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 tagged by  Thomas Sibley
        on  Tue Apr 17 06:58:41 2007 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Jifty release 0.70416
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Agent Zhang (11):
      updated *.po for the recent changes in the source
      oops, I broke t/i18n.t. reverted two lines of code in I18N.pm.
      - reverted r2545 and r2547 since i'm breaking stuff. :(
      halos.css - fixed the position type for #render_info.
      oh no, "fixed" is not "absolute"...reverted the previous commit...
      Jifty::Util - fixed the broken Win32 logic:
      Jifty::Util - only requires ExtUtils::MM at request.

Alex Vandiver (14):
      * They're scriptaculous effects, not prototype
      * They're scriptaculous effects, not prototype
      * Canonicalize/validate after typing and blurring, too
      * Warnings avoidance
      * Solve copious global destruction warnings
      * Disconnect PubSub before dropping the database
      * Fix POD error
      * Typo nits, on otherwise very nice documentation fixes
      * Revert mistaken parts of that commit
      * Deal with subclassing epsilon better; should really be a class
      * Log::Log4perl::Appender::String (used in tests) was only added in
      * Log::Log4perl::Appender::String (used in tests) was only added in
      * Use Jifty->app_class in a couple more places
      * Typo fix in example in POD

Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp (20):
      Added myself to AUTHORS.
      Removed assumption that ref is the same as blessed.
      Adding more flesh to documentation.
      upping require for IPC::PubSub to 0.23 due to use of disconnect
      Updated the documentation a bit more.
      added a CUSTOMIZATION section to the Jifty::Action docs
      tidied a couple of spots and fixed a typo
      * Added support for schema_version() in records
      added boundary match in rename to prevent similar column names from being hit by accident
      updated the upgrading manual and added a few extra glossary items
      added a Deploying page to the manual based on the process I have found successful
      small improvement to Jifty::Test documentation
      added mutual dependencies recipe
      import_extra now passes the import parameters to setup; updated Jifty::Test docs
      latest jifty.org
      latest jifty.org
      fixed incorrect documentation of _ and added a SYNOPSIS
      Modified submit_html_ok to make it behave like the documentation says it should.
      Added a basic test stub for Jifty::Test::WWW::Mechanize.
      Updated documentation to reflect that fact that submit_html_ok() takes no arguments.

