[jifty-devel] state_variables handling in Jifty::Web

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon May 15 08:23:50 EDT 2006

> Okay, I think I figured it out.  I think it was a bug in Jifty.
> Specifically, it looks like there was a transition at some point from
> storing the state in Jifty->web->{'state_variables'} to storing it in
> Jifty->web->request->state_variables and that a couple of places in
> Jifty/Web.pm were never updated to use this new scheme.
> I have committed changes which seem to be correct in SVN commit r1054.
> In my testing I can now do from my Action:
> Jifty->web->set_variable('foo','bar');
> Jifty->redirect('/new/url');
> and be able to do Jifty->web->get_variable('foo') in the Mason template
> for /new/url to read foo.
> I would still like someone more knowledgeable about Jifty to review that
> commit and make sure it looks good though.

It looks basically sane to me. Alex has deeper knowledge of that code.
Alex: how's it look?


> Thanks,
> Sean
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>  Sean E. Millichamp, Enertron LLC, 586-757-1200 x102

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