[jifty-devel] Ongoing upload frustrations

Bart Bunting bart at bunting.net.au
Tue Jun 6 14:10:13 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,

Yet again I'm having problems with upload fields.  I'm tearing my hair out
trying to get this to work.  It was all working nicely and then it stopped.
I'm not exactly sure why or unfortunately exactly when.

I've put together the simplest possible example of what I'm trying to do
which is to have a file upload to the database.

I was initially using blobs (which worked with mysql but not pg) then at
Alex's suggestion I switched to using Jifty::DBI::Filter:Base64 to encode
the file into a text field.  Neither approach is working for me at the

The attached jifty app has two models, thing which uses a mysql type of
longblob for it's column so won't work with sqlite. The other encodedThing
uses a text column and base64 encoding so should work with anything.

What I'm seeing is that if I submit the form with a file selected in the
upload field nothing happens, I don't see debug output suggesting that the
action is called at all.  If I don't put a file in the upload field then the
record creation works correctly.

This is both with my app and using the jifty admin UI.

If anyone has a moment to take a look and see if it's actually a bug or just
me doing something stupid I'd really appreciate it.


Bart Bunting
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