[jifty-devel] UTF-8 in views

Shawn M Moore sartak at bestpractical.com
Thu May 13 22:57:50 EDT 2010

(5/14/10 4:20 AM), Jes wrote:
> Uhmmm, so, include "use utf-8;" in View.pm and save this file with
> utf-8 encoding, right?. Well, I tried to save the file with that encode
> but not including "use utf-8;". I'll check it.

You need to say "use utf8;" (no dash :)) to tell Perl itself that your
file is encoded using UTF-8, otherwise it assumes ASCII or whatever for
backwards compatibility. And yeah, be sure the file is saved using UTF-8
encoding. If you're on a unix, running "file View.pm" should tell you
its encoding.


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