[jifty-devel] Questions on style, janitorial practice

Ruslan Zakirov ruslan.zakirov at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 18:29:24 EST 2007

On 3/3/07, Edgar Whipple <jifty at misterwhipple.com> wrote:
> After my recent attempt at sweeping Jifty/Request.pm, I re-read the
> developers' style doco, and I'd like to beef it up a bit. Since the next
> couple of items on my to-do list are also style-related, this seems like
> a good time start collecting notes for revising Style.pod. I'd
> appreciate feedback on the following questions.
> These are only what I've thought of so far. Please throw in anything
> else you think would be useful.
> Most of these reflect Perl Best Practices recommendations. Although PBP
> is included by reference in Style.pod, some items don't appear to
> predominate in the code. So, I'd like feedback on those with an eye
> towards mentioning them more specifically in the docs, whether up or
> down.

> 7. The following changes are semantically neutral, and make code more
> readable for some coders, especially the less experienced ones. Are
> there any objections if I undertake these in janitorial?
> -- changing all other regex delimiters to /.../ or m{...}
> -- changing /.../  to m{...}, s/../../ to s{..}{..}, etc. for hairy
>    expressions (or even stubbly ones)
> -- Strict choice between q(') and q(") based on whether interpolation is
>    indicated.

> -- $$foo to ${$foo}
No way, idea behind this no is "more braces, parens or other balanced
things in a code then more time I spend on finding a closing part of a

> I believe these are also semantically neutral, but they're easier to
> make a mistake with when refactoring:
> -- changing postfix 'if', etc. to block-style except in flow-control
>    statements
no way. a block means many, so I have to check if there is really many
actions in the block, also, I have to check for returns in the block.


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