[jifty-devel] MySQL and defaults in text fields

David Brunton dbrunton at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 5 14:24:35 EST 2007

Hi all,

MySQL does not allow a TEXT or BLOB field to have a default value.  I don't know whether other databases allow this.

If I assign a default value to a text field in the schema, this gets passed along to MySQL via Jifty::DBI::SchemaGenerator which passes along to DBIx::DBSchema::Column with a default value.  Should I take this up with DBIx::DBSchema::Column, or should we work around it in Jifty?

I imagine the right behavior is to have the default value silently ignored when creating a text column in a mysql table (possibly with a warning) but still populate the UI with the default value.  It appears from my limited poking around that this should "just work" since default values are not populated from the database itself.  Thoughts on that?

Also, any opinion on whether I should add my failing test to one of the existing files, or start another?  I /think/ I'm grokking the way others have looped through tests with all the available drivers.


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