[jifty-devel] JDBI transactions

Edmund von der Burg evdb at ecclestoad.co.uk
Thu Mar 15 19:46:30 EDT 2007

On 15/03/07, Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp <andrew.hanenkamp at boomer.com> wrote:
> However, I'll still look into implementing it both in Perl and in SQL so
> that we can rely on our transactions to some extent even if our DB does
> not support save points (e.g., SQLite) or even if a DB doesn't support
> transactions at all (e.g., DBD::CSV).

I'd argue that if the storage backend does not support the feature
then it should not be available with that storage backend. Properly
implementing something like transactions in Perl with DBD::CSV would
not be possible without access to the low level code.

If a user needs those features they should use a backend that supports them.

I imagine that the vast majority of users will use SQLite, mysql or
postgres, all of which have native transaction support. Nested
transactions and savepoints are usually not needed in web apps which
tend to be composed of short atomic actions. Is it really worth
implementing these in Perl? It would be great to have them as
buzzwords but do we actually need them?

I want to avoid J::DBI getting feature bloat.


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