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Author: ternus
Date: Mon Dec  3 23:28:24 2007
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Modified: Jifty-Book/AUTHORS
--- Jifty-Book/AUTHORS	(original)
+++ Jifty-Book/AUTHORS	Mon Dec  3 23:28:24 2007
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 Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp <hanenkamp at cpan.org>
 Shawn M Moore <sartak at bestpractical.com>
 Nelson Elhage <nelhage at bestpractical.com>
+Christian Ternus <ternus at mit.edu>

Modified: Jifty-Book/doc/Jifty/Book/Part-A/02-Installing_Jifty.pod
--- Jifty-Book/doc/Jifty/Book/Part-A/02-Installing_Jifty.pod	(original)
+++ Jifty-Book/doc/Jifty/Book/Part-A/02-Installing_Jifty.pod	Mon Dec  3 23:28:24 2007
@@ -34,14 +34,39 @@
 =head2 CPAN
-TODO Add the documentation for how to install from CPAN.
+Assuming you've got Perl (and CPAN) configured on your system already, installing Jifty is as simple as this:
+	% cpan Jifty
+If you have it set up correctly, the CPAN program will take care of Jifty's many Perl dependencies for you.  Be patient - it'll take a while.  If you run into errors, try one of the other installation methods.
+TODO this should probably be more helpful.  "If you run into errors... sucks to be you" is the unspoken statement here.
 =head2 Subversion
-TODO Add the documentation for how to install from Subversion.
+If the CPAN method above didn't work for you, or you just have to have the latest Jifty release, you can check out the latest build from jifty.org's Subversion repository.  With Subversion installed, type:
+	% svn co http://svn.jifty.org/svn/jifty.org/jifty/trunk/ jifty
+This will check out the latest trunk version of Jifty.  To browse other branches (which may be experimental, non-working, or both - you have been warned!), look through C<http://svn.jifty.org/svn/jifty.org/jifty/branches/>.
+Note that Jifty requires M<Jifty::DBI>, and the repository version will often require a newer M<Jifty::DBI> than the one you might install via CPAN or another method.  To check out the latest version of Jifty::DBI, type:
+	% svn co http://svn.jifty.org/svn/jifty.org/Jifty-DBI/ jifty-dbi
+	% cd jifty-dbi
+	% perl Makefile.PL && make install
+	% cd ../jifty
+	% perl Makefile.PL && make install
+If all tests pass properly, you should have a working Jifty installation!
 =head1 Testing
 =head2 Testing your Jifty Installation
 =head2 Reporting Problems
+Jifty is still being actively developed, and new features are being added all the time.  As such, there may be a few kinks we still haven't worked out.
+If you think you've run into a Jifty bug, you can report it by sending mail to the mailing list: C<jifty-devel at lists.jifty.org> .
+Another good place to find Jifty developers is the IRC channel C<#jifty> on C<irc.freenode.org>.

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