[jifty-devel] plugin cleanups

Chia-liang Kao clkao at bestpractical.com
Tue Jul 29 22:08:14 EDT 2008


> I think the plugins/ approach is probably more correct, as it makes it
> possible to release them separately and list plugin-specific
> dependencies.  But to make it as easy as putthing all things under lib
> to test and install, we need:
> - in toplevel Makefile.PL, takes an argument listing all plugin
> directories we want to test and install
> - make the toplevel makefile.pl call the plugins' makefile.pl with
> proper predefined harness_perl_switches to include the lib in jifty  
> tree.
> - optionally a shortcut arg in makefile.pl to include core modules,  
> all
> modules under plugins/.
> - make the "test" and "install" targets call the same targets for  
> plugins.

We've finally managed to start the infrastructure for this clean up.   
so you can now do:

   JIFTY_PLUGINS='TabView MultiPage' perl Makefile.PL

and then make test and make install will do the right thing.  So,  
please start helping on migrating existing ones over (and help making  
sure share/ stuff are installed correctly).  Furthermore, one thing  
missing for development i think is that we used to be able to do -I/ 
path/to/jifty/lib and have all plugins loaded for development  
envionrment.  now we might need to do a -MJifty::Devel or something,  
and have our makefile.pl write into Jifty/Devel.pm to push plugin libs  
into INC.


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