[jifty-devel] Production hosting setup/config

Mark Aufflick mark-perl at aufflick.com
Sun Feb 7 21:10:06 EST 2010

Hi all,

Wondering if people can share their production hosting configs. I've been
trying fast cgi with Apache (both mod_fastcgi and mod_fcgid) with varying
success. mod_fcgid doesn't seem suitable due to the long startup time of new
children. mod_fastcgi is better (using the jifty/CGI::Fast built in process
control) but I still get an issue where sometimes in a fresh browser the
combined/squished css doesn't get delivered due to a 500 for some reason
(only get the incomplete headers warning in the log) and I need to reload.
Doesn't happen with eg. jifty server. I'm also seeing a fair delay on the
squished .css .js files before they get delivered in Firebug. I don't see
that with jifty server so I assume that's also fastcgi related. I have 8
fastcgi children, so that's not the issue.

To use mod_perl2 I'll have to compile an entirely new apache and get another
ip for my server, so before I go down that route I thought I'd source the
wisdom of the crowd :)

I also usually do gzip compression in the perl layer, which I guess I can
hack into the handler - does anyone do that? Or is mod_deflate the standard


Mark Aufflick
contact info at http://pumptheory.com/about

iPhone and Enterprise software development
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