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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Jifty release 0.60912
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Alex Vandiver (1):
      * Add back newlines that got mistakenly eaten

Audrey Tang (32):
      * Jifty::ClassLoader - Make Jifty::Handle a CL'ed module as well,
      * Jifty->web->return in void context is now an immediate return.
      * Dispatcher: Support tangent($url) as sugar for Jifty->web->tangent(url=>$url).
      * Jifty::Manual::Continuations: reflect tangent() in the manual.
      * Jifty::Web::Session::ClientSide - Client-side sessions.
      * Jifty::Web::Session::ClientSide: Re-assemble split cookies (>4K) correctly.
      * mimetype for oscon talk
      * Dispatcher did not have a ->{cgi}, so ->method certainly could not
      * skeleton for plugin rest
      * REST Dispatcher skeleton that actually works
      * REST Dispatcher: model list reflection
      * Jifty.pm: Change all __PACKAGE__ to Jifty.
      * __jifty/admin: use ->models reflection to build the nav bar.
      * ditto for the index.
      * even less code for jifty admin console
      * admin models: Add the ->isa('Jifty::Record') back
      * Jifty::Plugin::REST::Dispatcher - model fetch actually works!
      * Jifty::Plugin::REST - test passes; release it! :)
      * squash some uninitialized warnings when emitting empty columns
      * Jifty::Dispatcher: abort(404) now works as the doc promised.
      * J::P::REST::Dispatcher - all GET model URLs work, with 404s.
      * Update the REST plugin tests to match.
      * MIME type fixup:
      * Jifty::Plugin::REST::Dispatcher - /=/action/ now works across HTML+HTTP.
      * Web::Session::ClientSide - if reassembly of cookies failed, start a new session.
      * typo: s/Jifty::Action::Schema/Jifty::Param::Schema/.
      * ignore OSX resorce-fork file for signature
      * add "use Jifty::YAML" before all uses.
      adddd yui icons for calendar.
      * calendar images: use /static/, not remote.
      * Tutorial patch from rindolf++
      * r1907 broke L10N as things localizing to "0" or "" in the

Bart Bunting (10):
      Add myself to the AUTHORS file
      A start at some docs on upgrading, needs reviewing and some more examples
      Add a small bit of doc about creating your own classes that are normally created by J::ClassLoader
      fix typo
      Moved some modules to feature sections in Makefile.PL, updated 01-dependencies.t to recognise recommends sections as well as requires
      make each recommended module have its own recommended line
      debian packaging files for jifty
      more dependencies fixed
      hopefully the last missing dependencies - jifty now installs and runs on Ubuntu Dapper
      small note on changing table names

Chia-liang Kao (18):
      misc cleanups.
      Jifty::DateTime cleanups.
      Form::Clickable: Don't mix self accessors and args.
      Forgot to commit this.
      Script for running client and server side combined coverage.
      Honour coverage options.
      gzip mason output as well.
      * Don't do compression in the css/js dhandlers.
      Revert my gzip layer changes, and leave the tests.
      Don't bother with session when serving static files.
      Don't need ExtUtils::MakeMaker in Jifty::Util.  This is about 7% of total
      Kill Jifty::Web::Menu circular references.
      Transform actions in {onclick}{submit} to their monikers, to avoid
      Only call moniker when {onclick}{submit} isa Jifty::Action.
      Canonicalise {onclick}{submit} using the accessor wrapper.
      Remove useless use lines for Jifty::Object.
      Refactor the constructors for Jifty::Web::Form::*, which takes initial
      force stringify the value because maketext is buggy with overloaded objects.

David Glasser (1):
      abs_path returns undef if path doesn't exist. If you have nonexistent paths

