[jifty-devel] integrating/growing jifty apps into bigger ones

Stanislav Sinyagin ssinyagin at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 20 11:59:27 EST 2008

hi Piotr,

my 2 cents below:
> From: "pp at kpk.gov.pl" <pp at kpk.gov.pl>

> should it be ok to use the same appname for all of those small
> applications, and later, when they are up and running trying
> to join them into one  big app, moving all files to one jifty app-tree?

Using the same namespaces would be difficult inside mod_perl installation, 
especially in a way how classes are built inside Jifty in runtime.

With FastCGI it should not be a problem to run completely separate applications 
inside different FastCGI processes - I did it for RT (the best ticketing system 
I've seen so far), two copies of RT served by the same Apache server were 
quite easy to setup with FastCGI.

Regarding the learning process, you're completely right. I started working 
with Jifty a couple of weeks ago, and it required first to adapt the logics 
and the data model of a new application to the Jifty paradigm. 
But later on, as soon as you get a bit more comfortable inside it, 
application development becomes really rapid.


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