[jifty-devel] jquery updated to 1.2.6 in jifty trunk

Dobrica Pavlinusic dpavlin at rot13.org
Mon Jun 23 12:07:23 EDT 2008

On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 10:00:38AM -0500, Sterling Hanenkamp wrote:
> I've been playing with jQuery UI and it doesn't work very well without
> jQuery 1.2.6, so this is a good thing for me. :)

I'm also at the moment where I have to put some tree interactive stuff,
so update to new jquery is very appriciated.

Could you share some expirience with jQuery UI and Jifty?

While we are on it, I can't seem to find a way to produce following in

 +--------------------+ +-----------------------+
 | region-execute-sql | | region-databases      |
 | action-execute-sql | | action-increase-usage |
 +--------------------+ +-----------------------+

The problem is that I can't run action-increase-usage *and* update
region-execute-sql while chaning one field and keepeng another (SQL
query which I want to re-execute on instance in region-databases which
got clicked on).

I solved that by saving query into session, so by default action always
keeps it and creating plain href link, but it seems like a cludge.

I would love some kind of mechanisam which would allow me to say something
like "submit action in other region, changing argument foo to bar".

I would also love to be able to peek into current value of some form
field (not submitted yet) when refreshing some region.

Does that seems like useful stuff to other developers or am I missing a

Can somebody share best practices of including javascript code in

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