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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Jifty release 0.60706
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Alex Vandiver (101):
      * We don't need a session directory anymore
      * Dispatcher fixes -- Jifty->dispatcher was a Jifty::Dispatcher,
      * First pass at a plugin archetecture
      (empty commit message)
      * Remove confusing, undocumented, and unnecessary 'next_show'
      * Plugin rule reodering
      * jifty plugin --name Something
      * Wording fixes
      * Don't use the same escape character for mapping as we use for
      * To pageregion mapping earlier
      * Allow Jifty->web->region($region) to do the right thing; this
      * ->render on page regions now calls ->enter, outputs via Jifty->out,
      * Mention jifty plugin --name
      * Requests know the top-level request
      * Region argument mapping fixes
      * 'toggle' flag on fragment requests
      * Don't try to add headers if running from the command line
      * Register actions of buttons in the buttons, not in the form
      * "" is false in javascript
      * Die'ing early should also prevent test cleanup
      * J:ACTIONS delimits on ! instead of ; because of a CGI.pm bug with
      * Docs for "call" in Jifty::Web::Form
      * Allow arbitrary JS on elements
      * Fragment requests get result metadata
      * Workaround for double-stringification of links in as_link.  Really
      * Rework XML webservices response to include fragments
      * Updated META.yml
      * Comment back out placeholder lines
      * Don't assume they set a requestHeaders
      * Don't assume that field warnings or errors existed
      * XML::Simple doesn't deal with circular data structures, like
      * Jifty::Action::Record doesn't clobber the action's validator if
      * Need to call _str() to get the string version of the Math::BigInt::Calc object
      * Be explicit when you *don't* take an action
      * Buttons can render as links
      (empty commit message)
      * Ability to send arbitrary actions from the Mech object, using the
      * Now, with docs
      * Revert r1194
      * Our auto-finding of 'use' statements is too twitchy
      * 'last_rule' now aborts only the current stage -- thus, last_rule
      (empty commit message)
      * Inline buttons don't have hints
      (empty commit message)
      * Perltidy
      * Auto-generate empty App::Upgrade
      * Storing the whole current_user object in the session means that it
      * Re-add reduced error logging for the server
      * Reduce css generation log to debug
      * Update Mech helper method to grab real current user value
      * We have to have a current_region to update ourselves
      * t/04 passes now. ;>
      * Better selector for determining what can be in an id (stolen from
      * Disabling upload fields does Bad Things
      * Actually remove buttons when we replace them with links
      * Don't need the try {} block -- firefox JS error should go away if we set autocomplete="off" on the textfield in question
      * Note Firefox bug
      * EmailErrors plugin
      * Having a non-empty share directory avoids arena allocation errors
      * Continuation calls go all the way back to the dispatcher, so before
      * Cache plugin template and static roots
      * Make sure that the temp file doesn't go out of scope until the end
      * Perltidy
      * Add moniker to CreateEntry in blog
      * Detect when the server is down, and alert() accordingly
      * Send arguments back to the client, so they know what the server
      * Field errors should also propagate to the browser
      * Be explicit about removing the temporary test config file ourselves
      * Safari doesn't like the RegExp shortcut
      * Filehandles don't love continuations
      * Test helper to request a fragment
      * Now with pod describing the same name as the function
      * rebless appropriately (this got lost in the argument handling reshuffle)
      * Arguments can be undef
      * Don't update versions if loading ::Upgrade failed
      * Redirects use continuations for parameters now.  This is a slightly
      * Warn on URLs which look like they have GET parameters
      * Perltidy
      * Jifty::Notification::headers renamed to set_headers to reflect its
      * Request arguments are easy to get your hands on
      * Use has_argument
      * Remove trailing newlines from WARN handler
      * Jifty::Notification::headers renamed to set_headers to reflect its
      * Arguments are not enough to clone the request; use dclone
      * Bumped Module::Install to 0.630
      * No-op plugin
      * Make sure we don't wrap CGI::new twice
      * I speel reel gud
      * Remove old clone code; it can be re-added when it is better
      * Warnings cleanup
      * Don't try to load undef continuations
      * We don't need to set the cookie *twice* per request.  If you change
      * Pull in the entire session when you load the first key.  This can
      * Temporarily turn off the edity links on all halos
      * Allow actions to set current_users more usefully
      * Now, with less debugging statements
      * Remove non-useful try { ... } finally{} block
      * Shift away from using Koremutake strings for the letme checksums.
      * Prep for tests
      * Better error handling -- provide a default path, and wrap YAML and
      * Fix tests to match reality

