[jifty-devel] proposal for Jifty::Plugin::Authentication::Ldap modifications

Stanislav Sinyagin ssinyagin at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 14 07:32:46 EDT 2010


I need to authenticate users against the corporate MS Active Directory, and also 

authorize them based on group membership.

A static account for binding and searching is not available, therefore AuthzLDAP 

difficult to use.

Here's a proposal, please let me know if it fits your philosophy, and then I'll 

a fork at Github:

1. Allow MS style binding:  DN=username at domain.com
This simplifies the thing, as we don't need to know the whole AD hierarchy 
Works with most activedirectory servers.

2. Allow hooks in Action::LDAPLogin.
I want to look up the user's group membership right at the spot when the LDAP 
session is created and authenticated. 
Based on that lookup, I would update the user's fields, like "is_administrator".
Such things are much site-specific, so it doesn't make much sense to put them 
into the 

public plugin. Of course, I would give an example in the documentation.


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