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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Jifty release 0.60507
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Alex Vandiver (142):
      * Remove the content from these files; they only serve to mark that
      * Use the application root (which is smarter), not the binary's
      * Colonectomy on the NAME given in the POD to make it correct
      * Clean up t/*/ directories
      * Remove files from MANIFEST that we no longer include
      * Sorted deps
      * Move the order_by into implicit_clauses, so other implicit_clauses
      * Pull request path from ENV rather than Mason, so we keep things
      * Only cleanup after tests if they succeeded
      * Remove last vestiges of ::Delete from ::Update
      * The patch to JSON.pm didn't get accepted; and possibly rightly so,
      * Don't directly call into JSON::Converter
      * Buttons should register the action
      * Mostly wrapping, L<> and C<> nits, and a few minor clarifications
      * Wrapping and formatting tweaks.
      * Typo in content encoding was making fragments incorrectly render UTF-8
      * Updated Module::Install; also, don't index t/
      * Only die if there actually is something to complain about
      * Dispatcher calls Jifty::Web and Mason, not the other way around
      * Sketchy sketchy way of making fragments work under the Brave New
      * Redirect to directory if we find one
      * Jump through some hoops for safari
      * Temporary workaround for Spiffy-activated 'require' order bug in
      * More gracefully handle mason errors
      * Mapping of arguments of actions
      * Support mapping on both sticky_value and default_value
      * More topsy-turvy-ness.  We no longer are a H::S::S::Mason, as that
      * Fixes to make Jifty work under FastCGI again
      `jifty schema` overhaul:
      * Tweaks to make halo editing work a bit happier
      * Fragments now go through the dispatcher
      * Test apps should get their application's library root added to @INC
      * We're only dropping tables if the tests all succeeded
      * Fixes to only print HTTP header once
      * Temporary fix for HTML::Mason::FakeApache creating a new CGI
      * Module::Install bump
      * Update deps
      * Give users more rope to hang themselves with, by handing a whole
      * last_rule does the wrong thing when calling continuations -- it can
      * Need to make sure we set the action class of the result after we
      * Hate FastCGI.  Specifically, it doesn't like there being other CGI
      * Missed a call to FakeApache->new
      * One FakeApache object per handle_request
      * Be nice and generate valid HTML
      * During Jifty::Web->handle_request, only validate once if possible
      * Remove very application-specific css from base.css
      * Fragments in JS land now know about their parents, and pass their
      * Actually return what I changed the docs to return;
      * The _do_dispatch in handle_request needs to also catch the
      * Module::Install bump
      * Give us a way to get the CurrentUser from a MEch object during testing
      * Update MANIFEST for removed images files
      * Check that require'ing the dispatcher returns a true value
      * Doc fixes from Ben Cornett <ben.cornett at gmail.com>
      * Use Jifty::Util->require to log require errors
      * Don't wrap in an eval, as it hides errors caused by the require
      * Remove 'use UNIVERSAL::require' from all over the place;
      * Make Jifty->web->region simply do a -new, ->enter, ->render, ->exit
      * Doc fixes from Ben Cornett <ben.cornett at gmail.com>
      * 0 is a fine value to have in a select.  Gimme my defined-or operator already!
      * Set up response, session, and ookies before dispatcher
      * Trivial webservices hack
      * ClassLoad the ActionBaseClass
      * Fix typo
      * Leaving off the '1;' in a Dispatcher silently ate the last rule
      * Axe out modules in Makefile.PL that are in core
      * Jifty::Action::Record::Create needs to be able to set immutable columns
      * All columns includes the 'id' column, which is marked 'mandatory',
      * YAML doesn't deal well with outputting globs
      * Additional bit of docs to clear up upload field confusion
      * Messing around with making halos more suave
      * More halo work
      * Remove a couple warnings
      * Make canonicalize look more like validate
      * Actually accept region names to refresh
      * Allow Jifty->web->return( to => "..default path..", ...)