Audrey Tang (81):
      * Merge again from trunk to t-d branch.* Merge again from trunk to t-d branch.* Merge again from trunk to t-d branch.* Merge again from trunk to t-d branch.* Merge again from trunk to t-d branch.* Merge again from trunk to t-d branch.* Merge again from trunk to t-d branch.* Merge again from trunk to t-d branch.
      * Jifty::View::Declare::Handler noise cancellation:
      * Shiny new class: Jifty::View::Declare. From its SYNOPSIS:
      * Jifty::View::Declare::Base - Message and code tidying.
      * Merge down into template-declare branch.
      * mergedown to t-d branch again
      * More base elements for t-d; also squash utf8 warning.
      * Merge down into template-declare branch.
      * Jifty::View::Declare::Templates - New render_region helper function.
      * Jifty::View::Declare::Base - Ditch after-block args.  Instead:
      * Jifty::View::declare::Templates - Rename "param" to "render_param" for consistency
      * Bring the I18N into t-d branch.
      * Merge down into template-declare branch.
      * Merge down into template-declare branch.
      * Bring the previous commit's I18N into t-d.
      * Merge down into template-declare branch.
      * Merge down into template-declare branch.
      * Merge down into template-declare branch.
      * Merge down into template-declare branch.
      * Merge down into template-declare branch.
      * Merge down into template-declare branch.
      * Jifty::View::Declare::Base - render_header and render_menu are now subclass-overridable.
      * Jifty::View::Declare::Template - Make get() useful in scalar context.
      * J::V::Declare::Base - Export $m and $r.
      * J::V::Declare::Base - The fake $m is no more.
      * J::V::Declare::Handler - Kluge - Before $r->send_http_headers is fixed for real, escape all non-latin1 characters.
      * Merge down into template-declare branch.
      * Merge down to the template-declare branch.
      * Merge down to template-declare branch.
      * Merge down to template-declare branch.
      * Merge down to t-d branch.
      * Merge down to template-declare branch.
      * Jifty::View::Declare::Base - Disable autocomplete.xml for now as setting of content-type
      * Merge down to template-declare branch.
      * Jifty SVK model, 0th draft
      * Jifty: Deprecate ->length in web form and param fields;
      * s/length/max_length/ in docs/talks/.
      * Makefile.PL - Depend on Jifty::DBI 0.31 because of the
      * max_length fix in 12-param-schema.t
      * unTODO passing tests in TestApp::Plugin::REST
      * Mark "length" as deprecated APIP in J::Web::Form::Field
      * Jifty::Script::Schema: s/until/till/g
      * Jifty::RightsFrom - Fix POD errors - we need to use Jifty::DBI::Schema
      * Fix trivial test typo in TestApp 13-page-regions.t
      * Clickable - Stylistic cleanup to _map to avoid $_ and in-situ hash key editing
      * Jifty::Web - Add private accessor for _state_variables to
      * PageRegion should be initialized with all state variables from its
      * Support for dynamic language handles for Jifty::I18N,
      * 13-page-regions.t: Fix another mistest typo
      * Jifty::I18N - Avoid naked eval{} that clobbers $@.
      * Jifty::I18N: Provide a default fallback lexicon class for "en"
      * Revert r2662 as it's optimizing a block that's called only once per record. :-)
      * Er, uhm, obra++ for pointing out that I mixed up the logic in the revert.
      * Change all tests for the literal Driver string "SQLite"
      * Jifty::Script::App - Make the generated Makefile.PL more canonical.
      * Jifty::Util - Add a generate_uuid method and use it to generate ApplicationUUID.
      * Jifty::Logger - Properly respect previous $SIG{__WARN__} handler
      * Additionally require Module::Pluggable::Object to silence dep.t
      * strict, warnings, and redefinition warning avoidance for J::Module::Pluggable.
      * Jifty.pm - Instead of randol popping @ISA (which works only if
      * Move page/wrapper/render_header from CoreTemplates to Helpers.
      * I18N and zh-* L10N for menu and halo.
      * CoreTemplates - Repair admin list view; some l10n
      * CoreTemplates: Decode UTF8 before sending it out as XML.
      * Jifty::Script - Assume "jifty fastcgi" when we are running under cgi.
      * This commit fixes a self-reference from Jifty::Manual::TutorialRest
      * Merge from trunk to T-D branch; no tests were affected.
      * Jifty::Server::Fork - New module to conveniently express
      * Add Net::Server::Fork as one of the features we support via Makefile.PL.
      * examples/{Chat,Clock,Ping}/: Use Jifty::Server::Fork instead of
      * Jifty::DBI::Param::Schema - Mention how to use "defer".
      * Jifty: We now depend on Scalar::Defer 0.10 to not break
      * dedebugbug.
      * Jifty::Plugin - Authentication::Password now auto-loads LetMe and User.
      * Snapshot of doxory slides.
      * YAPC::Asia 2007, "Jifty Now!", slides and demo.
      * Add PDF version of the slides.
      * present-slides: Avoid a "splitting to @_ is deprecated" warning.
      * Jifty::Plugin::REST::Dispatcher - Gugod pointed out that we don't need to
      * zh-tw L10N for authen/passwd/user plugins.
      * Doxory L10N.

Bart Bunting (3):
      update docs about SchemaCheck
      typo fix
      Add note to cookbook showing how to change other fields using ajax canonicalization

Chia-liang Kao (27):
      put warning into debug.
      Make template-declared-based pageregion work in mason templates.
      the hack for template-declare-based region should be appending.
      make render action selfless.
      requires template::declare.
      pull for template-declare jifty branch.
      Merge down from trunk.
      Update template page synopsis.
      Add yullio layout bundle by hlb.
      work around t::d attribute propagation problems.
      Group the non-layout logic in wrapper together.
      Correct class names for yullio plugin.
      Make set() in TD view actually wor.
      in render_region of TD view handler, reset self for TD.
      TD fragments and unicode needed some massage.
      The value of field should not be localised.
      Make render_region resolve relative template in current context.
      tests for view subclasses.
      failing tests for view subclasses.
      tidy up.
      bypass $self for  page content callbacks.
      fix a bracket that breaks is::title.
      Move the h1 in default wrapper to a overridable template.
      render_region should have default empty path.
      * no_index for examples/.
      Update MI and META.yml.
      Missed share/ in no_index.

