[jifty-devel] more about tisql branch

Ruslan Zakirov ruz at bestpractical.com
Tue Feb 5 23:44:45 EST 2008

TicketSQL is a SQL-like query language that BPS built for collection
of tickets in our request tracker product. It allowed us to implement
quite powerful query builder and simplify searches.

* port TicketSQL from RT to JDBI and apply it to any type of collection
* use JDBI refers_to metadata
* change syntax

Simple things already work and people can play with it, however I want
to fire up discussion about syntax so below you can find part from a
doc that describe it. "FROM .xxx AS x1" is not described however you
can look into test file and/or guess.

In my research I'm moving from TicketSQL to a new query language (call
it "tisql" now, but that's a subject to change :). Let's define conditions
people want to use during searches by tags and any other one-to-many
* has no any tag
* has at least one tag
* has tag X
* has no tag Y
To be more generic, let's change last two conditions to "has [no] tag
that matches positive condition X". I'll describe later why condition
should be positive.

Here is syntax I suggest for these queries:
* ".tag IS NULL"
* ".tag IS NOT NULL"
* ".tag.value = 'foo'"
* ".tag.value != 'bar'"

Formats of operators and values are well known, but I want to stop for
while on a format of column, which is the following:
keyword_definition: [ alias ] '.' <column_definition>
column_definition: real_column | virtual_column [ '.' <column_definition> ]

Alias is optional and describing it purposes is out of the scope of
this chapter, default value is 'main' or the current collection. so
$objects->JQL(".type = 'ticket'") select objects where type is ticket.
"type" is a real column of the collection, when "tag" is a virtual and
should be described in the model as well.

".tag IS NULL" vs ".tag.value IS NULL"

these are two different queries, where the first one selects objects
without tags, but the latter one selects objects that has at least one
associated tag record with column 'value' equal to NULL, for tags it's
definitely strange query, however it can be useful, for example
'.children.resolved_date IS NULL' which select some objects that have
not resolved children.

".tag = 'foo'"

For now it's illegal query and you have to use ".tag.column = 'foo'"
instead, but it would be cool to be able to define preferred real
column per model, in the case this will be nice.

Complex queries:
* '(.tag.value = "foo" AND .type = "memo") OR (.tag.value = "bar" AND
.type = "news")'
** select all memos with tag foo or news with tag bar
* '.tag.value = "zoo" OR (.tag.value = "foo" AND .tag.value = "bar")'
** objects with tag zoo or tagged with foo and bar at the same time

Ok, we've figured out syntax, let's play with number of joins.

Waiting for your comments.

Best regards, Ruslan.

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