      * Doc fixes from Bart Bunting <bart at bunting.net.au>
      * Renumber and move around a few tests
      * Add (currently failing) dispatcher tests for before and after
      * Add length test for static images
      * First pass at gzip'ing when possible
      * Clarify a bit
      * Missing parameter doc
      * BLOB and file upload fixes
      * Revert changes that were supposed to force full submit for upload
      * Some updates
      * 'return if already_run' in after rules so they run only once
      * Updated Changelog
      * Only show the jifty wait message if we can find it
      * Typo fixes
      * When bootstrapping regions during fragment requests, fragments can
      * AJAX file upload fixes, for real this time
      * Skip file uploads if blank
      * Devel mode error handling and file editing
      * We switched to /__jifty/edit instead of /=/edit
      * Move allow and deny'ing of actions into Jifty::API
      * Update doc to reflect new API
      * Now, with more human-readable changelogs
      * Add a ApplicationName to make tests happier
      * Listing if actions
      * Access to all actions through the admin UI
      * YAML::Syck::Dump isn't quite all there yet; it doesn't handle
      * fix 'base class is empty' errors -- I believe they stem from Spiffy
      * Checkboxes get to check themselves off
      * In some cases, superuser is id 0; hence, check defined-ness
      * Actions get automagic current_user's too
      * Unite escaping functions
      * Option to force Clickables to generate buttons
      * Unescape incoming and stored URIs to make them match better
      * Fix MANIFEST
      * Update actions should still enforce constructors as being required.
      * Better dependency checking
      * Wording change to not trigger dependency checker.
      * A moniker can show up in more than one form.  Try harder to find
      * Don't use absolute paths in the config file; use %percents% to mark
      * Change localization to the '%1' format that works, from the '[_1]
      * expand relative paths on guessed data
      * Buttons should produce registrations
      * Only show calendar link on text entry (it was showing up on hidden entries!)
      * name is assumed to be a fully-qualified region name
      * Skip things in .svn directories
      * Fix getElementsBySelector for case where id selector returns nothing
      * Autocomplete serializes the whole action
      * Fix class selection regex in behavior
      * References can't possibly be "" -- this saves overloading headaches
      * Fix buttons that should redirect to URLs
      * Missing semicolon in classloader
      * refers_to isn't actually a reference, it's a string.
      * Move session tests into TestApp, in preperation for them needing a database
      * Indent
      * Check if it can ->name before calling
      * Allow passing just a value, instead of having to specify the type
      * _db_version -> _jifty_metadata, jifty schema versioning
      * Sessions stored in the database
      * POD nits
      * Class 'load' and 'store' methods always act as the superuser
      * Bump DBD::SQLite dependency to 1.11, which supports blobs transparently
      * Typxo caught by Bart Bunting <bart at bunting.net.au>
      * Dependency bump for YAML::Syck for JSON::Syck bugfix
      * Redirects in 'before' in the dispatcher should keep track of unrun
      * Rename 'key' to 'data_key'
      * Be a little more explicit about SQLite's limitation, and a possible

Audrey Tang (58):
      * We really want App::CLI 0.03, not 0.02.
      * Jifty::Action->argument_names should sort keys lexographically,
      * Upgrade to Scriptaculous 1.5.1.
      * Shiny new Jifty dispatcher.
      * docs.
      * fixed some typo.
      * more wordsmithing.
      * Move autocomplete.xml and validator.xml to __jifty/.
      * Jifty::Dispatcher - do not use s/// in sub ret(), so now set=>$1
      * More doc cleanup.
      * Large dose of DWIM coming to Jifty::Dispatcher - any method name,
      20:55 <obra> fwiw, your redirect should use Jifty->web->redirect
      * Do not let eval mask errors in op array dispatch.
      * another try at not swallowing $@.
      * Add some more detailed documentations to Jifty::Dispatch to explain
      * lighttpd support.
      * force charset to UTF8 for both __jifty xml utils.
      * Add "tooltip" field to form elements (maps to HTML "title" attribute).
      * YAML::Syck and JSON::Syck support.
      * Now that DBD 1.50 has solid unicode support, use utf8::upgrade
      * fragments containing unicode strings should be served
      * yapc.asia talk: CSS tweaks for better screen presentation.
      * space bar for jifty takahashi, courtesy of ingy
      * Upgrade Syck dependency for Jifty
      * 01-raw-api.t in Mapper needs to be a bit more liberal in accepting Syck lists
      * oops. revert the extra bogus commits.
      * avoid an empty substitution trap.
      * Makefile.PL: we really want Module::Refresh 0.09.
      * we now depend on File::Find::Rule.
      * also registering L::M::Extract as a dep.
      * Fix "jifty po" to correctly extract PO files in the gettext-compatible format.
      * Ditto for reading existing .po files.
      * The "perl-maketext-format" tag is probably unneccessary.
