[jifty-devel] Testing forms that are maniulated by AJAX

Henry Baragar Henry.Baragar at instantiated.ca
Mon Oct 15 10:35:40 EDT 2007


Is there anyway in the Jifty Test framework to test forms that are manipulated 
by AJAX before they are submitted?

An example might help demonstrate the situation:

We have a form that is made up of several parts, some of which are optional.  
The optional parts of the form are not shown initially.  If the user wishes 
to complete an optional part, he/she clicks a checkbox which has an "onclick" 
that causes the rest of the fields for that part of the form to be displayed.  
The user now can complete the rest of that part of the form.

It works.  We can test it interactively.

But we don't know how to test using Jifty test infrastructure.  We can get the 
fragment, just like the "onclick", but it does not seem to be incorporated 
into the "$mech" content.  

Is this example testable within the Jifty Test framework?  If so, how?

Thanks in advance,

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