[jifty-devel] How to upgrade Jifty on Win32.

C.G. LEE yuand2 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 18:59:14 EST 2006

Hi, there

I installed Jifty 0.60912 on my desktop PC(Windows XP) using the TCOOL. A
few days ago, on Thanksgiving, Jesse uploaded the latest dev release Jifty
0.61123_01. but the TCOOL seems not to provide the latest and Jifty Plugins.

Here is a trick for Windowers.(actually my main playground is FreeBSD)

1. If you didn't install Jifty, install that(refer to the Jifty homepage)
from the TCOOL.

2. Either in the Jifty tarball from CPAN or SVN, try to install the latest
Jifty dev release. Look at the error message and check what modules you

3. Switch the PPM's repository from the TCOOL's to the Activestate's.(The
TCOOL doesn't have the modules what I needed)

4. Finish your PPM and restart, then check if the repository has been

5. Install the modules what you need.

6. Repeat the step 2 and 5.

7. Start Jifty server.(you might see a warning from the

8. Just turn off your Jifty server, and turn it on again.

For the Jifty Plugins, the Module::Install is enough.

I hope this is helpful to Windowers who want to ride on the dev stream!
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