      * 0th draft sketch on plugin syntax in config and dispatchers
      * `jifty server` now rm-rf's the var/mason/{obj,cache} directories,
      * Use Jifty->config->framework('Web')->{'DataDir'} instead of hard-coded
      * Add dtd/ to jifty distribution and make Test::WWW:Mechanize find them.
      * Upgrade L::M::L dependency to remove one primary source of $&
      * J::Web::Form::Link - do not blindly localize the "label" field, as
      * Jifty::Handler - calling wrap() without importing Hook::LexWrap
      * Update dep for LML/LME again for the new 'verbatim' flag.
      * Jifty::Action::Record: The comment claims:
      * Jifty::Dispatcher - trivial pod typo fix.
      * Static handler: avoid uninitialized warnings when the client does not
      * Jifty::Script::Po: Use the new write_po API from L::M::E 0.12
      * Jifty::Web::Form - Change the Jifty->logger->warning API call
      * Jifty::Web::Form - change the "warning" call to $self->log->warn
      * Massively improved Locale::Maketext::Extract's API for Jifty's
      * remove an erroneous entry in MANIFEST
      * Jifty::Config: when guessing initial config, always use absolute
      * Jifty::I18N: allow hard-coding of application language using
      * Jifty::Dispatcher: _compile_glob is now closer to unixy behaviour:
      * Jifty::Dispatcher - Make it Really Work (tm) :)
      * ClassLoader: Also create CRUD scaffolding for App::Model::Class::Subclass.
      * update MANIFEST
      * Update Syck dep to 0.44/0.12, as it's thoroughly non-leaky
      * Jifty is now ported to Win32 (tested with ActivePerl
      * Update the inc tree to 0.62 for various fixes,

David Glasser (15):
      * Make 'jifty app' not put extra slashes on filenames.  (Although, hmm, maybe we should be using catfile here?)
      Fix POD references to Jifty::Web::PageRegion.
      Clarify tutorial file location.
      Typo in tutorial (no constructor call)
      Oops, the typo was worse -- wrong package name.
      I don't think this return does anything, and is distracting.  Maybe I'm wrong.
      Typo in tutorial (ApplicationName, not AppNamE)'
      Another moved module reference
      Change some stuff in tutorial that was just plugging in defaults.
      Proper submenu nesting for nav.  (It looks right in lynx now.)  Somebody with sharper eyes than me should ensure that the proper CSS is still being applied, but it looks good to me.
      Lump commit
      Allow use of relative paths for SQLite.
      Add a MANIFEST.SKIP, and remake manifest (rm MANIFEST; make manifest).
      This canonicalization broke things.  Reverting temporarily.
      Upgrade Rico lib to 1.1.0.

Eric Wilhelm (10):
      AUTHORS - added myself
      lib/Jifty/JSON.pm - www.crockford.com says goto www.json.org
      share/web/templates/__jifty/online_docs/content.html - disable magic schema quoting for core module docs
      lib/Jifty/Manual/ObjectModel.pod - typo fixes
      t/01-version_checks.t - failing test for Randal's CPAN.pm complaint
      t/01-version_checks.t - actually fails, tests everything
      t/01-version_checks.t - fixed to run under test harness
      lib/Jifty/JSON.pm - fix for CPAN.pm/MM complaints
      lib/Jifty/Web/Form.pm - just trailing whitespace cleanup
      lib/Jifty/Object.pm - removed incorrect '=for' directive

Jesse Vincent (460):
      * First post
      * JFDI -> Jifty step 1
      * JFDI->Jifty step two
      * JFDI -> Jifty, final
      * made our scripts stubs, so we can just wrap libs
      * Cleanups to autorequire syntax
      * Enough refactoring to make two apps run!
      * need to use the FastCGI handler
      * notes on how we'll do ajax-upgraded widgets with jifty
      * First pass at Big Box
      * First cut of non-editable form field widgets
      * Failed form fields are no longer forced to their defaults
      * Default warnings/errors to stderr
      * Mason 1.3101
      * Cleanups to support hte new blogdemo app
      * gotta render form fields as update or view. but not ''
      * Cleaning up the feed lists and task lists
      * Fixed the jumping behavior of the calendar links and made them use
      * Checking off tasks submits the action, updates the CSS class
      * AJAX structure
      * Added autoinstall to the makefile for jifty
      * warning avoidance
      * checkpoint
      * Working on bigbox
      * Switched from "not_sticky" to "sticky".
      * Fixed a circualr dep
      * Now results record what their action class was. this means we can get at em after a redirect
      * AJAX take two
      * First draft of the npw2005 slides.
