[jifty-devel] [Heads Up] jQuery is now on trunk.

Kang-min Liu gugod at gugod.org
Wed Apr 9 03:40:59 EDT 2008

It's done.

We are very happy to achieve this goal. Not only because of this is such a
challenge, but also a very practical decision. jQuery is now landed to
cssQuery and Prototype library.

Please read the manual Jifty::Manual::jQueryMigrationGuide for instructions
to migrate your application to use jQuery by default.

Prototype libraries are now a plugin, named "Prototypism".
it includes prototype 1.6.0 and Scriptaculous 1.5.1. This plugin is
auto-included for
old applications for those might have some custom javascript code depending
on it.
It's disabled for applications with ConfigFileVersion > 3. Please also read
jQuery::Manual::jQueryMigrationGuide about this plugin.

Besides migration to jQuery, we've also documented our Javascript API in
this pod:
Jifty::Manual::JavaScript. The top-level "Jifty" namespace is introduced to
avoid global
variable naming conflict. Please read Jifty::Manual::JavaScript for detail.
It also have a short
tutorial about jQuery too. JavaScript developers in Jifty must read this
document to know
why we created a function named Jifty.$.

That's all. Thanks very much for helping us out to finish this task.

Kang-min Liu
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