Dobrica Pavlinusic (1):
      fix pod markup

Eric Wilhelm (1):
      lib/Jifty/Manual/FAQ.pod - a start on an FAQ

Jesse Vincent (40):
      * Don't blow up when trying to check if action mixins are autogenerated
      * oscon
      * oscon talk final version
      * fixing a resource fork issue
      * fixing a resource fork issue
      * Basic placeholder for REST plugin tests
      * First tests!
      * test for audrey's next unimplemented feature 'describe this model class'
      * tests were wrong. hard to see that before we have runnign code
      * Next REST Test pass
      * Don't try to lowercase session information on postgres
      * canonicalization wasn't being properly run on models before validation
      * Added explicit tests for Jifty::Action::Redirect
      (empty commit message)
      * Closer to stripping data from our base xml webservices
      Added the ability to support target attributes in menu items and clickables
      * Bart Bunting provided docs for how to include your own javascript libs
      * Don\'t index the t directory
      * Jifty::Test::WWW::Mechanize wasn't up to date with r1806
      * Todd Chapman noticed a typo in the docs about autocompleters
      * undef != ''. These changes help quiet down some warnings exposed by BPS' internal app
      * Removed duplicated share/web (it was copied to lib/auto/Jifty)
      * typo fix
      * Accesskey support added to buttons and links. It just uses the same keys as our javascript key bindings.
      * Small stylistic cleanup to t/01-dependencies
      * more dependency categorization
      * Moved "Dismiss" buttons on messages and errors into Behaviour, so they only show up in javascripty contexts where they'd be useful
      (empty commit message)
      * r1878 change broke a bunch of running code. It needs more justification before it can go in
      * Locale::Maketext doesn't always do the right thing with user-generated strings. So let's do that for it.
      Sean E. Millichamp and clkao both pointed out that Locale::Maketext could choke on overloaded objects like DateTimes. This change makes sure that doesn't
      * LetMes' escaping should be utf8 aware
      * Email addresses probably shouldn't ever be utf8, but using the utf8 escaper is more Right(tm)
      * My change just now oto Jifty::DBI unmasked a case where we were passing arguments to Jifty::DBI::Handle too liberally.
      * Added a concept of "virtual" actions to arguemnt. These won't be passed on to Record classes, even if they're sumbitted. We use this for Password confirmation arguments, so that we don't pass password_confirm on to the database, which is kinda useless (and breaks the db ;)
      * Made the display of a friendly string for picking a record from a list a lot more flexible.
      * Debugging improvements to stop stupid developer mistakes like passing the wrong sort of object to a Jifty::Action::Record.
      * Get the signup form in the login plugin to respect locally defined schema for the user class
      * Get the _confirm items on passwords to respect sort ordering
      * 0.60912

John Peacock (1):
      password is a required field in the schema, so update TestApp testfiles.

Kang-min Liu (3):
      Add two entries to the cookbook.
      Add "How do I Add Atom/RSS Feeds" to Cookbook.
      Add a recipe about running fastcgi server, which, in fact, only points

Kenichi Ishigaki (9):
      * Win32 complains when you try to unlink open DB
      * Win32 requires File::ShareDir 0.04
      force to use Jifty::TestServer on Win32, though both JTS and THSS doesn't work properly at the moment.
      TestServer: use File::Spec->rel2abs; it's safer than Cwd::abs_path which croaks
      Jifty::Util still requires EUMM, (or, MM->maybe_command should be removed instead)
      use safer File::Spec->rel2abs for SubTest
      make sure to remove remnant test db before we test (Jifty on Win32 fails to unlink them right now)
      no need to import from EUMM
      revert the ugly test hacks

Liang-Bin Hsueh (2):
      add myself to AUTHORS
      * fix the unexpected behavior in context menu for IE users.

Mark Fowler (6):
      added myself as an author at obra's request
      reorder of code to make it clearer what's happening
      improved documentation
      documented logger_component argument
      added diagnostics to tell me which file was using the missing module
      forget about "use" statements inside pod

Michael Schwern (23):
      The beginnings of a Jifty code style guide.
      Add Jifty::Test->teardown_mailbox to mirror setup_mailbox
      Basic SYNOPSIS for Jifty::Test as well as mentioning the Test::More
      Adding Jifty::Test->is_passing and is_done
      Add Jifty::Test->test_in_isolation
      Forgot to use File::Spec in Jifty::Test.
      Update Module::Install to 0.64.  The important thing here is it gets us
      Newly generated META.yml by Module::Install 0.64.
      Neither log nor t/Mapper/mapper are in the repo.  Removing from MANIFEST.
      Forgot to check in the tests for Jifty::Test->is_passing and is_done.
      Setup svn:ignore to ignore test var directories, Module::Install magic,
      Update the MANIFEST
      Users don't need to know about Jifty::Test->import_extra
      Add Jifty::Test->test_file() to declare files created only for testing and
      Mention Shell::Command and Jifty::Test->temp_file in the style guide.
      Jifty::Test->test_file() accepting and returning a list causes problems
      More MakeMaker junk for SVK to ignore.
      Ooops.  Went from "no_plan" to a numbered plan without re-running the test.
      Set that failing test TODO
      Whoops, that wasn't supposed to be pushed.
      CGI.pm 3.17 (and possibly earier) had a bug where regex metacharacters in
      TODO test no longer necessary, its passing.
      Shout out to my man Conway D!