Christian Ternus (2):
      YAML.pm is currently required even if YAML::Syck is present.
      Added myself (Christian Ternus <ternus at mit.edu>) to the

David Brunton (3):
      added as an author
      Basic handler for running Jifty under mod_perl2.  Tested under Unbuntu
      added /i to test for database existence, to work with MySQL 5.x.

Dobrica Pavlinusic (9):
      send correct HTTP/1.1 headers for caching when running Jifty with DevelMode: 0
      hmm... how did we lost this? jifty schema upgrades work again
      fix Can't locate Jifty/Plugin/Login/Action/Signup/SUPER.pm in @INC
      added dump_rules which got lost so that we can see which dispatcher rules are there
      extracted dump_rules into DumpDispatcher plugin
      fix handling of multi-line data when encoded in JSON -- they should never
      remove extra skeleton files, configuration example in pod
      added audryt Doxory from doc/talks/yapcasia2007-doxory.pdf
      Turn on AdminMode and don't require login for it in dispatcher

Edgar Whipple (4):
      Lump commit
      Lump commit
      New commit bit
      second try, inital local copy for jifty

Edmund von der Burg (4):
      Template::Declare >= 0.06 needed for the 'show' method
      Set some svn:ignore properties so that generated files don't litter the tree
      Changes to the dispatching to templates:
      Allow '->superuser' to be both an object and class method.

Eric Wilhelm (3):
      lib/Jifty/Plugin.pm           - typo fix
      lib/Jifty/Script/Adopt.pm - explore and steal from the stock components directory
      lib/Jifty/Manual/TutorialRest.pod - quick overview of REST plugin