Audrey Tang (23):
      * Jifty::I18N: Compatibility fix with "-e _".
      * Jifty::Action::Record::{Create,Delete,Update}: Localise the result messages
      * Jifty::Dispatcher - support for non-capturing [a-z] in shellglobs.
      * Form Field: localise hints.
      * Jifty::Dispatcher - Support for {alternation,syntax} in shellglobs.
      * upgrade inc/ trees to 0.62+ to reflect the version::vpp fix.
      * Jifty::Dispatcher - proper support for {alter,nations} and [a-z].
      * Makefile.PL - update Syck dependency to 0.45, for the fix
      * Jifty::Web - the ->escape and ->escape_uri methods were destructive. bad.
      * regular Module::Install updates from M::I trunk to detect make loop.
      * Fix calendar popup icon on IE6.
      * add clkao to AUTHORS.
      * yapc-na talk
      * merging in my portland.pm changes
      * add xul mime
      * autocomplete fields now have "..." as artwork on right-hand-side.
      * do not whiten all tables, just calendar tables.
      * Jifty::Test::WWW::Mechanize - stop uninitialized warning
      * To submit a Jifty::Action::Redirect, we don't need to serialize a continuation,
      * Jifty::Request - the "clone" method now does shallow copying
      * L10N the "Dismiss" name.
      * add missing notice silk icons into jiftyland.
      * Action::Create - L10N errors

Chia-liang Kao (17):
      Don't use Math::BigInt->new directly for simple computation, because
      Use a temp file to store test-only config so we can reuse in spawned
      Add jifty server --start and --stop.
      Handle signals so ^C doesn't upset dbi profile and friends.
      New testing environment that invokes standalone 'jifty server' rather
      oops, these got in accidentally.
      Fix a deadly typo that pushed us back to the YAML.pm dark age.
      Switch back to Test::HTTP::Server::Simple for normal testing.  Only
      Use TEST_CONFIG rather than SITE_CONFIG for testing.
      Avoid hundreds of backtict pwd happening in load time, this halves
      Adjust Module::Pluggable uses for the Holy Emacs Followers.
      No need to scan deps for dead files.
      Misc refactoring to drop Clickable->generator from 16% to 12%.
      Use Storable::dclone instead of Clone::clone.
      The short-circuit of primary_key wasn't actually usable.
      Adding the bool overload makes it coverable!
      misc cleanup.

Dobrica Pavlinusic (7):
      dump field warnings and errors to debug log
      added myself
      Added dump_rules to dispatcher which dumps defined rules to debug log on startup
      log auto-created monikers to help with random-moniker bugs
      tab -> whitescape fix
      log warnings about unknown parametars to Jifty->Web->Form->start
      fix typo, add template filename and line

