[jifty-devel] RE: jifty-devel Digest, Vol 23, Issue 8

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Oct 1 09:34:31 EDT 2007

On Mon, Oct 01, 2007 at 03:36:36PM +1000, Steve H wrote:
> Hi Jifty team,

> I encountered various issues at the outset.... which are disconcerting
> for a new user, not knowing how much of the problem is me versus it.
> Things like Jifty gets awfully confused if you attempt to create an
> application with a name that starts with lower case -- it seems to munge
> the case (to upper) at different times and then all the dots don't seem
> to connect.   

Hm. Do you think you're up for creating a lower-case-named test app with
a failing test or two we could throw in to the test suite?

> Then I encountered issues trying to leverage an existing
> database... initially thinking I could line up Jifty's schema against the
> existing tables (not seeing anything in the doco to the contrary)... well,
> after various attempts, I proceeded to build it up via Jifty's schema defs
> (originally having reasonable column data types, however now living with
> the generic Text type).

Why did you back away from 'reasonable' data types? What went wrong?

> When I first started building it up via Jifty, I was using CAPS in
> column names -- this seemed to get through Jifty's schema build stuff
> ok, however, when running the Jifty server, it errored and looped around
> some apparently missing things when one of those tables was referenced
> via the Browser admin UI. Extending the simple tutorial examples helped
> isolate the issue there. 

This is something I ran into recently when porting a legacy schema to
Jifty. I _believe_ the issues are all now sorted out. (The app is
passing it's tests). If you use Jifty from SVN, you should be set. We
don't yet have a schedule for the next CPAN release.

> Further, my original schema included specific
> names for primary keys, like TAB_PK autoincrement primary etc... which
> were referenced explicitely in other tables -- it seems that I have to
> let Jifty auto create the "id" column (at least I couldn't find any doco
> to the contrary).

That's correct.

> ...which brings me to the Doco in general. Much of is is great...    .
> other bits are really really er, thin... and there aren't any code   .
> snippets to enable context around the various features. Similarly,   .
> with the lack of design patterns, a new user such as myself finds it .
> really difficult to know what/when/where to leverage Jifty's features.
> (along with code snippets for context around the 'how') I'm not      .
> bagging it; just trying to offer some constructive comments from a   .
> new Jifty user who is trying to gain some traction using it          .

Documentation patches to share what you learn as you go forward would be 
hugely useful if you're up for it.

> Anyway... is this the correct forum to ask questions regarding using Jifty (after RTFM)?  ...and is there any merit in my commenting on issues I encounter in using it?

Yep, though if you can split different questions into different email
messages, it's likely that folks will find it easier to reply to them.

Please do comment on issues you run into. We do our best to make things
smooth and easy.


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