      * lucs fixed the takahashi javascript
      * More AJAX, now with more API
      * Move to using subrequests for fragment calls
      * slides updates
      * Javascript fixes -- maintain as much state as possible
      * We don't need no steenkin' config files
      * alex found a missing blogdeom
      * Auto-create Collection and (Create|Update)Foo whenever possible
      * Merge various bin scripts into one 'jifty'
      * Added a tiny comment to explain why sub INC had its name fully qualified
      * updates!
      * made monotype code bigger
      * more updates
      * Updates this morning
      * Slide updates
      * bin/jifty work
      * Cleaning out bin directories
      * Removed spurious debug statemetn from Jifty
      eichin spotted a js logic bug
      * Uncomment XMLHTPRequest for IE
      * Remove undef warning
      * Jesse is clevz0r -- uri should take an optional scheme
      * Remove a little login debugging
      * Mention title of email in confirm email page
      * Setting render_as for form_fields reblesses the Jifty::Web::Form::Field
      * Submit buttons are now buttons
      * Monikers are so old school.  Use actions themselves as arguments
      * Bail out unless we know the email address
      * First pass at dependencies
      * Revert the part of r2222 that send current page variables with
      *fixed news sorting
      * More correct state variable use
      * refitted CSS classes for form fields. makes it easier to style things, if a bit verbose
      * made password render_as case insensitive, as the prefs page had text fields for passwords
      * Fixes for password fields
      another crack at password fields
      space error
      * take 6000
      trying to find and fix the consistency bug
      * really factored stuff out to Jifty::DBI
      * Made Jifty::Framework work even outside a web context
      * you never think those little API fixes will hurt anything
      * Don't post to /empty with the action -- race condition
      * First pass at autocompleted fields. doesn't quite work
      * A working attempt at autocomplete.
      * Tag autocompletion sorts by most popular
      * better serial generation
      * Classloader cleanups to stop loading inner packages
      * And when you insert a form before your other forms, all forms of hell break loose
      r18591 at truegrounds (orig r2266):  alexmv | 2005-11-08 16:34:35 -0500
      * Syntax error fix
      * Doc pass
      Lump commit
      * Design sketches for how ajaxy mutlisubmit and args stuff should work
      * Test passes are good
      * Typo and warning cleanup
      * Make sure the class isn't empty
      * Script::Schema cleanups
      * checkpointy
      * Default templates!
      * Switched Jifty to default to SQLite.
      * YES. This should live somewhere else. But now all of Jifty's deps are actually packaged with Jifty. It might not actually hurt badly to install
      * checkpoint
      * Better default admin ui
      * updated prototype
      * the scriptaculous library doesn't work if we don't include it
      * Argument mapping; needs quite a bit of naming love
      * Helps if I check in the mapper code
      * Some sketchy docs
      * Use an internal request to eliminate one redirect during ->tangent
      * Ditched Apache::Session
      * Checkpoint
      * The rest of the API
      *let's try unloading the session
      * Trying apache::session::flex
      * notes aobut sessions
      * Bludgeon sessions into a happy place.  Not pretty.
      * Cookies need to be set if they're not the same as what we got
      * Move quicksearch into BTDT from Jifty core
      * Better error reporting when you call page region wrong
      * Don't repeat ourselves
      * Revert. Revert. Ok
      * Some acceptance fixes; AJAX accept on view page is broken because Form.Element.serialize is wrong
      * Radio buttons can't have the same id as each other, despite having
      * Avoid some warnings by only including defined arguments
      * Use script.aculo.us effects for spiffier styling on the 'loading'
      * Accepted and pending tasks in searches
      * Move defaults areound for tasklist region
      * Make menus automatically hilight the current page.
      * Basic tests for sessions
      * ClassLoader updates to actually require things in the right order (and avoid redefinition warnings)
      * Password confirm fields are all mandatory
      * When loading a record object, use the related object's key
      * In admin mode, change per-model-item admin pages from tangents to links.
      * if the user tries to get a collection, be smart and pull in the record class
      * Automagic fade-in for new tasks
      * fragment became "replace_with"
      * Jifty really wants a new HTTP::Server::Simple::Mason.
      * Generator was dead code
      * Online documentation browser
      * UTF8 fixes from audrey
      * Checkboxes can now be used to pick items from lists
      * Jifty web form field ids are now unique. This may have broken BTDT ajax
      * don't use elemnt ids when we don't have to. (That breaks if an element doesn't have an id)
      Scriptaculous 1.50
      * It helps if Jesse understands how javascript works.
