[jifty-devel] manual sql

Matt Zagrabelny mzagrabe at d.umn.edu
Wed Dec 8 17:56:38 EST 2010

Greetings Jifty-ers,

I've got a question and possible feature request.

I've grepped the archives and did not find how to issue direct SQL. Is
it easy/doable?

The reason why I ask is this:

I would like to use the following transaction to act as a mutex for a
program I am writing that uses the Jifty DB as a datastore:


-- perl code to insert data
if (successful lock) {
  #code gets executed here
} else {
  # report that another program is currently running
-- end of perl

ROLLBACK; -- allow other instances of this program to now run.

I've noticed that Jifty::DBI::Handle has the usual suspects of begin,
rollback, etc. Would it be possible to add something like:

$dbh->lock( table => 'mutexes', nowait => 1);


Thanks for the hints/help.


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