[jifty-devel] How to do bulk change/deletion on members of a collection?

Frederic BLANC jifty-ml at blaf.org
Mon Jun 5 17:16:26 EDT 2006


 Some background; let's say we have:
- a User class with a name column,
- a Group class with a name column too,
- and a Membership class with a user and a group columns that refers_to
  the id column of the User and Group classes.

 Creating, deleting or updating one instance of these classes is easy
using the examples from the tutorial.

 Displaying the members of a particular group is easy too, but I cannot
figure out how to do to remove a subset of the members from the group :-(
 My idea was to list all the members of the group with a checkbox to
select which members to remove, and to have a button to delete the
chosen Membership objects, but I cannot figure out how to write such
action (expecially how to retrieve the list of records to delete.)
 For the moment, I use a button after each record to delete them one at
a time,  but I definitely don't like that way to perform :-(

 Any tips?

 Frederic BLANC

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