      * Helps if I check in
      * Date fields also need to be called by id, not name
      * don't clear a session if we have no session
      * remove an extra warning
      *Simplifed Jifty::Web::Serial generation
      * There's no reason to have element ids in the element's class
      * CSS cleanups
      * Validator committed to default app. It hsould probably be in __jifty
      * mason->out -> out
      Cleaned up CurrentUser to _delegate_ to the User object, rather than be the user object.
      (empty commit message)
      * Jifty now knows about apps' CurrentUser classes
      * Autogenerate a CurrentUser class if we don't have one.
      * make auto-current-user classes truly auto
      * Checkpoint much?
      * Bold New Plan for AJAX or AHAH components.  One request can return
      * removed swap file
      * we don't want password confirms to be mandatory if the _password_ isn't mandatory
      * Finished fleshing out currentuser API
      * show values in admin ui (make the "read mode" for form::field widgets work)
      * Admin UI  now gets the create/edit ajaxy hotness
      * All create actions return the id (factored out of BTDT)
      * Indent fixes
      * Jifty::RightsFrom is a generalization of BTDT::ACLFromTask that lets you specify the acls as coming from any related column's object
      * ./lib/Jifty/DefaultApp moved to ./share
      * By default, Jifty applications let superuser and bootstrap users do aaaaaaanything.
      * Just providing args counts as a refresh_self
      * Use .bind() to get around scoping issues so we can call setTimeout
      * Make record_class DTRT, so we can inerit from the generated class
      * first pass at recursive tests
      * Refactor Jifty::Util to not die if FindBin can't work its magic
      * Updated Contn. and Mapper test suites to _work_ when called from Jifty's test harness
      * Test subpackages - only using a new Module::Install
      * Remove Jifty::Script::Command (pushed into App::CLI::Command)
      * Jifty::Util->jifty_root now actually works, making the online docs work
      * Avoid an undefined warning
      * Add another dep (but this one's in core, at least)
      * Checkpoint 'jifty model' code
      * Another checkpoint
      * Jifty::Web::Menu - Implement active_child() to return the
      * Warning silencing. Jifty now doesnt warn on testing
      * a fix to Jifty::DBI broke btdt
      We don't use Data::UUID. kill it
      removed outdated Jifty::DBI dep
      * We don't use Jifty::Script::Command anymore
      * Jifty::LetMe was missing dependencies
      * First refactoring of Jifty::Script::Schema
      * Cleaned up dependency check algorithm
      * Overhauled arguments for Jifty::Script::Schema
      * Jifty::Handle docs updated to refer to new args to jifty schema
      * Cleaned up deps
      * Test file reworking!  Jifty::Test now isa Test::More, and
      * Only init the log4perl object once
      Deps updated
      * Jifty::Script::Schema updated
      * Remove a couple of lingering BTDT mentions
      * Make submenus not break the main menu layout
      * Updated how delegated acl decisions happen
      * Docs checkpoint
      * Fork'd JSON.pm temporarily
      * Extracted notification magic from BTDT
      * In admin mode, your currentuser objects default to superuserness
      * Extracted 'let' functionality to Jifty
      (empty commit message)
      * Don't let email::send export to us
      * More doc checkpointing
      * Classloader before the database potentially doesn't work
      * Actually try to load Jifty on upgrade.
      * Turn back on logging of Schema messages
      * Missing dep, tuning down logger
      * More request docs
      * More small docs cleanups
      * Tutorial outline
      * Another tutorial
      * Checkpoint
      * We only need one glossary
      * Point Jifty::Script::Help at Jifty::Manual::*, so you can type
      * Now that I actually understand what .bind() does, use it correctly
      * Jifty::Glossary -> Jifty::Manual::Glossary
      * All but Jifty::JSON (which isn't our fault) and
      * Proper checkpoint
      * Fixing tutorial typos
      * Fixed docs for an installed Jifty
      * Even yet still more tweaks.
      * removed a warning
      * Bumped the version
      Updates from audrey
      * updates to deps
      * Cleanup to Jifty.pm POD
      * Versioning inc
      * Updated Jifty::Record::check_read_rights to use the same keys as update_rights
      * Glossary and Tutorial cleanups and fixes from chromatic
      * POD Cleanups from chromatic.
