[jifty-devel] Can't see newly created action in admin console

Alex Vandiver alexmv at bestpractical.com
Mon Jul 7 13:53:19 EDT 2008

On Sun, 2008-07-06 at 16:45 -0400, Jesse Vincent wrote:
> This patch seems pretty reasonable to me. But I know alexmv thought  
> this through in some detail. Alex: +1? -1?

+1.  Jifty::API->actions isn't terribly useful except when you're
talking about things the current request can actually do.
Jifty::API->visible_actions is the list of actions that you _might_ be
able to do.  On GET requests, ->actions will be essentially empty, to
prevent someone from making a malicious IMG tag which runs an action on
your jifty site as you.

 - Alex

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