Jesse Vincent (222):
      Branching to work on scary declarative templating hackery
      * Initial sketch. Note that this code WILL NOT WORK without Template::Declare, which is as yet unpublished
      * Baby steps toward a usable T::D usage
      * Wifty seems to work
      * This version actually runs Wifty
      * Mergedown from Trunk
      Mergedown from trunk
      * more work on the declarative views. (Including a first stab at porting the mason templates to T::D.
      * Force the classloader to try harder to require toplevel things and spit out relevant warnings.
      * Initial port to new Template::Declare API
      * Load the view class AFTER the model classes, so it can introspect them
      * fixes to basic jifty templates
      * more updates to use the T::D api
      * Ordering of template roots was wrong
      * Switch to requiring the View class after all the models are loaded
      * Add support for sending the http header with Template::Declare
      * print headers at the right time
      * better handling of printing http response codes
      * tiny doc nit
      * Updated to use the latest template declare, now with escaping by default
      * Button escaping fix
      Mergedown from trunk
      * don't clobber request path
      $r -> Jifty->handler->apache, which works
      * jifty web out
      * Refactoring Jifty::Web::Form to let you set a target and an action
      * Added a set( x=>y) to t::d
      typo fix
      * better defaulting for form action
      Mergedown from trunk
      * render_menu was a bad mason port of something better we already had in core.
      January 17 release. dependency fixing
      * Warnings when a developer puts a "show" into a "before" or "after" dispatcher rule.
      * Gotta double-quote keybinding labels if they have embedded newlines.
      (empty commit message)
      * Misc minor startup-time performance improvements
      * added a jiftyfied version if agentzh's i18n tests. I'm seeing one (french) failure
      * inital pod and sections
      * Allow create, load_or_create and load_by_cols to be used as class methods.
      * Rename J::V:::D::Templates to J::V::D::Helpers
      * Rename ::Base to ::CoreTemplates
      * no, base is gone
      (empty commit message)
      * finish untangling templates and abstract base class
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:2580
      * updating to new max_length name for the parameter formerly known as 'length'
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:2593
      * Modernization of model declarations for compatibility with new Object::Declare based Jifty::DBI
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:2602
      * update tests for the new naming
      * the page abstraction belongs in the jifty base template library, rather the superclass
      * Restoring deleted templates
      more accidentally deleted
      * We were still using deprecated 'length' api when constructing form fields
      (empty commit message)
      * merge bug
      * More i18n tests dealing with unknown strings
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:2652
      * oops. missed this file
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:2654
      * removed debugging statement
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:2656
      * Our fallback I18N handle needs to specify that it should autocreate keys if they're not found
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:2658
      * failing tests for i18n on the template declare branch
      * Added the 'bootstrap' option to vanilla Jifty::CurrentUser. Now there's one fiewer cases where you need a custom CurrentUser class
      * Added "create db" and "drop db" methods to Jifty::Handle
      * Added table and column schema generation methods to Jifty::Record, based on an extraction of Jifty::Script::Schema
      * Extract the "load model related classes" logic in the class loader to its own function
      * Refactored Jifty::Script::Schema to use extracted column, table and db manipulation routines
      * A better implementation of our Module::Pluggable custom 'require' method.
      * Actually carp from within our log warning handler, to not swallow critical debugging into
      * Alternate implementation of Module::Pluggable::Object's _require method to avoid a useless string eval.
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:2747
      * Ported to new T::D
      * "It wasn't meant to be commented out"
      * starting to make the error templates half-way usable
      * try harder to make the right thing happen on subregion/fragment
      * wrapper was being misused
      * Added the ability to force arguments and path when rengering a region. This lets developers force override something passed in via ajax or a "sticky" value from a previous request.
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:2769
      * First stab at refactoring UI features into plugins using Template::Declare
      * Removed a line of debugging output
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:2821
      * tiny doc update
      * Extracted OnlineDocs, CSS/JS compression, Halos and the AdminUI into plugins
      * Working admin UI on the T::D branch
      * Plugin templates should override the core, but not application templates
      * Since we use the schema tool to manage jifty's database, it's important that it be able to be called from running code (including a DESTROY block). As it was, we were initializing (reinitializing) Jifty from within the DESTROY. That doesn't work so well.
      * Better test for "jifty already initted"
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:2842
      * Plugin templates should override the core, but not application templates
      * Typo fixes to the deploymet guide
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:2850
      (empty commit message)
      * very first cut of being able to mix plugin model classes into your own model class
      * Extracting code from hiveminder to do login and password checks.
      * the caching layer for share roots was busted