      * Change how we load the "default" config to actually use the application name set in the config file if we have one
      * Removed a couple of the things that stopped non-subclassable use of Jifty::Notification
      * Track the manifest
      * Now that we are post-release, bump the version to say so
      * Use a better pod translator for the readme
      Updated pod for Jifty::Script::Schema. Now it passes tests
      * Refactored Jifty::Config to allow the application class to be specified when calling Config->guess
      * Added a stub for the object model docs
      * Fixed a lowercase value that should have been ucfirst. Thanks to chromatic
      * Jifty::Util->app_name renamed to Jifty::Util->default_app_name
      Jifty::Config can now be loaded _without_ actually loading the config file; updated Jifty::Util->default_app_name
      jifty app  updated to not try to load a config file
      jifty schema updated to require Jifty::Config
      * Removed magical guessed library targets that were only useful at BPS
      * hcchien reported that we had missed a rename in the model. Left a mean note for alex about code to fix
      * hcchien pointed out that 'jifty server' didn't work right for non-installed apps
      * Fixed a missing dep
      * Actually described how Jifty::ClassLoader works its magic, so that users can build apps that use actions
      (empty commit message)
      * Actually load up Delete actions
      * First pass at a design for a Dispatcher. wants comment from audrey and alex
      * Perltidies web.pm
      * A bit more fleshing out of the Dispatcher
      (empty commit message)
      * Stevan spotted a typo in the tutorial
      * Jifty::Everything shouldn't import anything
      * Jifty::Handler is no longer a utility class. now Jifty->handler exists
      * Jifty::Handler is now an object, not a utility. It has the power to "run" a request.
      * FastCGI and standalone handlers now use Jifty->handler to do their dispatch
      * Changed "action" to "rule" in Jifty::Dispatcher per discussion with audrey
      * Removed now-duplicated dispatcher docs
      * Autoinstantiate a "blank" dispatcher if necessary.
      * Added a missing Module::Install dependency from Rob Kinyon.
      * in -> under
      * do_show was being called with a extra $self argument
      * _do and _compile functions are private. mark them as so with a leading _
      * Parrot is incorrectly the CPAN owner for Pod::Simple::Text. Instead,
      * Depend on Module::Install::Admin instead of Module::Install. Thanks to sri.
      * The first version of the dispatcher that I think is basically feature complete
      * Jos pointed out we should be skipping .svn directories
      * MANIFEST update.
      * POD nit
      * manifest update
      * First stab at a parbuilder for jifty. it's still not quite right.
      * Jifty::Script::Schema support for basic mysql love
      * Pass at an icon
      Better support for apps named Foo::Bar or Foo-Bar instead of FooBar
      * Don't automatically require Record classes when loading Collection classes. This lets us have circular relationships between record types and collections.
      * removed a debugging statement
      Distribution instruction updates from Grant Grueninger
      * Mandatory form fields now have a css marker.
      * Added a bunch of debug logging
      * First pass at halos.
      * Turned off halos by default.
      * A lot more work on halos. The tool starts to feel useful.
      * even yet still more halo
      * File edity
      * Typo fix
      * fixing case
      * Removed pre-release license docs
      * Minor cleanups for dependency checking tests --jesse
      Testapp tests wrong
      * Administratively disabled halos for the moment
      * Exposing an API for finding out if we're currently inside a form
      * We don't want to clean valid arguments just because they're not columns
      * Disable halos for now
      - Tutorial_ja.pod
      * Refactored the dispatcher to use exceptions rather than LABELS: so that Devel::DProf doesn't fall over
      * clearing floats on inline submit buttons. stupid rule that broke things
      * extracted make_path from Jifty::Action::Devel::FileEditor, so we can use it to create var directories
      * Set up our app templater to create directories for var data
      * Use explicit session and data directories. This should get rid of all those apache sessions in /tmp
      * Caching! Caching is always the answer. (This change cuts out about half of the per-hit overhead on standalone)
      * Moved the wrapping of CGI->new() to something that runs once per process
      * Doc cleanup from Ben Cornett
      * Documentation coverage pass.
      * Stub doc
      * Version bump
      * Changelog
      * Let the actual URL the user came in on override our default configuration. Makes remote testing SO MUCH EASIER.
      * Autocompletion had broken when prototype (or something) switched from GET to POST as a default.
      (empty commit message)
      * Better test diagnostics
      * Checkpoint dispatcher triage for a baton-pass to alex
      * Switch from redirecting to add a trailing / to sub-dispatching.
