[jifty-devel] Display value for an action parameter

Stanislav Sinyagin ssinyagin at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 13 04:28:18 EDT 2010


alongside with $action->argument_value(), it will be cool to have a method for 
retrieving a display value for the argument.  For example, a Select argument 
definition may contain some internal identifiers as Values, and some 
human-readable strings for Display. In the view template, I would rather use the 
Display values for printing.

Furthermore, it will be cool to add arbitrary attributes for the available 
values, and a method of retrieving them.


    param report =>
        type is 'Select',
        label is 'Execute report',
        available are
        [ {
            value => 'compare_network_with_ipam',
            display => 'Compare Network data with IP Address Management',
            page_title => 'Report results: Network vs. IPAM Comparison',
            intro_text => 'This report reflects the difference between 
productive network and IP Address Management data. Network data is imported 
every morning at 7:00am, and the IPAM data is real-time.'


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