Nelson Elhage (64):
      If we don't have XMLHttpRequest, fall back on page loads
      Plugin static roots should take precendence over jifty's
      Removing profiling code from behaviour.js
      Adding a ProfileBehaviour plugin to aid profiling Javascript
      Jifty::Web::state_variables no longer prefixes keys with J:V- before
      Forgot to push this with the last commit.
      Some Behaviour profiling UI fixes.
      Doc fixes
      Adding Jifty::Filter::DateTime, a JDBI filter that promotes DateTime
      Slight cleanup
      Workaround DateManip's parsing of bare days of weeks as references to
      Documenting the ProfileBehaviour plugin.
      Preventing some DateTime warnings
      No longer lose if you do a Jifty::Action::Redirect to the same page
      Writing out state variables at the start of forms, instead of at the
      Unescape LetMe arguments properly
      Don't attempt to disable hidden inputs, since this sometimes causes IE to die
      Properly encode arguments when generating LetMe URLs.
      Fixing tests when using JDBI::Record::Memcached and setting things in the database from test scripts
      Adding information about the environment to the EmailErrors plugin
      Pushing all my Jifty changes for the last few days, since my mirror forget it was a mirror
      Let's unbreak file upload.
      TODO'ing the failing tests that we're waiting for audrey to implement
      jifty model --name now uses the new schema {} sub.
      You can now pass confirm => 'question?' to javascript hooks (i.e. onclick) and get a confirm dialog in the browser. This doesn't work without javascript yet.
      onclick => {confirm => 'blahblahblah?'} should work even if you're not
      Some browsers don't like trailing commas in JS arrays and hashes.
      This should fix the error messages we've been seeing on the live Hiveminder.
      Oops, didn't mean to check in that warning.
      Let's be better about not redirect-looping when calling continuations
      Some more tutorial updates
      Standardizing on referring to share/web everywhere in the tutorial.
      Didn't mean to revert this change
      Adding a as_superuser method to Jifty::Record to make it easier for
      Make the admin UI look slightly less crappy.
      Doc'ing the confirm => option to Javascript handlers.
      Adding some notes about a potential Jifty::Action::Record::Search.
      More thorough normalization of the submit parameter to Javascript
      Developer documentation for the Jifty::Web::Form::Field::* hierarchy.
      A little more Element/Clickable refactoring, and implementing a
      Forgot to push this yesterday. Unbreaking AJAX action submits.
      Initial version of Jifty::Action::Record::Search. It only supports
      Basic search in admin mode using Jifty::Action::Record::Search. Still buggy, especially UI-wise, but functional.
      Adding substring search and date comparison to J::A::R::Search
      Integer C<gt> or C<lt> searching.
      - When rendering a page region, mark actions as inactive, don't remove
      Make admin mode DTRT with columns that end in _id and refer to another
      Don't create _gt and _lt search fields for magic _id refers_to fields.
      Fix AJAX canonicalization of date fields
      Test comment typo.
      Fixing the calendar widget to create a new calendar every time, so
      Backing out this stickiness change for the moment, since it breaks
      Commenting something that confused me while debugging a failure.
      Stickiness fix
      Making the Login plugin play nice with admin mode.
      The continuing quest to make Admin Mode Suck Less (tm).
      No longer generating arguments on C<Jifty::Action::Record> for fields
      There's no point in rendering confirm fields for passwords when we're
      Some search fixes
      It's the little things that make it look nice^W less shitty.
      "I don't think that query means what you think it means"
      Now with even more performance
      Properly UTF-safeing Jifty::LetMe

Norman Nunley, Jr (1):
      Looks like I forgot to add myself to AUTHORS a long time ago.

Sean E Millichamp (4):
      * Updated my email address
      * Add tests for current_user behavior
      * Fix so current_user restores properly between session loads
      * Tests work better when all the pieces are there....

Shane Landrum (7):
      Clarify POD.
      Autoformat message bodies for notifications.
      Removed Text::Autoformat dependency and usage.
      Dependencies fix
      moniker_for and action_form now behave more cleanly with forms which
      Regex adjustment.
      Regexes should contain literal pipes, not alternation symbols.

Thomas Sibley (26):
      * Fix placeholders on browser forward/back
      (empty commit message)
      Gzip compress the squished CSS and JS if possible.  The static handler usually deals with this, but we're not serving squished CSS/JS from the static root.
      Show calendar widget on focus and hide it on blur
      Fix the element selected in the region
      Fix bug that didn't allow calendar months to be changed
      Fix typo
      Make the POD name match the actual package name
      Update the dismiss button styles
      Support turning off autocomplete on a per-form basis.  We still need per-field, but that's for later.
      Patch from Todd Chapman to fix tutorial
      * Ignore "fluff" errors since they cause non-W3C attributes like "autocomplete" to be warned about
      We need the anonymous subs because otherwise the method of the base class is always called, instead of the appropriate overridden method in a child class.
      Inline my last commit message about needing to use anon subs for overload
      Further explain XXX TODO
      Give a description for get_html_ok so that you know what URLs fail/succeed in test output
      Further explain XXX TODO
      (empty commit message)
      Give a description for get_html_ok so that you know what URLs fail/succeed in test output
      The setAttribute call doesn't work for "class" in IE
      Use our own "enter" handler to select the button to click, since Safari sometimes gets it wrong with complex fields
      (empty commit message)
      Remove debugging statement
      Explicitly specify a radix of 10 (decimal) for the parseInt calls used in Yahoo's calendar widget when parsing the date to initially display
      The "+" really served no purpose since it's all JS anyway.
      IE doesn't support element.setAttribute("class", "foo"), so use element.className instead

Wolfgang Kinkeldei (2):
      Wolfgang Kinkeldei: added a pod on models - not yet complete
      completed pod about Models

Zev Benjamin (9):
      * doc fix
      * doc fix
      * added Jifty::Request::clear_state_variables
      * pod fix
      (empty commit message)
      * we already do this in the J:W:F:Clickable constructor
      * added infrastructure to do mime mails
      * add UTF-8 charset to message body on notifications
      * make Jifty notifications be UTF-8


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