[jifty-devel] Example of a form that sends its rusult to the own region?

Andreas J. Koenig andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR at franz.ak.mind.de
Sun Jun 17 09:01:16 EDT 2007

Maybe I'm blind but I'm just overwhelmed by the rich set of
documentation and at the moment I cannot figure out how to write a
simple form with a simple submit button that sends the content of a
simple text field only to its own region.

I'm probably looking for the equivalent of Jifty->web->link(onclick =>
...) but with a input text field. And I'd prefer a classical button to
a text link.

Let me rephrase to avoid misunderstanding: the result shall behave
ajaxy, all other regions should stay unaltered in the browser.

Any pointer appreciated. Thanks,

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