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Yves Agostini agostini at univ-metz.fr
Mon Apr 26 06:53:11 EDT 2010

Le jeudi 22 avril 2010 à 16:27 +0200, Kevin Wilm a écrit :
> --> 
> Hi,
> I just looked at your module at cpan.org. Thanks for writing and
> publishing that module. 
> However, I have a simple question about your module:
> Jifty::Plugin::Authentication::Facebook::Action::LinkFacebookUser
> Am I able to link a user x (some user) to my profile, like can I add a
> specific UID to my friend list at facebook? Do I understand that
> module right?
> I look forward hearing from you. Thank you.

Sorry for the delay

I was not the main author of this module, I just made the package.
The first author was certainly Alex Vandiver. I will forward this
response to jifty-devel list.

I made some tests with this plugin and I think that LinkFacebookUser was
usable with the old facebook API. Maybe Alex can confirm ?
Now I don't find how to use /facebook/callback_link with "facebook

On January I started to add the new "extended permission" on my github

As you can ask email to facebook user it could be a better way to merge
users with same email. 
I don't finished my tests with FQL (facebook query language), so I don't
pushed on github. Maybe in few weeks ...

I don't think there's a standard way to "link your friend list".
It could certainly be made with FQL.

However, I recently found a bug with facebook connect : new facebook
keys are over 13 characters so we can no more use integer type for
facebook_uid column. The workaround is to alter table to use bigint.

> Best Regards from Germany
> Kevin
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