[jifty-devel] Struggling with Jifty

Sadia Lone l at mavsol.com
Sat May 15 00:08:49 EDT 2010

An absolute newbie here:

I have been struggling with Jifty for the last couple of weeks. My progress:

1. I was able to successfuly install jifty after many tries.
2. I have been able to create and run the tutorial blog application at

I would really appreciate if someone can:

1. Point out how can I write few more lines to edit/delete the post.
To explain a bit, the following snippet is for adding a new post:

  package MyWeblog::View;
  use strict;
  use warnings;
  use Jifty::View::Declare -base;

  template post => page { title => 'Post Entry' } content {
      my $action = new_action(class => 'CreatePost');

      form {
          render_action $action;
          form_submit(label => 'Post');


I want a similar code snippet for editing and deleting an existing post.

I know I can do these operations from admin interface but I want to do
these from my own code so that I can add/remove columns as required
and add validation etc.

Since I am a newbie to programming as well I could not make sense out
of all docs I read (Jifty::Action etc.)

2. A ready made jifty application somewhere on Internet with just
basic operations for a database table (CREATE, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE)

All documentation at jifty.org or cpan looks like has been written for
experts. If there is anything I missed, point me to that.



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