      * Mixins can now export methods
      * added a bit of POD
      * quiet down a diag message
      * removed the incomplete halo view.pm
      * still-failing tests for model validator and canonicalizer calbacks
      * work on extracting canonicalization and validation so they can get called back
      * now we have working validators
      * Testing canonicalizers, validators AND pre-create hooks, now
      * First push at POD for all of the T::D branch
      * a bit more doc coverage
      * more pod. 7 failures left!
      * MANIFEST made to agree with reality
      * Accidental vestige of one attempt at templates hanging around
      * Checkpoint before move
      * The skeleton app now works as a plugin
      (empty commit message)
      * T::D branch passes all tests
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:2918
      * Added a note about where to find doc on our "local *_" hack.
      * Doc patch for how to do multiple "onclick" actions - jpollack at gmail.com
      DBH ignores attributes in the DSN. For me i have written a simple patch.
      * "final" Mergedown of the Template-Declare branch of Jifty.
      * minor outstanding refactorings
      Merge from /jifty/branches/template-declare:2927
      * The webservices templates converted to T::D aren't quite ready yet
      * lpw slide source
      * MANIFEST updates
      * ClassLoader refactoring in advance of plugin fixing.
      * minor refactoring in advance of support for plugin actions
      *mistaken commit
      * Now we can inherit actions from plugins
      * Sample usage
      * a way to try to load a module from disk that may or may not exist
      * A sample inherited action
      * Jifty::CurrentUser now has a default "_init" behaviour.
      * The password auth plugin now lets you login. Next up: Logout.
      * Only try to instantiate a user object when it looks like we have a model class of the right name
      Next pass at a login/signup password auth plugin. Now supports login and logout. Next up is signup.
      * oops. unpushed
      * skeleton app fleshing out
      * make the 'hey! it's admin mode' bit not overwrite the menu
      * More work on the password auth plugin
      * minor refactoring
      * Include the jifty skeleton app by default.
      * Importing sanity from doxory
      * Debug messages about what template libraries we _did_ find, not which ones we didn't.
      * No longer need this hackery
      (empty commit message)
      * When we use App::Class, actually require the module, to save the user some typing
      * minor note about what perl version requires a hack
      * use the modern way to declare our autogenerated view classes as Jifty views
      * Slightly better mail sending defaults
      * slightly better debug logging from the jifty dispatcher
      * next major round of work on the login plugin. signup now works
      * LetMes need to deal with user objects as superuser to get their tokens
      * oops. should have been committed before
      * View::Declare cleanup
      * The plugin classloader is wrong. it's going away forever
      * uncomment code that we need for regular testing
      Remove legacy naming from the Auth::Password plugin #  nelhage++
      * don't render messages twice
      * nits from alexmv++
      * POD updates
      * Autogenerate Package::Action when we need it
      * Work to make plugins not explode
      cleaned up the dispatcher for letme
      * that rule should not exist
      * more quieting down of "couldn't drop that database that shouldn't have existed in the first place"
      * Turn off the LetMe plugin by default, as it breaks existing apps
      * minor cleanup based on attempted use of the login/signup plugin
      * When you rest a lost password, email address is implicitly confirmed
      * Added the ability to have a return button that looks like a submit button on a form.
      * return from tangents for login, signup, password reminders
      From:     evdb at ecclestoad.co.uk
      * Don't create a new config object every time we look at the db version
      * When running coverage, don't use Class::Accessor::Named as it uses Hook::LexWrap
      * Switch config to automatic instantiation
      * When you break an API, it breaks tests.
      * started outline of yapc::asia talk
      * Better plugin I18N
      * Make sure test coverage copes with new jifty->config
      * Refactor the I18N plugin stuff to not fail tests.
      * skeleton for clkao to fill in ;)
      * Can't just check to see if the config exists to decide whether to initialze the Jifty
      * added back the div id 'content' for parity with old jifty templates
      * Added a 'None' session type for when your application doesn't need sessions
      * helpers improvements for T::D
      * Notes on the early genesis of JDBI schema
      * Next slides draft (and the tool to render them)
      * ok. mostly ready
      * tidy
      intro slides
      * added a "SkipAccessControl" framework directive
      * pod fixes
      * More tweaking
      * tweaky
      more slides
      * Slides system now has a presenter view
      * Autoopen the presenter tools
      * now with support for I18N (japanese)
      * let the "email confirmed" field be visible from the admin ui
      * Talk updates
      * Refactoring to support more template engines
      *more refactorign to extract templating stuff
      * Refactor and extract
      * Preforking server support for Jifty::Server
      * Notes on distributed operation (mostly based on reading papers about Xerox PARC
      * Start of the oscon 2007 talk
      * Todoifying tests for release
      * Some of our 'optional' deps are required for Jifty's tests. Thanks to Nicholas Clark
      * Require current T::D
      manifest update
      * signature update
      * Auth::Password plugin: Quiet down warning about a nonexistent class in @ISA by defering that until ->new time.
      * Quiet down falsely failing todo tests in template sublcassing.
      * poorly  started adminui port to TD was broken and caused test warnings. and was unused
      * 0.70416