      * Default to not showing debug logs
      * Better debug logging.
      * When calling a continuation, try to make sure that the urls are really different, not just differently canonicalized, lest we get an infinite loop
      * Dispatcher fixes to deal with
      * Removing inc/.author will cause Module::Install to not regenerate itself on EVERY build. Now, we need to explicitly rm it before 'perl Makefile.PL'
      (empty commit message)
      * Backed out audrey's utf8 upgrade patch
      * version bump
      * Squashing exception handling for explicit checking (for more understandable code).
      * We don't need to do a $m->abort(). A return works fine and is ligher weight
      * Removed a line about using Hook::LexWrap, which is just a lieJifty/RightsFrom.pm
      * Revert mistaken commit
      * Remove a comment that turned out to be a lie, after some profiling
      * Tiny refactoring
      * SIG{__DIE__} wrapper in Jifty::Object
      * Testing a fix for alex
      * Turn back on "the "abort after redirect" behaviour fi we're running in mason
      * UNIVERSAL::require is _heavy_. (It does an eval without bothering to check %INC. The wrapper now fixes it
      * Signal handling cleanup
      * Halos now show SQL statements executed in each component
      * A bit of rejiggering of the way the Jifty Handler sets things up to only set up a dispatcher once.
      * Docs about how broken handler is
      * Testapp gets a real jifty
      * PageRegions were resetting the Jifty out method and never setting it
      * Only init mason once, not once per request. We used to need to do this
      * removed an extra ->require
      * The way we were setting up out_methods for PageRegions was bogus
      * When we can, pass in a currentuser, rather than using the convenience method that goes code-diving
      * Removed an extra collection
      * removed an extra require
      (empty commit message)
      * Cache flushing should only happen if your record class supports it
      * Switch to using Jifty::DBI::Record::Memcached by default, rather than just Record::Cachable. If you don't have Memcached, falls back to not caching ;\)
      * bumped the jdbi dep
      * Switch back to record::cachable for now. Memcached is busted still
      * each test script gets its own memcached namespace
      Re-enable memcached support
      * These libraries do not depend on Jifty::Everything
      * Backed Record off to depending on J::DBI::Record by default
      * Made Jifty::Handle a little less heavyweight
      * It's now possible to override Jifty::Record's baseclass in your app
      * Flatten compared values to scalars on update, so that, say, datetimes get scalarized for comparison. Yes, this is a nasty hack
      * when we create models, "use warnings; and use strict;"
      * Initialize recipients when setting up a notification
      * We shouldn't be utf8-decoding values that are serialized as object references
      *Backing out an autogenerate function that is not yet fully thought out
      * Clickable fixes from alex for including arguments in a clickable button
      * Autocomplete and canonicalization fixes.
      * A couple minor html rendering fixes for jifty
      * chromatic supplied a patch to switch from UNIVERSAL::isa to ->isa.
      * Server isn't masonic anymore
      * Removing outdated comments
      * First pass at the new static server
      * Refixed the test alex moved out from under me ;)
      * Docs
      * Overhauled the static server to try really hard to force caching by clients.
      * commit!
      pre-release prep
      * Manifest updates
      * Work around Module::ShareDir brokeness (and a bit of our own)
      * Changelog updated
      * Committing signature
      * UTF8 fixes from Audrey Tang
      * Takahashi.js updates for translations
      (empty commit message)
      * We made a stupid assumption about how to generate the application base class name
      (empty commit message)
      * We made a stupid assumption about how to generate the application base class name
      * Slide updates from dallas
      * Added a  "LogLevel" option to the Jifty config file, so you can more easily enable debug logging.
