[jifty-devel] upgrade 0.711290->0.804080 & refers_to column disappears from Create form

Peter Mottram peter at sysnix.com
Mon Apr 14 07:24:42 EDT 2008

Thought I'd test out 0.804080 from CPAN and have lost a column from 
default create form.

Two simple models demonstrate this...

package MyApp::Model::Foo;
use Jifty::DBI::Schema;

use MyApp::Record schema {

     column one =>
         type is 'text';

     column two =>
         references MyApp::Model::BarCollection by 'alpha',
         render_as 'Select',
         valid_values are defer {
             my $bars = MyApp::Model::BarCollection->new();
                 display_from => 'alpha',
                 value_from   => 'id',
                 collection   => $bars,

package MyApp::Model::Bar;
use Jifty::DBI::Schema;

use MyApp::Record schema {

     column alpha => type is 'text';

Having added a couple of rows to Bar I expect to be handed a shiny select 
widget for column two containing the values from Bar. This is indeed the 
behaviour in 0.711290 but using 0.804080 there is no select widget and no 
errors in my server console.

Is there a new method for doing this that I need to use?


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