[jifty-devel] how to "perl -wc" a Jifty Model

Mark Aufflick mark-perl at aufflick.com
Wed Nov 18 06:51:42 EST 2009

Hi all,

playing with Jifty a bit more seriously than I have before but have a
problem with my workflow. I have my editor configured to do a compile test
(perl -wc) on any perl file when I save it. I find that saves me doing dumb
stuff like checking in code that doesn't even compile.

Problem with Jifty of course is all the runtime magic that doesn't seem to
happen in BEGIN blocks, and so never gets executed under -c.

Is there some sort of incantation that can achieve this? I'm imagining
something like "perl -MJifty=compiletest -wc MyModel.pm" or even jifty
--compiletest MyModel.pm that could cause the magic to happen at import()
time. Is there such a procedure?

I searched the mailing list, but all I found was a reference to a Jifty
console which would also be useful, but "jifty script" seems to do something
different these days.

Any info or tips appreciated!



Mark Aufflick
 contact info at http://mark.aufflick.com/about/contact
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