[jifty-devel] Upgrading Jifty::Notification to support multipart/alternative

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Fri Jul 13 03:22:28 EDT 2007

Tonight, ternus committed the first steps to jifty getting nice,  
simple multipart/alternative mail notifications.

But it's going to require some refactoring to do right.

trs' initial thoughts:

#bps.07-02.log:18:50 < trs> ternus: I'm looking at  
Email::MIME::CreateHTML and I'm
  thinking we don't actually want to use the create_html method it  
puts in Email::M
IME.  I think we want to use it's methods to build the parts and  
email ourselves s
o we have finer grain control of the message it builds (this is  
something we'd do
in Jifty::Notification::parts)
#bps.07-02.log:18:52 < trs> ternus: that's if we want to keep plain  
text and html
stuff in Jifty::Notification.  alternatively we could make  
ML which uses create_html as-is and always sends an HTML part.

As I started to look at the existing code, it looked like we might  
want to separate out "parts"  into "body" and "attachments".  If we  
have only an html_body, we'd generate an html message. Only a  
text_body, we'd generate a plaintext message.  If we had both, we'd  
generate a multipart/alternative like $DIETY intended.   No matter  
what, we'd attach ->attachments to the message.

Thoughts? opinions?  Whatever we do likely needs some refactoring and  
some new tests.

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