[jifty-devel] unlimit not clearing group by

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Jul 30 12:15:40 EDT 2007

On Jul 30, 2007, at 8:24 AM, Matthew Lenz wrote:

> On Mon, 2007-07-30 at 01:44 -0400, Jesse Vincent wrote:
>> On Jul 30, 2007, at 1:15 AM, Matthew Lenz wrote:
>>> using jifty/dbi trunk and running through a collection with a couple
>>> different limits.  I'm using unlimit between the two different
>>> loops to
>>> setup different limits.  order by may or may not be getting cleared
>>> but
>>> I always have an order by set on my queries regardless but group  
>>> by is
>>> definitely not being cleared (using warn $coll-
>>>> build_select_query).   I
>>> thought I remember a recent conversation about unlimit along with  
>>> some
>>> commits shortly there after.  Maybe a regression?  Lemme know what
>>> I can
>>> do to help resolve it.
>> Was it this?
>> http://lists.bestpractical.com/pipermail/jifty-devel/2007-July/
>> 001590.html
>> Wanna shoot me a failing test?
> as in the make test from jifty dbi?  I'm not getting any failures but
> its also skipping like 500 subtests.  Maybe its just an issue with the
> mysql handle (although that seems unlikely)
Ah, no. a new test for t/ in Jifty::DBI so we can fix whatever you're  

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