Jesse Vincent (75):
      * If users were upgrading from pre->0.60427 versions of Jifty, the table upgrades semantics could bite them as they did the wrong thing
      Support for "warnings" in addition to the existing "errors" and "validators" from Sean E. Millichamp
      * more plugin comments
      (empty commit message)
      * Clobber the user's HTTP proxy before running tests - Thanks to Matt Trout
      * The new dispatcher hash magic didn't work right with the BTDT dispatcher
      The third attachment is for the Password widget which has already
      The second attachment is a patch for the Checkbox widget as I think
      My app uses some columns that refers_to other table, and I find that
      * Win32 cleanups from Kenichi Ishigaki
      * Adding a bit of missing doc
      * Kenichi pointed out a typo
      * Cleaned up the admin ui css a little bit so it renders a bit more right
      * arguments can be undefined, badly breaking things.
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:1082
      * Added support for context menus (at the code level. next up, at the CSS level)
      * Added back missing loc
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:1092
      * Pull in backcompat breakage notes from trs
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:1100
      Merge from /jifty/branches/jifty-jsan:1101
      * MANIFEST updates
      * Updated pod coverage for contextual menus
      * Let the top-level item in a menu be a link
      * Stringifying links in menus wasn't doing the right thing
      (empty commit message)
      * If we don't have a URL for this menu item, don't try to highlight it as current
      * Initial support for page nav as dropdowns
      * Cachability test cleanup
      * We depend on XML::Simple
      * We depend on XML::Simple
      * Now know what actions are autogenerated and don't display them in our list of all actions
      * Switching our PoDir path from Kenichi's "Option B" to his "Option A". Thanks to seanmil
      * If a FK column has a null value and the user asks for the column's foreign record, we should give them an empty record, not undef
      * Added a changelog note about the record/object changes
      * Changelog update
      * Added a hook for a test config file
      * 50% less lexwrap
      * don't even ask
      * Cache the current_user in Jifty::Web
      * Added a stash to Jifty::Handle. The stash persists across the life of the request
      * whitespace
      * Halos now work across fragment calls
      * The Test::Builder hack we're using to stop a mysterious bug in Jifty::Server under profiling was clobbering our __DIE__ handler. So we're working around the workaround
      * Debugging info isn't useful in production
      * Patch from Tom Sibley to make our css generator run properly (absolute path fix)
      * Halos now work across fragment calls
      * The Test::Builder hack we're using to stop a mysterious bug in Jifty::Server under profiling was clobbering our __DIE__ handler. So we're working around the workaround
      * Debugging info isn't useful in production
      * _get_current_user is nice magic for user code, so that users don't need to pass in the current user's context all the time. But when we _know_ that's what should happen inside the Jifty core, it can save us some serious CPU time. (20% in one test here)
      * First draft of npw talk
      * Fixing some broken html markup
      * Enable validate_xxxx subs on the model to cascade to ajax.
      * Removed debugging statements.
      * A more complete draft of my npw talk
      * Final draft
      (empty commit message)
      * Blog screenshot improvements
      * Blog demo!
      * tweaks
      Talk update
      * Changelog hacking, manifest hacking, 060615 version bump.
      * META.yml fixes
      * Backed out seanmil's "Skip nonexistent columns" change, as it breaks
      * Makefile.PL nit from Dobrica Pavlinusic <dpavlin at rot13.org>
      Fix the loc hack
      * Switch to using CORE::caller, as Hook::LexWrap's overridden caller
      * When we do profiling, use Class::Accessor::Named to get
      * First pass at letting users edit their application like a Wiki
      * Bart Bunting provided docs for how to include your own javascript libs
      * Sean noticed a missing Silk icon.
      * Request URIs should start with a leading /
      * SECURITY FIX: The static file server, when coupled with the standalone webserver did not
      * Fix the fix. (We were overly restrictive)
      * 0.60706 release. SECURITY FIX

John Peacock (12):
      Rewrite Jifty::ClassLoader to support plugins; now the @INC entry is an
      Branch for development of new plugin @INC code since this breaks trunk.
      Revert new ClassLoader code, which was giving Wifty fits (tested).
      smerge from Jifty trunk
      Go back to previously working plugin model.
      Add Login plugin from local files.  Tested with Wifty but not feature
      Sync with trunk (to get the plugins/Login files)
      Fully working (no errors!) plugins now.
      sync with trunk before merging back
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:1483
      Merging back plugins_rewrite branch, since it seems to all work with wifty
      Forgot to add POD for new already_required() sub.  Bad, bad Zooty!  Always

Kenichi Ishigaki (3):
      Add myself to AUTHORS
      now jifty requries Jifty::DBI 0.21
      changed PoDir's default setting to include $app_name

Kevin Riggle (1):
      * Bumped the HTTP::Server::Simple dep to catch the SIGPIPE-die bug

