[jifty-devel] WWW::Mechanize and gzip stuff

Ishigaki Kenichi ishigaki at tcool.org
Fri Jun 1 05:53:06 EDT 2007


Today I wasted some time trying to get contents of some
gzipped site with Mech 1.24 (released on 11 May, 2007).
Though I haven't noticed, that version is now officially
noted as "do not use" release (at least since 22 May, 2007;
see Mech's change log). Latest 1.30 fixes this issue but
installing it is -- at least for me -- a bit tricky, as
the supposedly-nonexistent hosts it tries (and is supposed
to fail) to access in the tests return 200 status code,
though the page says the host doesn't exist (yuck).

Maybe you know this kind of story and probably just bumping
up the version requirement of Mech to 1.30 is the best thing
to do, but 1.30 is likely to have its own issues, as it has
changed its internal decoding policy from the previous ones. 

I haven't done anything yet. This is just for your information.

Kenichi aka charsbar/tcool

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