      * As requested by Alex, we no longer write DefaultStaticRoot and DefaultTemplateRoot
      * Slides checkpoint
      * Updated translations
      * pictures
      (empty commit message)
      * image fixes
      * Updates from Kenichi
      * size fix
      * presentation cleanups
      It's not 2005 anymore
      * Smarter font sizing
      * Translation fix
      * Jifty comes with one pony, not two
      *Move some slides around at the last minute
      * more live editing
      * RTFM Formatting
      * test for indented requirements
      * minor refactoring
      * More shuffling of the Mason Handler. Moved the mason handler into a new templating namespace
      * Audrey had a good suggestion. ::View
      From Marc Beyer:
      * Moved the static content handler into the View hierarchy
      * Moved "web" under "share", since we have a sharedir now
      Glasser pointed out that I accitentally nuked the README
      * First real pass at I18N support
      * First pass at internationalization that passes smoke tests
      * Switch from Time::ParseDate to Date::Manip, since the former isn't win32 compatible
      * First working pass of internationalization
      * First pass localization
      * First template extraction
      * manifest cleanup; dependency fixes
      * if you try to loc a null string, do something smarter than dying
      * YAML -> Jifty::YAML
      * More YAML engine unification
      * updates to the message catalogs
      * first pass po file extractor
      * Empty japanese translation
      * First useful version of the message catalog extractor
      * Second half of "sort order for arguments" patch, as suggested by miyagawa
      * Notifications can now take a user object or an email address
      * Discussed command naming and packaging with audrey
      * plugin reqts
      * Don't try to loc html
      * Documented Jifty::Script::Po
      * Don't auto-import Math::BigInt as it's wasteful _and_ it can cause Devel::DProf to segfault.
      * Use Module::Refresh but once.  Less repetition == good.
      * Revert audrey's hacky LexWrap fix and fix it properly
      * Switch to Class::Accessor::Fast, for a small performance gain
      * A little bit of work to make PageRegion calls a little bit lighter.
      * Removed an extra eval from J::O->_get_current_user
      Jesse and Audrey design session on client-side continuations
      * Have Jifty::Action::Records cache their arguments
      * Added an API for rendering just one action's results
      * The error page wasn't doing the right thing when devel mode was off. (parameters were out of order).
      * It's not nice when we try to run methods on undef
      * Typo
      Jifty::Notification refactoring to not try to send mail to undef
      * Only blow away the database on test pass if we set one up in the first place
      * POD Updates from Eric Wilhelm
      * notes on making a par. they don't work yet
      Added an authors file
      * Added suppport for native support for dates and timestamps with time zones
      * A more conservative Time::Local / $ENV{TZ} workaround
      * The stub, it breaks apps.
      * Alex removed our dependency on Apache::Session. Eternal Glory for Alex!
      * Remove a reference to Apache::Session we don't need
      * MANIFEST
      * Since we clear the cache on each http hit, hold onto cached records longer _within_ one http hit
      Dobrica Pavlinusic caught a logic error in our upgrade code.
      * Jifty 2006-05-05
      File::Path doesn't do what we'd expect on paths that already exist.
      * We were inconsistently using Jifty::Util::make_path as a subroutine. It's a class method.
      * 0.60507

Kevin Riggle (6):
      * Started porting tests from $PROJECT to Jifty.  These are almost straight
      * Added an app for testing
      * Ported another test from Hiveminder
      (empty commit message)
      * Added the remaining (very basic) TestApp tests.  I've now got a handle on how
      * Updated manifest

Nelson Elhage (2):
      Fixing a documentation bug in Jifty::Web::PageRegion
      Adding myself to AUTHORS

Ruslan Zakirov (1):
      * use correct url base for models in navigation

Thomas Sibley (37):
      Create actions via "jifty action --name Foo" now
      Updated MANIFEST and META.yml
      Should be ApplicationClass not ApplicationName
      Fix for mysql
      Fix typo
      Add in the missing calender helper
      Make sure Calendar::Simple is required for install
      Tests for dispatcher bug regarding the 'dispatch' function
      * Add class for links to calendars
      * Add the calendar icon so it's actually there
      Update Rico and add it to the default javascript loaded
      Fix some general issues with our form styling
      Make sure buttons have the proper class and change the styling to reflect this
      Added page-level navigation support and refactored the menuing a little
      Make the menu elements not have extra whitespace around them, which many times is important when CSSifying a list.  (Is there a better way to do this?)
      That CSS rule doesn't belong in jifty
      Only show page nav if we have something to show
      * Correct attribute is type
      Update rico
      Add a surrounding div around keybindings to facilitate styling
      Somehow when I updated Rico it didn't contain all of the source (RicoUtil, to be specific).
      Hopefully svk won't barf this time...
      Debug output fix
      Add the class 'text' to text fields
      * More stylish forms
      Pass POD coverage tests
      * Create date selection widgets using Behaviour
      * Use source of IE7 instead of the compacted version (which generates errors)
      Shouldn't have gotten rid of this
      Add a type for reset buttons
      POD fix
      update manifest
      (empty commit message)
      Support setting link targets
      Personal preference when putting my name on something
      Make sure there are no spaces if there is no content
      Add note about class name breakage


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