Nelson Elhage (57):
      Typo fix
      First pass at disabling all form inputs related to an action when we
      Reordered loops to be slightly more efficient
      Moving the disabling of form fields into the Action class
      Blurring elements before we disable them
      Adding Growl-esque notification support
      Disabling form buttons, not just fields
      Making Array.buttons() both saner and more right
      (empty commit message)
      Hopefully fixing the issue with popups not fading
      "oops" on the last commit message.
      CRLF -> LF
      Optimzing cssQuery in the case of searching for selectors starting with #id
      Applying behaviours to ul.<class> for performance reasons
      Javascript needs use strict. Making my cssQuery optimizations work, in addition to working fast.
      Oops. cssQuery returns an array, not an element.
      Adding tests for Dispatcher before blocks being called on tangents
      Adding tests for Dispatcher before blocks being called on tangents
      (empty commit message)
      Adding actual tests for the continuations/dispatcher interaction issue
      .keybindings -> #keybindings for a slight Behaviour performance boost
      Adding in a begin block that this test needs to make sense.
      Canonicalizing all dates by default using Jifty::DateTime
      Making J:T:WWW:Mech work with actions that have orderings
      warn -> carp
      Minor performance increase in keybindings JS (because of how cssQuery optimizations work)
      Explicity selecting for validated inputs and textareas for performance
      Optimize for the case of a #id selector with one root node, e.g. whenever we do an ajax DOM update
      Javascript AJAX action submits now do action folding in the same way
      Updating cssQuery patches in preparation for throwing them upstream
      Adding a has_argument sub so that users don't have to check exists ->argument_values->{foo}. Abstractions++
      AJAX is not in fact 'AXAJ'
      Adding an examples directory
      Adding a counter demo with continuations
      Adding some information to the moniker glossary entry
      Documenting some more argument keys for Action
      Expanding state variable management slightly
      Minor tutorial text fix
      typo fix
      J::Action documentation++
      There's no need to use state variables, and using straight request arguments is easier
      Expanding the docs slightly to include the information from the HowDoI on the wiki
      (empty commit message)
      POD fix
      (empty commit message)
      Adding a LetMe plugin to handle the stock /let/ dispatcher rules we've been using. Not adding this to Wifty because it's somehow generating perl segfaults.
      Clarifying that we will do serialization for you
      Linking J::M::Actions
      Documentation correction
      Documenting model-based canonicalization/validation/autocomplete in J::Action::Record
      Adding a J::M::Cookbook with solutions to commom questions/ How-do-I's.
      Adding an entry for C<elements>
      Documenting what happens if we get an invalid LetMe
      Using $Test::Builder::Level to make our tests much friendlier
      Fixing the halos-displaying-binary-data problem

Norman Nunley, Jr (1):
      Fix POD for Field

Sean E Millichamp (20):
      * Small cleanup for validation warnings
      * Added AJAXified canonicalizations
      * Fix for inconsistent state_variable handling, move to using
      * Fix autocompletes so that the simple list method that was
      * Proper fix (hopefully) for state variable handling in Jifty::Web
      * Fix Javascript canonicalization bug
      * Add tests for a simple form update using both Jifty::DBI::Record and
      * Fix my working-with-insomnia oops: rename test files to .t
      * Add flush_cache to test so it is valid
      * Skip nonexistant columns when creating records
      * Fix minor Pod typos
      * Fix use of label to refer to the form element id, not name
      * Enable ajax_canonicalizes if we have a canonicalize_field method
      * Minor tag cleanup so default index.html validates as XHTML 1.0 Strict
      (empty commit message)
      * Remove apparently unused 'autocomplete' attribute from tags
      * Numerous minor tag/rendering cleanup towards XHTML 1.0 Strict
      * Backed out r1349, re-add autocomplete="off" tag
      * Finish backing out r1349 (for real this time).
      * Make AJAX canonicalizations work even when AJAX validations aren't used

Shane Landrum (13):
      Made the application name (caps) consistent; corrected the templates path;
      Pointed tutorial users at the Jifty::ClassLoader docs.
      Spelling peeve.
      Added docs about a very frustrating and easy-to-make programmer error
      Documented the fact that Record creates default validation and
      Make sure that Mason's caching doesn't get in the way.
      Spelling correction.
      Spelling fix.
      Explained LetMes a bit further.
      Corrected some wording in POD.
      Spelling fix
      Clarify workings of send_one_message
      Minor copyedit.

