[jifty-devel] plugin cleanups

Ishigaki Kenichi ishigaki at tcool.org
Tue Mar 11 09:54:23 EDT 2008


I'm not sure if Module::Install works with subsidiary
Makefile.PLs right now, but anyway, I feel the current
approach (everything acceptable/mature is under lib/,
and other experimental/minor ones are under plugins/)
is reasonable enough. If there're any core plugins
which should be considered minor or rarely used, it's
nice to move them under plugins/. And we may need to
tweak Makefile.PLs under plugins/ (adding (grand)parent
directory to @INC, etc), instead of tweaking the toplevel
one, to test and install minor plugins easier from svn

I'm afraid releasing plugins separately has less pros
than cons. Out-of-sync plugins would be annoying for
both users and core developers.

For messy optional dependencies, Plagger's Makefile.PL
and yamls under deps/ might be interesting for you.

Kenichi aka charsbar

On Tue, 11 Mar 2008 17:33:43 +0800, Chia-liang Kao <clkao at bestpractical.com> wrote:

>with the increasing numbers of jifty plugins being committed to the
>repository, I think it's a good idea to come up with some guidelines for
>maintaining plugins, and more importantly, keep the core jifty modules slim.
>right now, lots of modules (33) are added directly under
>lib/Jifty/Plugin and share/plugins/.  This approach makes it a lot
>easier to test and deploy, but also creates problems like messy optional
>dependencies.  there are a few other modules under plugins/, which are
>harder to install (and takes extra effort to test against the in-tree
>I think the plugins/ approach is probably more correct, as it makes it
>possible to release them separately and list plugin-specific
>dependencies.  But to make it as easy as putthing all things under lib
>to test and install, we need:
>- in toplevel Makefile.PL, takes an argument listing all plugin
>directories we want to test and install
>- make the toplevel makefile.pl call the plugins' makefile.pl with
>proper predefined harness_perl_switches to include the lib in jifty tree.
>- optionally a shortcut arg in makefile.pl to include core modules, all
>modules under plugins/.
>- make the "test" and "install" targets call the same targets for plugins.
>What do people think?
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