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Thu Dec 9 15:17:41 EST 2010

The annotated tag, jifty-0.60722 has been created
        at  81df3d1471150d83db07fa76898f5bd8534006ec (tag)
   tagging  938d6eebc167169de35033392a135e4a7372fb75 (commit)
  replaces  jifty-0.60706
 tagged by  Thomas Sibley
        on  Sun Jul 23 00:15:52 2006 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Jifty release 0.60722
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Alex Vandiver (7):
      * Add some more bogus urls
      * Clean out MANIFEST
      * Skip nobody and superuser when we do notifications
      * Continuation manual
      * Double fallback goes the way of the dodo
      * Mention webservices in Actions doc
      * Sketchy sketchy handwavy descriptions of page region backend.

Audrey Tang (15):
      * jifty-dispatcher.graffle that shows the dispatch chain.
      * Jifty::Web::Form:Clickable - provide a bit more info on how to use
      * graffle->svg
      * first-pass editorial run over Continuations.pod.
      * Fix Jifty-Win32 by having canonicalize_path always returning
      * Jifty::Dispatcher - there's no call_next, remove it from POD, fnord.
      * update .po files
      * 0th sketch at "jifty deps"
      * Deps: yay it work snow
      * be a bit lessnoisy
      * try recurse=1
      * Declarative Jifty Parameters.
      * Introduce aliases.  See Jifty::Param::Schema for the table.
      * Jifty::Manual::Actions -- update the worldview to reflect the
      * oops, forgot to add Jifty::Param to commit.

Chia-liang Kao (5):
      Less calls to ->arguments, though they might be cached already.
      Reduce more duplicated calls.
      * Make jifty tests respect the current given @INC, so it doesn't
      $#{@$STACK} looks wrong to me.  And it's creating "Bizzare copy of
      Misc cleanups.

Jesse Vincent (14):
      (empty commit message)
      * The tests for the security fix weren't pushed
      * Merge fixups!
      * 0.060707
      * toggleable page region clickables weren't doing the right thing when used in non-ajax mode
      * Stop notification from flipping out if you use a scalar as the to
      * Switched Jifty::Web::url to use uri.pm rather than "heuristics"
      * Proper port support on urls. Thanks to jpeacock.
      * packaging plan updates
      * Auto-accept cpan's wisdom about prompts
      * Dispatcher fixes to deal with the better canonicalization we started doing in
      * Even though Jifty::Web uses URIs internally, external code shouldn't be forced to
      * MANIFEST updates
      * 0.60722

John Peacock (1):
      Resolve inconsistent filenames vs packages

Nelson Elhage (24):
      (empty commit message)
      Note about a small bug we have to work around in BTDT
      See also, SVK oops
      Lowering the autocomplete delay
      Fix JS memory leak in IE
      Documenting how to write sane Behaviours that don't leak memory (leak
      Adding a warning about our slow Rico.Corner.round
      Fixing an error I introduced in my memory-leak fix
      Refactoring message rendering slightly
      Don't upgrade the database versions with schema --print. I'm not sure
      Accidentally checked in a warn
      Let's not blow up if an action has a result that's an unblessed
      Jesse informs me UNIVERSAL::isa is the wrong thing. This should have the right effect.
      J::Web::redirect can take a Clickable as arg, so make goto do that, instead of passing a URL with parameters, which doesn't work right
      Adding support for placeholders, grayed-out text in form fields that is written in with JS and vanishes on focus
      textareas can have placeholders, too; Style them appropriately as well
      Support multi-line placeholders
      Add the class before we set the text, so that it appears grayed-out, rather than appearing and *then* graying out
      I should get better at not checking in warnings.
      Not submitting placeholder values when we submit forms or AJAX
      Let's not blow up if we have placeholders on an input without a form
      Upping JSON::Syck version dependency. 0.14 fixes escaping in single-quoted strings.
      After autocomplete, trigger a validation.
      Adding the CSS browser selector trick from http://rafael.adm.br/css_browser_selector/ to Jifty

Shane Landrum (6):
      English orthography fixes.
      First pass at a Jifty client module.
      Test file for Jifty::Client
      Added a few tests.
      (empty commit message)
      Add more explicit POD with an example.

Thomas Sibley (17):
      A fade is really more appropriate
      Fix the validation and autocomplete race condition
      * Nicer "server down" message
      Not all CurrentUser classes may have a "nobody"
      Wrap the popup notification div in dropshadow wrapper hooks
      Hide focus border
      Trailing commas in Perl are good.  In Javascript, they aren't, and sometimes cause IE to barf (like this one).
      (empty commit message)
      Fix calendar positioning bug and make sure it works when the date field is within a relative or absolutely positioned element
      Fix a Safari display bug
      Let classes be set on menu items
      More serious failure message, and don't imply that it's necessarily the server's fault.
      scrollToShow the calendar widget
      Only set active child on create if we have a request
      Don't fade autocomplete in and out, just show and hide it
      Trailing commas are not good for JS in Safari
      Add a tooltip to the dismiss link and hide the dotted border

Zev Benjamin (3):
      * added a path option to Jifty::Web->url
      * added url test
      * changed all instances of '/usr/bin/perl' to '/usr/bin/env perl'


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