[jifty-devel] Plugins and applications avalaible on Jifty

Dobrica Pavlinusic dpavlin at rot13.org
Fri May 30 11:25:40 EDT 2008

On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 12:14:28PM +0200, Dominique Asselineau wrote:
> Could someone give me an URL where I can find this information ?

I have two projects which have (more-or-less) real pages:


which might be useful as example (Grep uses Mason, Perly uses

I would suggest to look at Perly first, because it's sweat and short
with descriptive svn changelog (I toyed with idea to write Jifty
tutorial based on Perly, but never got time to do it).

It collects useful hints from jifty list (file upload for example) and
includes CodePress Jifty plugin to provide perl syntax highlightning.

There are also few other apps which are in various stages:

http://svn.rot13.org/index.cgi/SQLSession - SQL notebook for students
which broke with latest Jifty releases unfortunately

http://svn.rot13.org/index.cgi/SVNBrowser - never finished subversion

http://svn.rot13.org/index.cgi/Arh - this is basic pictures/metadata app
which I wrote for archeology (uses Template::Declare and works quite

http://svn.rot13.org/index.cgi/A3C - app I'm writing right now, which is
very specific to my needs, but includes nice "create model from LDAP"
tool. It's few months from production version, so it's in flux. I'm
fighting subclassing Jifty::View::Declare::CRUD to support alternative
table-like layout and multiple values for each field (which are valid on
most LDAP fields, so I will probably write custom widget for that).

Sorry for so long post, but I learned a lot by looking into jifty
example apps (allthough, I still don't have a clue how to transfer
Template::Declare into javascript which should be possible with current
trunk). I think that some kind of peer review of my apps might help me
if I'm getting jifty primitives to right use :-)

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