[jifty-devel] t/TestApp/t/20-error-pages.t test 24 in cpan 0.90409 fails

Peter Mottram peter at sysnix.com
Sun Apr 19 12:41:27 EDT 2009

Just noticed the new cpan drop so thought I'd give it a try...

$ perl -Ilib -Iblib/libt/TestApp/t/20-error-pages.t
not ok 24 - Doesn't have error header

$mech->content() shows that mech is not fibbing since 'something went 
awry' is definitely there btu I'm not sure exactly what is happening here. 
All other tests are OK. Any ideas?

This is the failing test...

$mech->content_unlike(qr/something went awry/i, "Doesn't have error header");

Just checked svn 6799 and have same result.


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