Thomas Sibley (99):
      New branch for JSAN integration instead of prototype, etc.
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:889
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:893
      Remove IE7 source from Jifty
      Reworked Behaviour library to use JSAN and cssQuery
      (empty commit message)
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:897
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:903
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:913
      We use cssQuery now
      Turn the key bindings into a Jifty library and fix propagation problems in Firefox
      Make writing keybinding legend use Behaviour and the DOM
      IE doesn't like binding to the window, but document works (should have just kept it in the first place, I guess)
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:923
      Support key bindings for Opera
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:932
      Only append the keybindings if there are any
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:937
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:949
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:960
      Fix Rico's corner implementation to deal with padding better
      Add a note about the modified Rico and make it a new version
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:966
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:977
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:1014
      Include the .argument-<name> class in the surrounding .form_field div
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:1022
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:1027
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:1035
      Hardcoding the dependencies instead of letting JSAN handle it was a bad idea (users would have to fiddle then instead of simply "use"ing the libs)
      Allow for MIME types to be overridden.  The included override is needed because Opera chokes with ajax-fetched JS otherwise.
      Put a note in a code
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:1044
      s/'/"/g -- not all browsers like single quotes
      Put JSAN.js first and take care of its config _before_ loading anything that uses it.  Plus, be a little smarter about the includePath and errorLevel.
      (empty commit message)
      Fix merge bug
      Compat with Konq
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:1075
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:1077
      Not really as desirable or as useful as I first thought.
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:1080
      Oops, we don't want these
      Contextual menu support
      (empty commit message)
      * Use JS to place the context menu above everything else
      Do automatic sizing based on content instead of fixed sizing
      Auto sizing doesn't work in IE
      * Make the variable name more appropriate and s/'/"/g for best compat
      Make sure the image shows up
      Allow setting escape_label when creating the child so you don't have to create a new link object just to specify an unescaped label
      * Clean up app_behaviour.js
      Slightly longer fade to give the user more time to read/click
      * Add CSS::Squish to the prereqs
      The generated one-file CSS is now memory-cached in Jifty::Web and is requested
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      Always regenerate when in DevelMode
      Better choices for DevelMode and generating the CSS (though the cache doesn't work at the moment because Jifty->web is not persistant across requests)
      Give the calendar link it's class back (and get rid of now-useless CSS)
      (empty commit message)
      CSS is now cached in Jifty::Web across requests until the app is restarted
      (empty commit message)
      Send a 304 if If-Modified-Since matches our Last-Modified date
      The generation time isn't a good way to keep track of a specific generated CSS across multiple fastcgi processes, plus, we want to cache forever.
      * Fix the notifications reporting "undefined" in Safari
      * Remove autocomplete CSS from Jifty::Web::Form::Field
      Use relative positioning instead of absolute so that it works it Safari and is faster to show.  IE still needs absolute positioning, so use that if it's IE.
      CSS::Squish now supports multiple search roots, so now we can support Jifty's static root
      Only serve squished CSS for seemingly "valid" requests.  Punt other requests to /static/css/ in an attempt to do what is meant if something is borked.  This ensures that if files can't be @import'd and the @import statements still exist in the squished CSS that a loop doesn't start.
      * Concatenate all JS into a single, cacheable file much like the CSS
      (empty commit message)
      We don't need this, so get rid of it in favor of Jifty->web->include_javascript
      * Make immutable columns part of record update actions, but render them as a read-only field.
      Slightly different ratio of time at full opacity to time during fade
      Use a class so it's easier to override the behaviour
      If we're going to store the values, use the variables we store them in.  ;)
      Make the paths absolute
      Set minChars to 0 and show the autocomplete onFocus.  This allows the user's autocomplete code to decide if it wants to show anything for the cases where there's no current value.  As long as the autocompleters are written with this in mind, I don't think it'll be a performance problem.
      Preserve the class name
      Remove debugging alert()
      Sexy calendar date selection!  (using Yahoo's calendar widget)
      Improved findPosX/Y
      Revert some added divs from r1350 that cause problems with layout.  You can't just make them inline because most browsers don't display hidden form inputs at all -- wrapping them in a div changes the expected scenerio.
      Show an autocomplete icon in autocomplete fields
      Smooth scrolling to show the whole context menu if it's out of the window's viewport has landed!  (At the moment, it is a tad sluggish in Safari.  Not sure why yet.)
      Oops.  This is kinda needed for the smooth scrolling to work.  ;)
      Add label for hotkeys that has a class for easy hiding by apps if they wish
      We do this explicitly now in the HTML for better browser compat
      Make the pod coverage test happy
      Only return the canonicalized value if it's not the same as the one we got.  This fixes the problem of selecting a date via the calendar widget and having it revert.
      Provide a "Dismiss" link for errors and messages.  Add some basic notifcation CSS.
      Revert r1461 since canonicalization isn't only used for Ajax.
      Defer the ajax canonicalization/validation of date fields until after the calendar popup goes away (either from user date selection or moving on to another field)
      Update for the latest CSS::Squish
      We need to make sure $app is absolute
      We need to check to make sure we have an element so we don't blow up if we don't
      The conditional compilation syntax was a little off (but it still worked, I believe)
      I don't know why I modified scriptaculous in the first place since we're already subclassing it.  Move my changes from scriptaculous to our subclass.

Zev Benjamin (3):
      minor grammar fixes
      updated Test::WWW::Mechanize dependency
      documentation additions and corrections


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