[jifty-devel] Production hosting setup/config

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Tue Feb 9 11:49:03 EST 2010

On Mon, Feb 08, 2010 at 01:10:06PM +1100, Mark Aufflick wrote:
> Hi all,
> Wondering if people can share their production hosting configs. I've been
> trying fast cgi with Apache (both mod_fastcgi and mod_fcgid) with varying
> success. mod_fcgid doesn't seem suitable due to the long startup time of new
> children. mod_fastcgi is better (using the jifty/CGI::Fast built in process
> control) but I still get an issue where sometimes in a fresh browser the
> combined/squished css doesn't get delivered due to a 500 for some reason
> (only get the incomplete headers warning in the log) and I need to reload.
> Doesn't happen with eg. jifty server. I'm also seeing a fair delay on the
> squished .css .js files before they get delivered in Firebug. I don't see
> that with jifty server so I assume that's also fastcgi related. I have 8
> fastcgi children, so that's not the issue.

If you come up to the latest Jifty, you can actually have those stored
in Memcache, so you won't see the performance hit anymore.

> To use mod_perl2 I'll have to compile an entirely new apache and get another
> ip for my server, so before I go down that route I thought I'd source the
> wisdom of the crowd :)

We pretty much exclusively use mod_fcgid (and let it use its own process
control). I've not seen the long-startup problem you're mentioning.
> I also usually do gzip compression in the perl layer, which I guess I can
> hack into the handler - does anyone do that? Or is mod_deflate the standard
> approach?

Let mod_deflate do it. It's fast, easy and nicely decoupled from your
perl processes.

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