[jifty-devel] Two virtual hosts using Jifty::Script::ModPerl2

ruz at bestpractical.com ruz at bestpractical.com
Tue Jun 10 10:16:09 EDT 2008

I don't see any showstoppers.

However, if you're going to use mod_perl then may be you'll need
different interpreters for those apps. To do that you need
"PerlOptions +Parent" or something like that in your httpd.conf.

With FastCGI things are simpler as memory is not shared.

Also, I don't know about any issues that don't allow you to run two
apps under different paths in one virtual host, but if you'll find any
issues we're sure want to know about them.

On 6/10/08, Stanislav Sinyagin <ssinyagin at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Do I understand it correctly, that if I have two virtual
> hosts with different DocumentRoot's, this allows me to run two independent
> Jifty applications within the same apache process?
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Best regards, Ruslan.

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