[jifty-devel] Login Plugin question

bart at bunting.net.au bart at bunting.net.au
Tue Jul 18 23:31:26 EDT 2006

John Peacock writes:
 > bart bunting wrote:
 > You keep staying a step ahead of me and you are going to continue 
 > feeling pain... ;-)

:) I understand  

 > > My user class has several other fields that are mandatory and thus I
 > > want them to be filled in at signup time.  I thought all i needed to
 > > do was override the arguments sub in the Signup.pm action so that
 > > %fields contained my additional fields as well as display them in the
 > > signup template.
 > What is your user class name?  How did you define the class?  Can you 
 > try and add the following to your etc/config.yml:

class is AHSupport::Model::Person

It's appended at the end of this message.

I already had this added to the config.yml and it doesn't seem to

The error I'm getting now is slightly different and may help you.

This is the error trace:
DEBUG - Showing path /login
DEBUG - Handling template /login
DEBUG - Received request for /login
DEBUG - Dispatching request to /login
DEBUG - Redirecting to
DEBUG - Received request for /signup
DEBUG - Dispatching request to /signup
DEBUG - Matched 'on' rule (?-xism:((?<=\A/)signup/?\z)) for /signup
DEBUG - Setting argument action to AHSupport::Action::Signup=HASH(0x9d68fe0)
DEBUG - Setting argument next to Jifty::Continuation=HASH(0x9d48de0)
DEBUG - Showing path /signup
DEBUG - Handling template /signup
WARN - Can't locate object method "number" via package "Jifty::Plugin::Login::Model::User" at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/Jifty/Action/Record.pm line 139.

DEBUG - Redirecting to /__jifty/error/mason_internal_error?J:C=S8921485_966550

use strict;
use warnings;

package AHSupport::Model::Person::Schema;
use Jifty::DBI::Schema;

# Your column definitions go here.  See L<Jifty::DBI::Schema> for
column name => 
  type is 'text',
  label is 'Name',
  hints is 'Person\'s name', 
  is mandatory;

column email => 
  label is 'Email address',
  hints is 'Person\'s email address', 
  since 0.2,
  is mandatory,
  is distinct;

  password =>,
  type is 'text',
  label is 'Password',
  render_as 'password',
  since 0.63;

  email_confirmed => label is 'Email address confirmed?',
  type is 'boolean',
  since 0.63;

  auth_token => type is 'text',
  render_as 'Password',
  since 0.63;

column number => 
  type is 'text',
  label is 'Phone number',
  hints is 'Person\'s contact number', 
  is mandatory;

column sites => 
  refers_to SiteContactsCollection by 'site_id',
  since 0.2;

# documentation about how to write column definitions.

package AHSupport::Model::Person;
use base qw/Jifty::Plugin::Login::Model::User/;

# Your model-specific methods go here.


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