[jifty-devel] Easier model usage

Kang-min Liu gugod at gugod.org
Sat Aug 30 09:21:07 EDT 2008

Hi, cl, jesse

The introduced names are not top-level package names but package
global functions.

"Foo" is a method imported from Jifty::ModelHelpers with body defined
there with some
code looks like this:

*{"Foo"} = sub {
    my @arg = @_;
    my $obj = Jifty->app_class(Model => "Foo");
    if (@arg == 1) {
    elsif (@arg % 2 == 0) {
    return $obj;

Only they are generated in the body of Jifty::ModelHelpers package.
Not even playing any import

These functions won't be there unless people say "use
Jifty::ModelHelpers" of course.
And I almost always need something this easy in View.pm and
Dispatcher.pm, and only
in there. So I feel this is should be quite sane.

There could be also be import tags like, :all, :collections, :models.
Or even dynamic tags
like ":foo", which exports only Foo and FooCollection.

A globally availble M() function helped me for a while but today I
figured out the shortcut
is only required in View.pm and Dispatcher.pm. Not in my Action code
because I seldom
defined my own action code. Therefore I decided to try to push this
further and came
up with ModelHelpers.pm.

I don't really have any idea that prevents namespace clobbering issue
yet... but now I recalled
that I released a roughly working version of DBIx::CSSQuery before
which let you fetch database
records with CSS selector syntax.

With that, to do:

Jifty->app_class(Model => "Foo")->load(1);

You say:


(I did'nt named it DBIx::jQuery for some reason but maybe I should
have done that.)

If I can managed to use that in my Jifty code base it'll make me super
happy too. :)

/me really wants to reuse my learnings.

Kang-min Liu

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