[jifty-devel] Server pushed region updates (was Re: Manipulating page regions from actions)

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Aug 25 09:00:54 EDT 2008


My cranky-architect comments are that the name "metadata" isn't really  
very evocative and that without docs or tests, the patch isn't likely  
to be used by many people and is likely to get  broken the first time  
someone tries to clean up one of these codepaths.

In general, though, I'm a fan. I know that we've had code that does  
something along these lines before, though I don't recall the exact  
mechanism.  Similarly, alex has been doing a lot of work on the pubsub  
stuff and I know it's possible for the server to build up and stream a  
queue of fragment updates for the client side. It'd be cool if there  
were more unity between these mechanisms.


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