[jifty-devel] Login Plugin question

John Peacock jpeacock at rowman.com
Mon Jul 17 13:48:41 EDT 2006

bart bunting wrote:
> John,
> Another question :).

You keep staying a step ahead of me and you are going to continue 
feeling pain... ;-)

> My user class has several other fields that are mandatory and thus I
> want them to be filled in at signup time.  I thought all i needed to
> do was override the arguments sub in the Signup.pm action so that
> %fields contained my additional fields as well as display them in the
> signup template.

What is your user class name?  How did you define the class?  Can you 
try and add the following to your etc/config.yml:

       LoginUserClass: FQDN::User::Class

and see if the implicit class association is failing.

I can assure you that this is intended to work as you surmised.  I'm 
actually hoping to get back to this RSN, since what I want to do is 
associate the User class with a Person class (so all users will be 
persons but not all persons will be users).  I want to keep the 
demographic information in Person and the access rights in User, so I'll 
be adding fields and associations right and left...


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