Kang-min Liu (1):
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:2750

Kenichi Ishigaki (1):
      added Japanese translation of Jesse's talk at YAPC::Asia 2007

Kevin Falcone (11):
      * stop hiding messages/warns from the database during tests
      * don't double warn.  Now that we stopped schema creation from suppressing
      * we use config.yml not jifty.yml
      * add myself
      * quiet a warning when id was undef in testing
      * DBD::pg passes postgres' warnings up, so try to convert their various
      * don't load up PodSimple and other friends unless you've
      * remove duplicated line
      * Administration and Online docs tabs are set in Jifty/Plugin/*/Dispatcher.pm
      * don't require a bunch of unused modules that don't trickle to the templates
      * WWW::Mechanize 1.22 removed the form method.

Kevin Riggle (2):
      * Make Test::Dependencies stop complaining about Template::Declare::Tags
      * Updated the 'feeds' section in J:M::Cookbook to not lie about the way

Liang-Bin Hsueh (11):
      * include iepngfix 1.0
      local_path regex fix
      * fix JScript conditional compilation bug. Jifty.Utils.isMSIE works now.
      Changes in id & class name. Please check your own css rules before update.
      * change back to "canonicalization_note" to avoid bugs
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:2913
      Rollback all id & class names changed in r2910 & r2912.
      * fix "open" class in menu - active menu item doesn't imply current open item
      * Upgraded YUI to 2.2.1
      * Added render_as_yui_menubar in Menu.pm
      * Jifty::Plugins::ExtJS - it contains necessary files to run Ext JavaScript

Nelson Elhage (5):
      Adding failing tests for the region state variable bug I found during
      Adding comment (#) support to takahashi.js
      Merge from /jifty/trunk:2530
      We load the config on demand now, so it always exists. Test for
      Make CurrentUser->new work as a method on an instance, so that

Ruslan Zakirov (3):
      * grep and map are faster without block
      * enable UTF-8 flag awarness in JSON libraries to fix problem in validation
      * add an example with regions

Thomas Sibley (34):
      Merge down from trunk
      Mergedown from trunk
      Mergedown from trunk
      Mergedown from trunk
      Fix how fake buttons submit forms
      Reverting r2043 because validating empty fields is wrong.  Also reverting r2461 because it serves no use with r2043 reverted.
      Mergedown from trunk.
      Reverting r2043, in it's propagated form in TD
      Support for controlling browser-based autocomplete on form fields
      Only run onsubmit() if we have an onsubmit property
      Mergedown from trunk
      * Only allow method calls if the "field" is actually a column
      * Fix running actions (checking for allowed-ness was done wrong)
      Show an action HTML form when rendering /=/action/App.Action.Foo as HTML
      Unnecessary URL now that we special case
      Make sure undefined values stay undefined and not ''
      * Beginnings of help.  Of dubious location at the moment, but at least it's there.
      Now with more POD!
      Implementation for PUT and DELETE on model items
      Also add the column and key the request is on in case the action expects that instead of the ID
      Implementation for PUT and DELETE on model items
      Also add the column and key the request is on in case the action expects that instead of the ID
      Since most REST actions won't be run from HTML forms, default values never getted passed in.  Make sure they get set for arguments which have not been explicitly passed as blank.
      * Silence warning
      Mergedown from trunk
      The REST plugin doesn't have a template_class, so override the default so TD doesn't go looking
      Do a better job of making action results simple data structures
      Mergedown from trunk
      Squash warning
      Mergedown from trunk
      Support POSTing to /=/model/Foo to create items without specifying a PK
      Add Apache2::Const as an optional dep for the ModPerl2 handler
      * Make =head2 sections consistently titled
      Add doc and prefork dependency so the doc and dep tests pass

Yves Agostini (22):
      debian packaging change for new release
      fix missing dep
      fix typos
      debian changes for new cpan release
      debian fix (shit)
      debian changes for Jifty::DBI 0.31
      Modernization of model declarations for compatibility with new Object::Declare based Jifty::DBI
      * Modernization of model declarations for compatibility with new Object::Declare based Jifty::DBI
      * first shot (and not workable) for plugins 2.0 auth plugins
      remove experimental plugin Users and Users-Identity-File
      * add doc to manage a superuser group
      * a simplest way to manage signup argument, now usable with an additional schema definition as in "Expanding the Model" in Jifty::Manual::AccessControl
      files for debian ubuntu packaging
      trouble to load Login plugin
      failing test for I18N labels and hints in t/TestApp/t/05-editactions-Record.t
      no more necessary
      keep old LDAP and CAS plugins usable,
      debian stuff
      debian stuff : too many zero :(
      changes for debian packages
      some failing tests on new plugin password, for me test 9 is ok : object id is good, but tests 10 to 14 fail, current user can't read his name mail or mygroup
      current_user_can must be set


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