
      Files for debian packaging, now rather for actual cpan release than for svn.
      Add missing mail confirm address localization
      Add action change password in login plugin
      Login plugin : Add missing Notification::ConfirmLostPassword,
      Update MANIFEST, beginning of POD
      add delete option in admin view (for Jamalle - private joke)
      First release for plugins AuthLDAPOnly and AuthLDAPLogin, all comments are welcome
      code cleanup, add doc,
      AuthLdapLogin plugin: more code cleanup
      * AuthLDAP plugins: minor doc and debian rules fix
      * First release for ldap autorization plugin


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